6 Easy Ways To Fix Two Finger Scroll Not Working

Two scroll finger is an option to scroll pages using two fingers on the mouse touchpad. It works without any issue on most laptops, but some people face problems using it.

two finger scroll not working

What happens if two fingers scroll stops working on your laptop? The two finger scroll not working in mouse settings. Well, no need to worry! Through this guide, you will be able to fix these issues.

Methods to Fix Two-Finger Scroll Not Working on Windows 10

A laptop touchpad can be used with an external mouse and has the same two buttons below the touch surface. Another type is known as a button-less touchpad which has one large button than two buttons.

Scrolling with a touchpad is a valuable feature. Two-finger scroll is a standard feature on Mac, but you can set it on windows laptops.

The two-finger scroll is enabled but still not working. Then the touchpad may have problems with touchpad drivers. They may have become faulty and corrupted. Let’s have a look to fix these possible issues.

Two finger scroll not working

The common methods to fix two-finger scroll not working on Windows 10 are:

  1. Update, Reinstall, or Rollback Touchpad Drivers
  2. Change Mouse Pointer
  3. Edit the Windows Registry
  4. Enable touch Events APIs
  5. Perform a Hard Reset
  6. Change Touch Events API in Chrome Browser

1. Update, Reinstall, or Rollback Touchpad Drivers

Update touchpad drivers

If the rolling back of the touchpad driver is not working, you may have to update it. To update the touchpad driver, go to device manager, open mice, and other painting devices. Now right-click the touchpad. Select update driver from the contextual menu.

You will be asked if you want to update drivers automatically. Or if you should browse your computer for software drivers. If you go for the first option, Windows will search for your computer. And the driver software for your device.

But if you go for the second option, you must locate and install the driver manually. If you use this option, you need previously downloaded drivers on your computer or a USB flash drive. It is recommended to go for the first option and follow the instructions.

You can also update new drivers in another way. That is to use a third-party app. There are powerful free driver updater tools for windows. It can store the entire collection of drivers offline.

Reinstall touchpad drivers

A device driver gives information about the operating system. And other software and how to interact with hardware. If the accurate driver is not installed, the device may show malfunctioning. To reinstall touchpad drivers, use device manager.

Right-click the start button and open the device manager present near the device settings tab. The result from the contextual menu, or manually type the device manager in the search bar and select it. In the device manager, you will find a list of devices connected to your computer.

Now go to find the mouse and other pointing devices. Open it, right-click the touchpad, and select uninstall the device. In the pop-up window, select uninstall. Make sure you have checked the delete driver software for this device checkbox.

Restart your computer, and Windows will automatically install the missing driver.

Windows might not install missing drivers due to some reasons. Open your device manager, type your computer name, and scan for hardware changes. It might detect missing drivers and install them.

Rollback Touchpad Drivers

It is a windows device manager feature in almost all versions of windows. This feature enables you to uninstall a hardware device’s current drivers. Then install pre-installed drivers. This feature is used when newer drivers are malfunctioning.

The rollback Touchpad Drivers let you uninstall the latest drivers. And install the previous one with a few clicks of the mouse.

To roll back touchpad drivers, go to device manager. Select Mouse and other pointing devices, then right-click the touchpad and select properties.

Now, go for the Driver tab, and press the rollback drive button. If the button is grey and you cannot click it, it means a previous driver version is not installed. Restart the computer, and check if the two-finger scrolling is working now.

2. Change Mouse Pointer:

Strange method users have found to change their mouse pointer. The mouse pointer is a cursor, an arrowhead that you use to click things on your display.

We mostly use classic and white and black pointers. But it is strange to change the mouse pointer into a different one. It can solve the issue of two-finger scrolling not working.

  • Press Windows + R to bring Run utility on your screen display.
  • Type in control without quotations mark and hit the ok button. It will launch the control panel in a separate window.
  • Click the mouse button if you cannot see it, and ensure the view mode in small or large icons.
  • Go to the pointer tab in the mouse properties window.
  • Go to the drop-down menu under the scheme to find a different pointer. When you have selected the mouse, hit apply button to change it.
  • Now check if the two-finger scrolling problem is resolved.
Two finger scroll not working

3. Edit the Windows Registry

You can edit a key in the registry to fix two-finger scrolling not working. Before moving forward with the method, ensure the registry backup.

  • To start the procedure, open the registry editor. For this, you have to press Windows and R simultaneously. This shortcut will launch a utility called run.
  • Type in the box “Regedit” and hit ok. The registry editor should be opened in no time.
Type in the box “Regedit” and hit ok
registry editor
  • Now scroll towards the folder called registry key. Using this, go to the following key:


scroll towards the folder called registry key
  • Find the 2FingerTapPluginID and 3FingeeTapPluginID on the right pane. Double click on each of them and ensure that the value data field is empty.
  • Set the following key to the correct values:
  • MultiFingerTapFlags key to value data 2 or 3.
  • 3FingerTapAction key to 4.
  • 3FingerTapPluginActionID key to 0.
  • 2FingerTapAction key to 2, if you want right-click work or 4 if you want, middle-click to work.
  • You can exit the registry editor. Reboot your device and check if the two-finger scrolling is working.

4. Enable Touch Events API

To provide easy user interfaces, touch events give the ability to interpret fingers. Or stylus activity on touch screens or trackpads.

Touch events interfaces are relatively low-level APIs. They support application-specific multitouch interactions such as two-finger scrolling. When a finger touches a surface, multi-touch interaction starts.

Other fingers may touch the surface and move across the touch surface. When the finger is removed from the surface, the interaction ends.

Touch Events are almost the same as a mouse. Except they support simultaneous and at different locations on the touch surface.

To enable touch events settings:

  • Enter chrome://flags/ in the address bar.
  • Scroll down to find these two things: touch-optimized UI and enable touch events.
  • Use boxes to enable them.
  • Scroll a bit further to find enable touch initiated drag and drop setting, then enable it.

It allows you to drag and drop elements by long pressing with fingers.

5. Perform a Hard Reset

When you perform a hard reset, it clears all instructions from drivers and laptops. And will install instructions from drivers and software on the Windows operating system.

To perform a hard reset, turn off your computer. Unplug it completely and remove all peripherals attached to it. Also, unplug it from the power source, and remove the battery.

Now press and hold the power button for 15 to 20 seconds. Insert the battery back, and connect your computer to a power source. Turn on the computer.

If you are being asked: how do you want to start your windows? Select the “start windows normally” option and hit enter.

It is recommended to check windows updates after all this. Check whether the two-finger scrolling is now working or not.

6. Change Touch Events API in Chrome Browser

You might not be able to use two-finger scrolling in google chrome. It can be because of the two-finger API (also known as touch API), which is disabled in the browser.

It is not always the reason, but maybe it has been disabled in some instances. If this is the case, we will go for settings to enable touch events API and check if this fixes the issue.

  • Open the Chrome browser and enter the given address in the address bar, then hit enter: Chrome://flags/
enter "Chrome://flags/" in the address bar, then hit enter
  • Then, press Ctrl + F to locate the touch APIs present.
  • Change them to enabled or automatic if they are disabled or default.
  • Save changes, and restart your computer to check if the issue is resolved.

How to Turn On Two-Finger Scrolling Using the Control Panel

You can turn on two-finger scrolling by using the control panel:

  • Tap the Windows + X key, click on the control panel, and go to mouse under hardware and sound.
  • Select the touchpad tab in the mouse window. This pad will also list the touchpad manufacturer.
  • Select properties, settings, and advance.
  • Select the box next to enable if this is available.
  • Click the arrow to the right of scrolling. Open two fingers scrolling list. Then select two-finger scrolling to access the specific features.
  • Now enable two-finger scrolling. Then select adjust scrolling region to the similar option If available.
  • Ensure that you can scroll easily. Check it by dragging the scrolling region to cover a large portion of the touchpad.
  • Click ok to save changes. And close the options windows. Keep tapping ok until all windows regarding this option are closed.
  • Now restart your computer to check if the two scrolling methods are working. And your scrolling feature should be enabled.
Touchpad properties setting panel

How to Turn On Two-Finger Scrolling Using the Settings App

In Windows 10, the settings app is becoming a hub for customizable options. It is slowly phasing out the control panel. That is why you will find windows 10 touchpad gestures as a separate entry in the setting app.

Follow the given steps to find and enable these settings:

  • Press Win + I to quickly launch the settings app.
  • Click to go for the device.
  • From the left pane menu, select touchpad.
  • In the right pane menu, assure that toggle this next touchpad should not be turned on.
  • Scroll down to the scroll and zoom option.
  • Make sure the check box next to the following option is selected.
  • Drag two fingers to scroll.
  • Check whether you have resolved this. If not, try other methods for troubleshooting.

Note: Check the top of the touchpad window for confirmation whether your laptop supports a precision touchpad.

You might find the message, “yes, your PC has a precision touchpad.” It means that your computer supports this feature. Hence, you can customize touchpad gestures.

Windows settings screen
Touchpad Settings


So here are all the details we have for you to troubleshoot two-finger scrolling not working. Two-finger scrolling has now become a standard feature. Most laptop users use instead to use an external mouse. It also gives you some advanced features.

You can follow the above methods to troubleshoot two-finger scrolling not working. Start with rebooting your laptop. It may fix the issue early, and you may not need to go further. But if the problem persists, you can follow this guide.

It will help you fix any issue in two-finger scrolling on your laptop. Hopefully, this guide will help you to resolve this problem.


Why Is My Two-Finger Scrolling Not Working?

The touchpad has become a common feature used by most users. Two-finger scrolling is standard on Mac, but now, it is used on windows.
If your two-finger scrolling is not working, go to the settings first. Check whether this feature is enabled on your laptop or not. If you find it disabled, enable it manually.
Sometimes two-finger scrolling does not work even after being enabled. In such a case, the touchpad drivers might have a problem. They might have become faulty or corrupted. Or your device is not functioning properly.

How Do I Turn On Two-Finger Scrolling On My Touchpad?

Mac and PC users wish to enable two-finger scrolling on the touchpad to avoid confusion. Fortunately, two-finger scrolling is enabled on windows 10. If your windows support two-finger scrolling, it should be enabled by default.
It is said that, unluckily, not all windows support two-finger scrolling. But it is possible to enable two-finger scrolling on your touchpad, even if it does not support it. For this, navigate to the settings buttons > devices >touchpad.
In the scroll and zoom option, select two fingers to scroll option. It will enable two-finger scrolling. If this option does not exist, your system does not support the precision feature.

Why Can’t I Scroll With Two Fingers Anymore In Windows 11?

It may be due to software updates or other issues if you can no longer scroll with two fingers. First, ensure that the two-finger scroll feature is enabled in settings. Then check the status of the touchpad device. Check if you have received an error message.
You can also try to fix it by making sure that touchpad settings are enabled. Then check for system updates. They also cause malfunctioning of two fingers scrolling. It may be because of touchpad drivers; maybe they need to be updated to fix this issue.

How Do I Enable Two-Finger Scrolling In Windows 11?

Mostly, two-finger scrolling is enabled by default. But still, you can enable it by following these steps:
– Press Win + I to open settings in windows 11.
– Now go for the Bluetooth and device tab, found on the left panel of the setting window.
– Now click the touchpad option from the list.
– From the touchpad page, click taps to reveal all gestures.
– Check individual boxes to enable or disable motion.
– Now go for the scroll and zoom section and expand it.
– Select two-finger scrolling and check if it is enabled.

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