Unable to add a copy of a script with different Actions and Run-Time settings to the same group

The user is trying to set up a scenario with one group that has its Vusers accessing different combinations of Actions (or Run-Time Settings) within a script. This used to work in LoadRunner 7.2, but it does not work in LoadRunner 7.5.


The same script cannot be added to a group twice in LoadRunner 7.5

The change in the design for the Controller in LoadRunner 7.5 does not allow the capability of adding the same script twice to any given group.

In earlier versions, the Run-Time Settings were maintained at the script level as a result of which the same script could be added twice and LoadRunner automatically renamed the script and you could change the Run-Time Settings. So, information was at script level.

In LoadRunner 7.5, the Run-Time Settings are maintained at the group level. What this does not allow is the capability to automatically create a copy of the script when the same script is added twice since the group maintains only one copy of a given script.

The only way to have different Run-Time Settings for the same script, is to create different groups for the test, then change the Run-Time Settings for them.

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