Unable to view raw data in Analysis

Unable to view raw data in Analysis

Raw results not available for some graphs in Analysis. When trying to generate raw data there is a message stating generating raw data but no raw data is generated.

There is too much records in raw data. By default Analysis handles no more than 100000 of records in raw data. If in the result is more records, then raw data is not loaded. This is done to prevent of loading into memory to much data.

This issue can be resolved by following the below instructions

The special parameter in "GeneralSettings.txt" in the <LoadRunner>/bin/dat folder controls the number of records:
parameter name: RawDataLimit
section: general

Increase the limit of the records to 100000000

The example of the [general] section is here:

[general] HideMessagesInCOMServerMode=1
AppName=HP LoadRunner Analysis
ApplicationTitle=HP LoadRunner Analysis

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  1. This worked!! I’ve a test with 14 hrs duration and raw data has around 300000 records and I could get it all into a single xlsx after adding RawDataLimit=100000000. Thanks. This saved me lot of time, no need to apply filters and extract multiple raw data sheets for lengthy tests now.


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