10 Best Fixes For Twitch Not Working On Chrome

Twitch is well-known enough to compete with YouTube, and despite several tries, YouTube has been unable to grab Twitch’s live game streaming viewership. It is still the favored site for those wishing to stream or watch gaming live.

It also has a dedicated program for Windows 10 and macOS, although many users prefer to watch Twitch on their browser. Sometimes Twitch Not Working On Chrome issue arises.

10 Best Fix Twitch Not Working On Chrome?

Twitch has long been one of the most popular streaming sites. This site is popular among both broadcasters and viewers. Twitch is used by millions of people across the world to watch gaming feeds of their favorite players.

 There are primarily two methods to view your favorite Twitch streams. You may either download the Twitch app, which is available for practically all prominent platforms or use Twitch in a browser. However, people have reported issues when utilizing Twitch on a browser. Especially when they utilize Google Chrome as their online browser.

If you are experiencing the same problem, you may follow this article to learn how to repair Twitch Not Working On Chrome.

Google Chrome is most likely the most common web browser used by Internet users. Many individuals also use Google Chrome to watch Twitch. However, it is inconvenient when you want to watch your favorite gamer’s gaming broadcast and Twitch Not Working On Chrome. 

Don’t be concerned if you are experiencing this problem. You may simply resolve the problem by using the solutions listed below. You can attempt a variety of solutions. And we’ve gone through them in detail here.

But first, let me explain why you are experiencing this problem with the Google Chrome browser.

About Twitch

Twitch is a video streaming service. Esports players and streamers are the primary users of this site. Many prominent streamers have switched from other broadcasting sites such as YouTube to Twitch. Twitch is presently owned by Amazon, one of the world’s tech behemoths. 

You can watch your favorite streamers’ streams for free on Twitch. It is, however, a freemium platform. People choose Twitch over YouTube due to its features and user-friendly UI.

Twitch is presently available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and a variety of other platforms. People, on the other hand, mostly utilize Twitch on their browsers to view the streams. 

The Twitch app is favored among streamers. You may simply view the streams by opening the official Twitch website in a web browser on your PC. 

Twitch has several features that you may utilize even if you are using a web browser. However, several users have stated that Twitch Not Working On Chrome. If you are experiencing this problem, you can resolve it by following the steps outlined below.

What is Twitch Not Working on Chrome?

Many individuals have complained about stream latency or freezing when viewing streams on Twitch. Alternatively, some folks may have encountered the Twitch black screen issue. For certain users, the Twitch website may not load or redirect to another website.

Twitch issues may manifest themselves in a variety of ways on Chrome. Whatever the issue is, you can quickly solve it on your Chrome web browser by using the solutions listed below. We’ve outlined a step-by-step procedure for doing so below. As a result, you may simply follow and solve it.

Why do you face the issue “Twitch not Working on Google Chrome”?

It all depends. There might be several reasons why you are experiencing this problem with your Chrome web browser. Below, we’ve listed some of the most common reasons why Twitch doesn’t function on Google Chrome:

  • Twitch is Down: If Twitch Not Working On Chrome, you will have to deal with the problem. It is not guaranteed that Twitch will not go down at any point. Because it is a streaming platform, it may be unavailable due to a server outage. As a result, this might be one of the causes of your problem.
  • Chrome is out of date: If your Google Chrome browser is out of date, you may also have problems. Chrome now employs innovative technologies to play videos. As a result, if you’re using an older version of Google Chrome, it won’t be able to play Twitch streams.
  • Chrome extensions blocking: If you are using a malicious or adware Chrome extension, you may encounter this problem. Twitch is most likely being redirected by the addon to another website. As a result, the cause of Twitch Not Working On Chrome might be the Chrome extension you’re using.
  • Malware: If you have malware or adware on your computer, you may also have this problem. Malware might prevent you from accessing certain websites. Twitch may be one of them. So malware may be preventing you from accessing Twitch.
  • DNS: DNS, or domain name servers, play an important part in website browsing. As a result, the DNS that you are using may be blocking Twitch, and you are experiencing the problem. As a result, DNS might be the cause of your Twitch Not Working On Chrome.
  • Cache Issue: Your browser’s cache may be causing this difficulty. Check if Twitch not working in chrome issue is fixed or not.

Steps to Fix Twitch not Working on Chrome Browser?

1. Check Twitch Server

Check Twitch Server

The first thing you should do if you are having trouble using Twitch is to ensure that Twitch itself is operational. If the Twitch servers are down, you will be unable to use the platform. So you should check to see whether Twitch Not Working On Chrome.

Twitch has an official page where you can check to see if it’s down or not. Simply go to Twitch to see if all of the servers are up and running. If a server is down, you will have troubles as a result.

2. Check-in Other Browser

The following step is to visit Twitch in another web browser. Twitch may be unavailable due to difficulties with Google Chrome. So, simply download a web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, and use it to access Twitch.

If Twitch works in another browser, the problem is with your Chrome browser. In such a scenario, you can go to the next steps to resolve the difficulties. If it doesn’t work in another browser, you can try the remaining procedures.

3. Update Google Chrome

Update Google Chrome

If you’re using an old version of Google Chrome, you could have trouble seeing Twitch live streams. As a result, you must upgrade the Chrome browser before determining whether Twitch is operational. Updating your browser may resolve the issue, and you will be able to watch your favorite players’ live streams on Twitch.

4: Disable Chrome Extensions

Disable Chrome Extensions

This is a highly efficient way for resolving Twitch is not working on Google Chrome web browser issues. You may test it by disabling chrome extensions and seeing whether it works.

Chrome extensions are quite handy since they enable you to conduct a variety of tasks while exploring the Internet in Chrome.

However, many adware or malware-infected Chrome extensions install in your Chrome browser without your knowledge. These extensions can prevent you from viewing a website.

They may also link you to adware websites. As a result, Chrome extensions might be the cause of your inability to access Twitch.

  • To resolve the Twitch not working in chrome, you must first disable the Chrome extensions on your browser and then test. 
  • Many people have reported being able to access Twitch after removing the infected Chrome extension from their computer.
  • To disable the extension, open Google Chrome, click the three dots in the top right corner and then select More Tools>Extensions. 
  • There, you’ll find a list of all the Chrome extensions that are available for your browser. From there, you may disable or uninstall certain extensions.
  • If you see any questionable extensions, you may disable them from there and do a check.
  • If you don’t notice any extensions that might cause an issue, you should disable all of them and then check. 
  • After you’ve disabled the extensions, open Twitch and check to see if it’s working.
  • Check if Twitch not working in chrome issue is fixed or not.

5: Scan for Malware

If you don’t have a malware extension on Chrome but have malware on your computer, you may get the Twitch not functioning issue. You may accomplish this by installing anti-malware software on your computer and then scanning it for malware or adware.

For Windows PC, there are several free malware scanners and cleanup apps accessible. As a result, you may use any of them to check your computer for malware.

If it detects malware on your computer, you may delete it before launching Google Chrome. After that, simply open Twitch in Chrome and see whether it works.

6: Clear DNS Cache/Change DNS

Clear DNS Cache/Change DNS

When it comes to Internet browsing, DNS is one of the most crucial factors. As a result, the DNS cache can cause problems, and you may be unable to visit some websites as a result.

To resolve the issue, just delete the DNS cache on your Windows PC or laptop and then check to see whether Twitch is operational. To clear the DNS cache, follow the instructions below:

  • First, launch the command prompt on your Windows PC. You may open it by searching for it in the search box or by typing ‘CMD’ in the run box.
  • Simply execute “ipconfig /flushdns” at the command prompt.
  • That’s all. It will now delete your Windows PC’s DNS cache. You may now check to see if Twitch is working on your PC.
  • Check if Twitch not working in chrome issue is fixed or not.

If deleting the DNS cache does not help, you can update the DNS address on your computer. There are several public DNS servers that you may use as your default DNS server. 

  • You may configure DNS directly from your Windows PC’s network settings. 
  • Alternatively, if you want it to be permanent, you may configure or change the DNS in your network settings.
  • Check if Twitch not working in chrome issue is fixed or not.

7: Clear Chrome Cache

Clear Chrome Cache

Chrome cache can also cause issues, and as a result, you may get the Twitch not working in chrome issue. So, you may try emptying the Chrome cache and seeing if you can access Twitch or not.

  • To clean the Chrome cache, first, launch Google Chrome on your computer. 
  • Then, just click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select the Settings option. 
  • There is a ‘Clear browsing data’ option there. Set the time range to ‘All-time,’ and then delete the cookies, site data, and cached pictures. 
  • Then, simply restart the Chrome browser and see if you can access Twitch or not.
  • Check if Twitch not working in chrome issue is fixed or not.

8: Stop Using VPN

If you use a VPN to visit Twitch, your Twitch video may not load in your Chrome browser. You should try temporarily deactivating the connection to see if it helps to address the problem. Due to security concerns, VPNs may occasionally prevent specific websites from loading.

If removing the VPN cures the issue, you should avoid using Twitch through VPN in the future to reduce the probability of obtaining Twitch won’t load on Chrome. Check if Twitch not working in chrome issue is fixed or not.

9: Reset Google Chrome Flags

Chrome flags are experimental features that you may activate, but they may cause problems with some websites, especially more complicated ones like Twitch. To test whether that solves the problem, try resetting all Chrome flags. Check if Twitch not working in chrome issue is fixed or not.

10: Try Twitch App

The last but not least step you may take is to install the Twitch software on your PC. 

  • Simply go to Twitch’s download website and install the application on your computer. 
  • Then, install it on your PC and test whether you can view the broadcasts.
  • Twitch’s app version is more stable than the browser version. So, you may try using the Twitch app once to check whether it works.
  • Check if Twitch not working in chrome issue is fixed or not.


You now understand why your Chrome browser was unable to open Twitch. Applying all of the options listed above should assist you in resolving Twitch won’t load on Chrome. Which of the above-mentioned strategies did you use to solve the problem? Please let us know by leaving a comment below. If you still have questions or your Twitch not working in chrome, please let us know.


Why is Twitch not loading?

Faulty network connectivity, malware and virus infections, and bloated Cache storage, which includes cookies, cache, auto-fill information, and history, out-of-date web surfing programs, and interference caused by third-party add-ons and extension tools, are all big culprits in causing a blockage that prevents your PC from accessing twitch.

Why Does My Twitch Keep On Saying It Failed To Load Module?

Twitch users get “failed to load module” issues for a variety of causes, including broken cache, corrupted browser system/installed files, interference from extensions and add-ons, and unencrypted data transit through DNS (use DoH). When you try to stream your favorite broadcasters, the twitch server status might also cause the live stream to fail.

Is Twitch Stream Having Buffering Issues?

Twitch may have buffering difficulties during video streams due to sluggish Internet speed/data delivery (s). Bad network/Internet access, VPN service connection interfering with Twitch server connection, other streaming applications such as Steam running in the background, bloated cache, and third-party add-ons and extensions have all been recognized as major candidates for lagging.

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