9 Solutions To Easily Unban Someone On Discord

Do people ban Someone accidentally on Discord? Is it possible to unban someone on discord? If these questions are about your problem, this space is for you to provide solutions. 

Discord holds many good features, such as communication with many gamers or people via groups. Anyways, all members of a team have to reduce spamming or trolling. If they do not comply with these rules, the server moderators have the authority to ban them. So, read the article to learn how to unban Someone on Discord.

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How can Someone get banned on Discord?

Discord is one of the fastest-growing social applications. It was for gamers to converse via voice, tape, or text while playing games like Fortnite. The uncommon selling feature that took it familiar among gamers is that you shall add a voice channel into the app to converse with many gamers while you are playing. As the platform has grown, other people also profited from this operation.

If you have been blocked on either the entire app or a Discord server, it is perhaps for the reasons mentioned below.

  • Trolling against people
  • Standing disrespectful or abusive
  • Deliberately bringing a server down being a raider
  • Discord’s Terms of Service Violating
  • The IP address is Suspicious 
  • Constant Spamming
The rules of discord if violated, you'll be banned

You will receive either a server or platform ban when you do any of these mentioned above.

A server ban would come from a particular server’s administrator. You are banned from that server, yet you shall still utilize any other Discord server. You shall be removed from the server but not blocked, so you can search for that server and rejoin. But if you receive a conventional ban, the account, IP address, and mobile number shall be banned from the server.

If you have received a ban directly from Discord, you will not be able to access the account or anyone of Discord’s servers. Discord usually gives a warning or a tentative ban before the account is deleted. When the report is banned by Discord, you shall be notified via email but will not delete the account for 30 days, giving you time to try to resolve the situation.

Different Ways To Unban Someone On Discord

If you have been IP-banned from a Discord server, you shall regain access by utilizing a workaround, like a VPN, or contacting the administrators themselves. 

There are two types of bans on Discord. The first one is a server ban, Which means you shall not be able to access a particular community server. The second is a Discord-wide ban; you cannot access any of Discord’s services there. If you have received a server ban rather than a site-wide ban, you could rejoin the server you were banned from. 

There are different ways for different users to unban Someone on Discord.

  1. Use a VPN on Discord to bypass the IP ban
  2. Set up a new account
  3. Contact customer support or server admin
  4. Use mobile or another network
  5. To Unban Someone on a Discord Server or Web app
  6. To Unban Someone on Discord on PC
  7. To Unban Someone on Discord with MEE6
  8. To Unban Someone on Discord on iPhone or Android
  9. To Unban Someone on Discord with Dyno and Carl

Here, we will take you along the solutions to assist you in getting back onto a Discord server.

Appeal request for Discord Ban
  1. Use a VPN on Discord to bypass the IP ban.

VPN usage is one of the ways to work around a ban on Discord. You will have to delete your data and the Discord app. You will also have to sign up for a trustworthy VPN service if you have not got one.

  • Shut the Discord, and open the AppData folder on the C:\ drive on your PC. You shall see it below your username files. You might have to check hidden folders to view this. To access hidden items, check the View tab and see that the Hidden Item box is ticked.
  • As you open this folder, open the Local folder and remove the Discord folder.
  • Use your chosen VPN application and connect with a VPN server to access a new IP address.
  • Install the Discord app again.
  • Open a new account with another email ID and mobile number.
  • Check your new account and enter the server you were banned from.
  1. Set up a fresh account

Setting up a new account in Discord shall help you get access once again. However, if you have been banned due to a suspicious IP address, it will not work until you use a VPN to generate a new IP.

However, when you have been given a server ban from an individual server administrator, creating a new account and rejoining will be the right way of unbanning yourself from the server. For making this, you may need a different mail ID. Choosing a completely different username would be better.

unban someone on discord
  1. Get Customer Support from the Server Admin.

When you have been banned from a server, reaching the server admin is often the easiest to unban yourself.

If you have been provided a platform ban, you should reach customer support. It will assist you to apprehend why you were banned, and you can work with the Customer Support team to unban you.

You will get a mail when your account is banned on Discord
  1. Use Mobile or Another Network.

You shall solve this matter by installing the Discord application on your mobile. Otherwise, you shall try using a different network that should alter your IP address enough to resolve the issue.

  1. How to Unban Someone on Discord over PC

The right way to unban Someone on Discord is by using a computer. Remember that you shall only do this if you are a server administrator. Whether you use a Mac, Chromebook user, or Windows, the process will stay the same. 

  • Open Discord on your computer.
  • Open the server or the channel you wish to unban Someone.
  • Press the down arrow over the top left of the screen. It will access the drop-down menu.
  • Press on “Server Settings.”
  • Click on “Bans” at the base of the page menu over the left. There shall be a list of every banned user over the right.
  • Pick the member to unban. You shall enter the person’s name in the search box if there are many prohibited names.
  • A pop-up notification shall appear requesting you to decide whether you like to revoke a ban. Press on “Revoke Ban.”

 The banned person would be able to use the server again.

Banned person cannot access messages in Discord
  1. How to Unban Someone on Discord on iPhone or Android

When you use Discord on your mobile phone and wish to unban a person, know that the methods shall be the same whether you are an iPhone or an Android user.

  • Open the Discord app on your mobile phone.
  • Pickoose the server over the left from which you banned the person.
  • Press on the three-dot icon over the top left of the screen.
  • Hit on the settings icon.
  • Click on “Bans.”
  • Click on their name.
  • Tap on “Revoke Ban.”
Discord app mobile home page
  1. How to Unban Someone on a Web app or Discord Server

An effortless method to unban Someone on any Discord server is through a computer app. Here is how to do this,

  • Open Discord, and check on the servers over the left of the page.
  • Pick the one from which you have banned a member.
  • Right-click over the server. Later, tap on “Server Settings” on the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Overview.”
  • There shall be a sidebar over the left. Go to “Bans.”
  • Click on the member you wish to unban. Later, check whether that is the correct user and their ID.
  • Tap on “Revoke Ban.”

The person shall now be able to use the server.

  1. To Unban Someone on Discord with MEE6

If you use MEE6 as a Discord role bot, unbanning a person is relatively straightforward. Here is how to do it,

  • Open Discord on your system.
  • Open “Server Settings” by selecting the down arrow over the top left and picking it from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Bans.”
  • Search for the person you wish to unban. They shall be on the right side of the screen.
  • Press on “Revoke Ban.”
Discord bot MEE6 home page
  1. To Unban Someone on Discord with Dyno

People who prefer Dyno as a Discord role bot can follow these steps below to unban a person,

  • Access to Discord on your computer.
  • Click on the down arrow over the top left.
  • Pick “Server Settings.”
  • Select “Bans” over the left.
  • A list of banned people would appear over the right. Select the member to unban.
  • Tap on “Revoke Ban.”

They shall use the Dyno again. If you wonder how to unban Someone on Discord with Carl, It is quite the same.

How to do unban with Discord ban appeal form


Luckily, there are several ways you can bypass your IP ban and access Discord. Once you have unbanned someone from your Discord server, they usually do not automatically rejoin the Discord server as a member. Instead, you will need to re-invite the person to your server.

Suppose your account was banned from a certain server because of your race, religion, sexual orientation, or other federal or state-protected class you fall under. In that case, you could complain to the Discord team directly.