8 Fixes For Twitch Won’t Load On Chrome Or Firefox Browser

Twitch is one of the most popular Live video sharing platforms specifically focusing on Video Game Live Streaming. It also provides streaming services including eSports broadcasts, music broadcasts, creative content, etc.

Twitch provides a common platform to its vast number of subscribers to interact through Live Video streams. Users like to watch their favorite Twitch streamers in their free time. 

But there is a situation where because of some bugs and minor technical glitches your Chrome or Firefox won’t load Twitch. This feels very annoying when you are about to watch some entertaining streams.

So what makes Twitch stop from loading on to your Chrome or Firefox? And how can you fix the “Twitch Won’t Load on Chrome or Firefox” error? 

Don’t worry this article has all the answers to your queries. So proceed with your reading and start working on a solution that can fix the error and you can get to watch your favorite Twitch stream(s).

What Are The Reasons That Stop Twitch From Loading In Your Web Browser(Chrome Or Firefox)?

Twitch started as a small Video Gameplay streaming site and now it has an average of 15 million active daily users. But don’t just look at its popularity, like other online sites and programs Twitch also has a share of technical errors including the one that is currently being discussed in this article. 

Many users have reported the “Twitch Won’t Load on Chrome or Firefox” error. There can be various reasons for this error. Let’s look at some of the major reasons that lead to this error.

Solutions To Fix “Twitch Won’t Load On Chrome Or Firefox” Error

For those who are suffering from this issue, there is a list of solutions/fixes written in this article that can be referred to and applied to your PC. You don’t need to refer to every single solution, just try one solution at a time from the very top of the list and quickly find the solution that works perfectly for you. 

The list provides solutions/fixes in chronological order based on simplicity, minimalistic and effective approach.

Solutions For Twitch Won’t Load on Chrome or Firefox” error

  1. Check The Status Of The Internet Connection And The Twitch Server
  2. Clear Browsing Data
  3. Use A Different Browser
  4. Disable Third-Party Add-Ons Or Extensions Or Access Incognito Mode
  5. Update Your Browser
  6. Clear DNS Cache
  7. Use Windows Defender To Scan Your PC
  8. Install Twitch For Desktop

Solution 1. Check The Status Of Internet Connection And The Twitch Server

Fault in your Internet connection will stop your PC from loading Twitch onto your Chrome or Firefox browser. So checking the status of the network connection is a simple but very effective solution that can fix the error.

If you are using a Network Router then resetting the router service can effectively deal with most of the Internet problems that are present on your end. If resetting doesn’t help then the problem might be from the side of the Internet Service Provider(ISP). 

Additionally check the Twitch server status, because the problem may be with Twitch Interactive itself and nothing is wrong with your PC browsers. Visit the Twitter Handle of Twitch Support page and Down Server site to check the Server status. Also, try to use Twitch mobile app if you are facing errors while using the Twitch web client.

Try to use the Windows Troubleshooter to counter the bad status of the Internet connection.

  • Press Windows + X to open the Power Menu. Click on the Control Panel option.
  • Click on the View by scroll-down and select the Large icon option from the list.
  • Click on Troubleshooting.
  • Click on View all located in the left pane.
  • Right-click on Internet Connections and select the Run as administrator option.
Using Troubleshooter on Internet connections
  • Click on Advanced and tick the checkbox Apply repairs automatically. Then click on Next.
  • Now click on the option “Troubleshoot my connection to the internet”.
What you want to troubleshoot? Solve "Twitch won't load" error

Solution 2. Clear Browsing Data

Popular web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox use Cookies to store user preferences and data from frequently visited websites to increase surfing speed and overall experience.

So over a period of time, the limited cache storage space becomes increasingly bloated which in turn affects or interferes with the information flow between your computer and the Internet.

So clearing the browsing data is an effective solution that can solve the “Twitch Won’t Stream” error.

Clear Browsing Data In Google Chrome

Step 1– Press Ctrl+H to open the History tab. 

Step 2– Click on the option “Clear browsing data”. Alternatively, you can directly press Shift+Ctrl+Del to open the Clear browsing data menu.

Clearing browsing information on Chrome to solve "twitch won't load" error

Step 3– Set the Time range and check the data options that you want to erase including Cookies, Cache, Auto-fill information, etc.

Step 4– Click on the “Clear data” option.

Clear Browsing Data In Mozilla Firefox

Step 1– Click on the Three horizontal lines icon located on the top right corner of the Firefox application then click on the History option.

Click on Options tab in Firefox

Step 2– Left-click on the Clear Recent History option.

Click on the "Clear recent history" option

Step 3– Set the Time range and click on all the checkboxes you can see including Browsing & download history, Cookies, Cache, Active logins, Form & search history, Site settings and Offline website data.

Clearing browsing information on Firefox to solve "twitch won't load" error

Step 4- Click on the Ok option. This will clear data in your browser storage.

Solution 3. Use A Different Browser To Fix “Twitch Won’t Load” Error

If the above two solutions cannot effectively deal with the Twitch error on your PCs’ Chrome or Firefox then you should try to load Twitch on a different browser and check if the situation is similar to Chrome or Firefox.

Opera GX is a specialized gaming browser which means that it can use the resources providing better performance during your session. Additionally, it has a dedicated Twitch Stream button embedded in it.

Its one-click function can start Twitch within seconds which saves you a lot of steps that need to start the Twitch web client.

Solution 4. Disable Third-Party Add-Ons Or Extensions Or Access Incognito Mode

The reason why Chrome and Firefox lead the most popular web browser list is obviously because of their versatility and fast surfing speed. Additionally, the function to add extra extensions and customizable add-ons make it even more popular.

But there are some add-ons such as those Flash Player and HTML video player types that have become outdated because today’s browser package(Chrome and Firefox) comes with a default in-built flash player. 

So if your browser has these extensions embedded, there is a high probability that it will cause interference with the Twitch Live Video streaming process. And consequently, you will face the scenario described in the introduction of the article. You can also access the Incognito tab to load Twitch if you don’t want to remove the add-ons.

Solution 5. Update Your Browser To Fix “Twitch Stream” Error

Like any other apps, updates are also available for web browsers at regular intervals. So keeping up with these updates is a good habit and problems will arise when updates have been stalled for a long time.

The latest browser updates fix bugs and security vulnerabilities which makes it difficult for cyberthreats from gaining access to your privacy.

Solution 6. Clear DNS Cache To Fix “Twitch Stream” Error

DNS cache(DNS resolver cache) can be explained as a website IP address record book or Domain phonebook. Operating systems usually store the records of visited websites(including Ip address, time duration of the visits, etc.) so that when you visit next time it can quickly convert the name of the web address into an IP address and get a response from the network faster than the first visit. 

But there is a situation with DNS cache called DNS poisoning in which due to unwanted cache entries and technical glitches the DNS cache information becomes corrupt.

To solve this problem, it is recommended to flush the entire DNS Cache. You can do this by simply executing a two-word command line in Command Prompt.

Step 1- Open the Command Prompt. Press Windows + X to open the power menu and select the Command Prompt option. Also, you can enter “cmd” into the Run dialog box and click on the Ok option to open CMD on your computer.

Open Command Prompt using Run dialog box

Step 2- Enter the command “ipconfig /displaydns” and press the Enter key. This command will display all the stored DNS Cache data on the command prompt screen.

Display the DNS Cache data using CMD

Step 3- Now enter the command “ipconfig /flushdns” and hit the Enter key.

Flush DNS Cache data using CMD

Step 4- You can know the result of command execution if you receive a message such as “Windows IP configuration has successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache” or “Successfully resolved the DNS Resolver Cache”.

Solution 7. Use Windows Defender To Scan Your Pc

Step 1– In the Windows Start Menu, search and open the Windows Defender Firewall. 

Step 2– Click on Virus & Threat Protection option.

Step 3- Click on Scan options then select Windows Defender Offline Scan.

Step 4- Left-click on Scan now.

After Step 5 Windows Defender will restart your computer and subsequently start the scanning process. Here, Windows Defender Offline helps to scan and remove those malicious files(Malware) which are exceptionally difficult to remove through the normal processes. The whole Offline Scan will take about 15 minutes.

Solution 8. Install Twitch For Desktop To Fix “Twitch Stream Error”

This is the last and ultimate solution if you haven’t resolved the situation where Twitch doesn’t load on your web browser such as Google Chrome. Twitch for Desktop is an alternative to its web client and you can download and install this app to your PC. The app is simple in installation procedure and you can load twitch in a matter of minutes after signing in with your credentials.

Download Twitch for Desktop app from the Official site

Moreover, the program was developed for the sole purpose of accessing Twitch and enjoying its ever-changing content. Here, the Official site from which you can download the “Twitch for Desktop” setup file.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why Is Twitch Not Loading On My Device?

Fault in network connection, malware and virus infestations, bloated Cache storage including cookies, cache, auto-fill information and history, out-of-date web surfer applications, interference caused by third-party add-ons and extension tools are major suspects that create a blockade that keeps your PC from loading twitch.

Why Does My Twitch Keep On Saying It Failed To Load Module?

Twitch users face “failed to load module” errors because of several reasons including corrupt cache, damaged browser system/installed files, interference from extensions and add-ons, unencrypted information flow over DNS(use DoH). Twitch server status can also affect the twitch to fail when you try to stream your favorite streamers.

Is Twitch Stream Having Buffering Issues?

Due to lagging in Internet speed/data flow Twitch can have buffering issues during video stream(s). Major suspects that are identified to be responsible for lagging are bad Network/Internet connectivity, VPN service connection interfering with the Twitch server connection, other streaming apps such as Steam running in the background, bloated cache, and third-party add-ons and extensions.