4 Easy Ways to Turn Off Trending Searches Google

Almost everyone uses Google to search for things. And you may have witnessed it whenever you are about to search for something. Google shows you some popular or trending searches people have been searching for. To disable the Turn off trending searches Google feature, this article will help you.

Turn Off Trending Searches Google

Many users find this is relevant. But, some users either are not interested. Or it might not be of their interests to their personal preference. The annoyance is natural, and if you have been searching for a way to disable the feature, it ends here. 

We have all flecked some of the abnormal or ridiculous suggestions that can appear when we search on Google. While the max of the time, it can be intriguing to see what is trending, Google’s Autocomplete point is not always helpful.

Trending search enables to display of the relevant things to its users. And it is all based on the search results. Although sometimes it becomes really annoying to see the same things all around. 

Traders and businesses use this strategy to advertise their products. 

With autocomplete, you can enter a Google search faster. You can turn off or remove autocomplete predictions or report issues with your predictions. When Personal results are off, you will not get personalized recommendations based on your past searches. 

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If you have Web & App Activity ON, your search history is preserved in your Google Account and used to give you more personalized experiences in other Google services.

If you don’t want to get trending searches in the Google app, you can modify your settings. To turn off trending searches on google.com, edit your settings in a mobile browser.

To turn off trending searches :

  1. On any Android phone or tablet, open the Google app.
  2. At the top right, tap the Profile picture > Settings > General.
  3. Turn off Autocomplete with trending searches.
Turning off trending searches from chrome on Android device

To turn off the Google Chrome Trending Searches feature on your Windows computer, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Now, search google.com in the search bar.
  3. On the Google page
  4. Go to the bottom right corner and click Settings.
  5. Select the Search settings.
Opening Search Settings on Google Chrome Browser
  1. Locate, Auto-complete with trending searches section.
  2. Select Do not show popular searches and save the changes using the Save button on the bottom.
Turning off trending searches on Chrome browser

You can turn off Google Trending Quests on the Hunt app by going to a particular setting on the Google Hunt App or Google in general. It counts on some operating system performances, but you can turn off the option on Android and iOS.

You can also cache cookies on your browser. A full reset is not required, but you can run the optimizer software or general cleaner operation. But, if you feel that there are some PUPs or malware programs in the background.

Are you one of those who like Google Chrome as your default browser? If yes, then here is how to disable trending searches in the most popular browser.

  1. Open Chrome and tap your profile picture at the top right.
  2. Toggle off Autocomplete Searches and URLs.
  3. Finally, tap Done.
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Using Incognito Mode

Do you want to turn off trending searches on Google quickly? Use the incognito mode to avoid the display of trending searches. 

  1. Tap the three dots icon at the base right.
  2. And tap the New Incognito Tab.
Turning on incognito mode

You will be browsing in the secret mode that does not display trending searches and suggestions.

More on the topic

Google began displaying trending searches in the autocomplete search box of the Google Search app. It is nice, but tapping the search box to see trending searches isn’t always relevant and many users didn’t want to see it. So Google has announced in an ongoing Google Web Search help thread that you can now opt-out of these trending searches. 

To do this, you must be in version 6.1+ of the Google Search application. Next, go to Google Now, click on the menu (three-bar icon), and select Settings. If you don’t really want to keep up with the latest trending searches on Google, you can disable this feature. 

Unfortunately, many users have complained that trending searches won’t go away no matter what they do. If you are facing the same then you can follow the steps mentioned above.

Every time you do a Google search, it could complicate future search goals. Think IoT (Internet of Things) or AI (Artificial Intelligence), but what happens inside your computer can affect the end result. There is a way around this problem, no matter what device you are using.


Turning off/on the trending searches on Google has both, pros and cons. It somewhat depends upon the user, what they are expecting from the trending searches that Google displays.

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If you are a person who needs data of what people want to see current and helps you out with your work or else then, keeping the trending searches ON can be beneficial. 

And if you don’t want irrelevant content to show up while searching some other terms, then you can simply turn trending searches OFF.

Turns out, Google is not always telling you the truth about what it thinks are the most popular search terms. They will nearly always show you a list of trending searches that all seem to point in one direction. But sometimes, these trends exist for no apparent reason or because of some algorithm problem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are Google Trending Searches?

Google Trends is a search trend feature that shows how repeatedly an offered search term into Google’s search engine proximate to the site’s total search volume over a given period. 

Why Was Such A Feature Enabled?

The prognostic comes from inquiries that ensue on Google and displays typical and trending ones applicable to the characters that are entered and related to your position and former searches.

Why Remove Trending Searches And Autocomplete?

Trending searches can be precious but, numerous also find these suggestions annoying. Turning the feature off can give us a purpose of privacy too. Users are more conscious of the ways businesses like Google and Facebook track their online exertion.

What Can I Do To Turn Off Google Trending Searches On The Search Apps?

You can turn off Google Trending Searches on the Search app by gout to a precise setting on the Google Search App or Google in general. Clearing cache and cookies on your browser can also benefit you.