Fix: Twitch Hosting Not Working

What is Twitch Auto Hosting?

Twitch Auto-Host Mode is a twitch channel feature that allows you to host team channels on your channel page without changing the chat area. You have two alternatives to set your twitch status to twitch offline banner or auto host mode stream.

twitch hosting not working

Beginner and experienced streamers alike use Twitch Auto hosts, with pro streamers with many followers and viewers assisting lesser channels by auto hosting (raid) on their channel page.

Any twitch user can utilize this ability to broadcast many other channels on their channel page.

Using Auto-host To Host Channel On Your Stream

When it comes to hosting other people, this is the most popular option. Twitch streams make use of the Auto-Host mode on Twitch. When your Stream goes offline, Auto-Host mode can create a list of channels (ideally ones that broadcast content similar to what you broadcast and that would be appropriate and interesting to your audience).

Twitch can automatically select one and begin hosting. Activating host mode can be set to choose a channel to host at random. Also, according to the order in which you generated the list. You must do the following to enable and configure Twitch’s Auto-Host feature:

  • Navigate to the Twitch website.
  • In the corner (top-right) of your screen, click on your twitch account username.
  • In the resulting dropdown menu, select “Creator Dashboard.”
“Creator Dashboard
  • Scroll down to the Settings area in the left panel and select Channel.
  • Go to featured content and then to the Auto Hosting section.
  • Enable the option for Auto host channels randomly.
enable Auto host channels
  • You can customize the Auto-Host feature any way you want using the other options in this section.
  • Select Host List from the drop-down menu.
  • Open Host-List is a list of available hosts.
Open Host-List
  • To this list, add any channels you want to be hosted on your stream while it is offline.

Methods to fix Twitch Hosting Not Working

You might have gotten into difficulties because you followed the instructions for the auto host correctly, but when you returned, it wasn’t working.

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There is no such troubleshooting because there are just a few primary causes for this issue.

Your browser cache may be causing you to see the previous offline screen or a black offline page. Please try your channel on a different device or with a different browser.

It may take a few hours for Twitch servers to change your settings.

1. Change Twitch Settings

To begin, make sure that the auto-hosting option in your Twitch app is on.

To check, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Channel Settings in Twitch.
  • At the bottom of the “Options,” look for the Auto-Hosting area.
  • To turn it on, simply click the switch.
  • Please try the following possible remedy if the option is already enabled.

2. Un-mod Everyone From Your Channel

  • To see all mods, type /mods in your Twitch chat.
  • For each moderator in the list above, use /unmod ‘NAME.’

3. Stop Bots On Your Channel

  • To know who is a bot on your channel, type !bots.
  • To remove all bots from your channel, type !removebots.
  • If that doesn’t work, try using the @’botname’ stop command with the names of the bots you found in step 1 of this technique.

4. Disconnect All Clients From Your Channel

The majority of Twitch users have an extensive list of clients associated with their Channel.

Whether you were interested and tested a client out at some point, or you wanted to follow a client to obtain updated information, you will need to remove all clients and re-add those you wish to fix the Twitch hosting issue.

Is Hosting Another Channel Worth It?

Many Twitch channel streamers worry if it’s worth it to host other Twitch users’ streams on their channels. VOD is the only Twitch practice that even comes close to the rewards that hosting channels offer.

Twitch’s VOD feature records all of a stream and saves them for 14-60 days, depending on the type of Twitch account. These recordings are then played again while the streamer isn’t broadcasting. 

It implies that your stream will be active and producing content even if you are not streaming, although VOD does not provide as many incentives as hosting does when done correctly.

All of this is taken into account. If you can discover networks that broadcast similar programming to yours, that’s great in terms of both nature and quality, and with polite owners. They’d be willing to collaborate with you to build a professional partnership that benefits both of you. It may be worthwhile to host other channels on your stream.

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Using Twitch Chat To Host Another Channel

Using your channel’s Twitch chat, you can start hosting another user on your stream.

Simply write /host followed by the username of whatever Twitch channel you wish to host on your stream into your channel’s chat when your stream is offline and press Enter.

For example, you might write /host Botez Live into your channel’s chat and click Enter to host the Botezlive Twitch channel’s stream on your channel.

You can change the hosted channel’s stream via Twitch chat. It can be done up to three times every half hour. Hosting via chat can be undone by typing /unhost into your channel’s chat and pressing Enter.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hosting On Twitch

Like all other commercial initiatives, streaming is a balance sheet of assets and liabilities, profit and loss, advantages and disadvantages.

Indeed, streamers will not participate in any loss projects that will not profit them or their channel. Hosting Twitch feeds on your channel has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • While you use Host mode, you can keep providing material to your users even when you’re not online.
  • If you use Twitch Host Mode, you may give your viewers an idea of the type of material you provide, which will help them get to know you better.
  • Hosting channels on your stream provides a risk-free option to make money.
  • Hosting another channel will earn you free advertising in the Live Hosts category of Twitch’s website and mobile apps, as well as premium real estate in the channel’s live broadcast.


  • You have no control over the content aired by the hosted channels on your stream.
  • Almost every Twitch streamer has an “away message,” and if you host another channel, your away message will be replaced with the stream of the hosted channel.
  • Twitch host mode is only ideal for you if you are hosting close friends, as strangers can cause problems.

Getting Other Members To Host Channel On Their Twitch Channel

Twitch channel Hosting can work the other way around if you intend to host other channels on your stream. Your channel should be hosted on the streams of other streamers as well.

Here are some techniques to persuade other Twitch users to host your channel on their feeds while streaming anything.

Using something like StreamLabs, create a visible host list on your stream by adding it to your stream style. The names of all of your presenters are prominently displayed on your broadcast, which your visitors notice.

They might be tempted to host your stream on their channel in exchange for a spot on your foxy list.

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Persuade your audience to host you. If you’re like the rest of the Twitch streamers, you’ll be disappointed. You’ve previously asked your users to subscribe to your stream and follow you.

However, if you want streamers to host your channel, you need to start asking your users to do so as well. A sizable portion of the Twitch community is dedicated to assisting and supporting their favorite streamers.

It’s a fair bet that if you tell them that putting your channel on their streams is the best method to do it, they’ll jump at the chance.

Make a list of your pals and ask them to host you. Strangers who just watch your stream are unlikely to want to host it on their channels. You may easily persuade your pals to participate.

Streamers, being the gregarious bunch that they are, make many friends while pursuing their streaming vocations. You’re simply asking your pals to host your stream on their channel while theirs is unavailable.


I hope that this post on how to auto host on Twitch helped you understand the benefits and procedure. According to Twitch, you should add at least ten channels to your host list to increase your streaming hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hosting on Twitch help?

Hosting on Twitch is a fantastic method to keep your account active even if you aren’t streaming your content. It allows you to engage your audience by utilizing the material of other accounts. You receive the engagement while the other channels get the views. As a result, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

How to exit host mode on twitch?

To begin hosting a channel, click the chat window on the right side of the page and type /host channel name. To delete broadcasts or stop your page from hosting other channels, type /Unhost in your chat. It will “Exited” host mode.

Why can’t I host someone on twitch?

To begin, make sure that the auto-hosting option in your Twitch app is on. Navigate to Channel Settings in Twitch. At the bottom of the Options, look for the Auto-Hosting area. To turn it on, simply click the switch.

What is the difference between raid and host on twitch?

After the program has ended, a Twitch Raid allows creators to send the remaining viewers to a channel of their choice. In this scenario, the term “raid” is a good fit for the role because, unlike a Twitch Host, all viewers are automatically sent to the raided channel from one second to the next.