11 Best Fixes For Twitch Notifications Not Working

Twitch is a streaming website for gaming enthusiasts and all other things you love. However, recently there has been a lot of discussions surrounding Twitch’s ‘Go Live’ notifications.

If you are someone whose Twitch notifications are not working, then this article will teach you how to fix them. Live streamers are dependent on notifications being delivered to their followers every time they go live otherwise they’ll have to post the same on Twitter or Facebook.

However, a lot of Twitch users have been complaining that they aren’t receiving the notifications on time. 

On the other hand, the streamers have noticed that they are not getting enough audience every time they go live. So, what’s the problem here? Turns out, there could be a variety of issues behind your Twitch notifications not working.

You might need to reinstall the app, tweak the settings a little bit, etc. Keep reading to find out more on how to fix all your notification issues with Twitch.

11 Fixes For Twitch Notifications Not Working

1. Use A Different Browser

Many users have reported that the Twitch notifications won’t work for a single browser but would work for other browsers on their system. So, if you have different browsers installed on your system, then try signing in to your Twitch account using another browser. Else, you could also try resetting the current browser you are facing problems with or reinstalling it.

2. Altering The Notification Settings For Every Channel

Keep in mind that ‘live ups’ notifications can be enabled or disabled for every channel individually. So, if you do not receive notifications for a particular channel, check if notifications are enabled for that specific channel. To do this, follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Open Twitch on your desktop and go to Settings and click on Notifications. 

Twitch notifications not working - click on Twitch settings from your web browser

Step 2. Expand the Per Channel subhead in the Notification Settings section.

enable twitch per channel notification

Step 3. Now, you can enable or disable ‘live ups’ notifications for every channel by toggling the switch next to the channel. In the Notifications section, you can select individual subheads and turn notifications on or off for almost everything like comments, user message, live stream, posts, and other default alerts

You can do this from your smartphone as well:

Step 1. Tap the display icon from the top left corner of the screen.

Step 2. Hit on Account Settings and then tap Notifications.

Go to Twitch notifications

Step 3. Then, tap the Per Channel option and now, you can toggle the switch next to every channel to enable/disable the notifications.

Another way to turn on notifications is navigating to the specific channel and under the video player, hit the bell icon. This can turn the notifications on or off for those channels.

3. Twitch ‘Live Ups’ notifications not working

If you are not receiving the live ups notifications for the channels you follow, you need to turn on notifications in the Live category for your desired notification channels. For this, simply go to Notifications Settings and check if notifications for Live Ups are on or not.

turn on notification for live ups

4. Try Reinstalling Twitch App

Step 1. Click on the Windows Search bar option and type Control. Then, click on the Control Panel option to open it.

Step 2. Now, click on Uninstall a program and uninstall the Twitch application.

Step 3. Then, download and reinstall the Twitch application.

Step 4. Now, log in using your credentials and make sure the notifications are enabled.

5. Disabling/Enabling Smart Notifications To Receive Twitch Push Notifications

If you are not receiving the notifications while you are on the app, it’s probably because Smart notifications are enabled for you. These will send you on-site notifications and not push notifications while you are active on the app. Here’s how you can disable the Smart notifications:

Step 1. Open the Twitch app

Step 2. Click on settings.

Step 3. Select on Notifications option.

Step 4. Now, toggle the Smart Notifications to turn them off.

turn off twitch smart notifications

Again, you can choose to keep the Smart notifications on if you want to be notified via mail or on your smartphone when you are not using the app. 

6. Try Clearing Your Browser Cache

Step 1. Press the Shift + Ctrl + Delete keys together.

Step 2. Click on cached images and files and “Cookies and other site data.”

Step 3. Then, select the Clear data button.

7. Reset Your Chrome Browser

Step 1. Open the browser settings and navigate to the bottom of the screen.

Step 2. Now, expand the Advanced Options and then, scroll down to the bottom.

Step 3. Click on Restore settings to their original defaults

Step 4. Hit the Reset Settings button.

8. Twitch Resub notification not showing

Sending a ticket to the Twitch Support

Step 1. Go to the Twitch Support website.

Step 2. Type your credentials and then, write down the problem.

Step 3. Send your ticket and wait till you get a response.

9. Twitch Not Sending Email Notifications

Re-enabling email notifications:

Step 1. Open the Twitch app

Step 2. Click on Settings 

Step 3. Click on Notifications and then click the ‘By Email’ option

turn on Twitch email notifications to receive Twitch updates in your inbox

Step 4. To turn on email notifications, toggle the All Emails option

turn on email alerts

Reset email address:

Step 1. Click on Settings from the Twitch app

Step 2. Click on Security and Privacy option

Step 3. Select the edit pen option on the top right corner.

Step 4. Now, change your email address to some other alternative address to verify it.

Step 5. Again, go back and re-enter the old email address to verify it.

Step 6. Open your email client and make sure that the Twitch emails are not in the spam folder. Now, you should be able to receive email notifications from Twitch. 

10. Notifications For Twitch Not Working On Android

Step 1. Open the Twitch mobile app on your Android smartphone

Step 2. Go to the Settings option and click on Notifications.

Step 3. Ensure that the Notifications for Mobile have been enabled.

Step 4. Else, you could also open your phone settings and click on Apps & notifications.

Step 5. Find the Twitch app from the list of apps on your smartphone.

Step 6. Tap on Twitch and then hit the Notifications option

check if mobile notification is enabled or not

Step 7. Make sure you check all the boxes under Notifications and check that Twitch has the required permissions on your mobile.

If this doesn’t work, you could also try reinstalling the Twitch application on your Android device from the play store.

11. Notifications For Twitch Not Working On iOS

To check if notifications are enabled or not on your iOS device, open Twitch on your iPhone > Open Settings > Notifications > ensure that all notifications are toggled on for mobile. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, uninstall and reinstall Twitch again from the App Store and log in again to check for improvements.

Can the Fixes for Message+ Keeps Stopping Also Work for Twitch Notifications Not Working?

Yes, the message+ app troubleshooting fixes can also be applied to resolve issues with Twitch notifications not working. Some common troubleshooting steps may include clearing the app cache, updating the app, and checking notification settings. These fixes can often help resolve issues with both Message+ and Twitch notifications.


That was all about how to fix twitch notifications not working. The above article discusses all the different situations you might be facing and how to fix them.

We hope you’ve found a solution that fits your problem perfectly and has successfully solved the Twitch notifications problem.

Now, you should be able to receive live notifications every time your favorite channels go live and enjoy their quality content in real-time.