How To Turn Off Talkback On Android: 11 Fast And Easy Ways

turn off talkback on android

You probably have TalkBack activated on your smartphone if you’re an Android user. TalkBack is a voice assistant that helps visually impaired people use their android devices. Here’s how to turn off talkback on Android.

Have you ever had the experience of your Android phone reading the information on your screen to you? That’s how TalkBack works. It might be a frustrating user experience if you don’t need it.

  • You may disable TalkBack by pressing and holding both volume buttons for three seconds or telling Google Assistant, “Hey Google,” “Turn off TalkBack.”
  • You may also use the Talkback-specific navigation gestures to switch off Talkback in the Accessibility section in the Settings.

What is TalkBack mode, and how does it work?

TalkBack is a screen reader for Android that delivers audio feedback and notifications without the need to glance at the screen. This makes things simpler for vision-challenged or blind persons to utilize their gadgets.

When TalkBack is enabled, the device will narrate the content you choose, activate, and touch. In other words, it scans the text and visual material on the screen.

Non-visually impaired users frequently find Talkback mode irritating and attempt to turn it off.

Where is the TalkBack button?

Hold down both volume buttons on the smartphone for three seconds to turn TalkBack on and off. This volume key shortcut can only be used once it has been engaged.

To enable the volume key shortcut in TalkBack, do the following:

  • From the drop-down menu, choose Settings>Accessibility>Volume key shortcut.
  • Toggle on “Use service,” then tap TalkBack from the shortcut service.
  • You may also enable the shortcut from the lock screen by enabling the “Allow from lock screen” setting.

Here is how to Turn Off Talkback On Android:

  1. On Android, how can I disable TalkBack?
  2. How can I disable TalkBack without changing any settings?
  3. How can I disable TalkBack on the Redmi?
  4. How can I disable Samsung’s TalkBack feature?
  5. Why is it that I can’t turn off TalkBack?
  6. When TalkBack is turned on, how can I unlock my phone?
  7. When TalkBack is turned on, how do I swipe the screen?
  8. How can I get to my TalkBack preferences?
  9. How can I disable the accessibility feature?
  10. Why does my Samsung TV continue to narrate?
  11. On Android, how can I disable Google Assistant?

1. On Android, how can I disable TalkBack?

You may need to disable TalkBack if you accidentally activated it on your Android smartphone. TalkBack may be turned off in the Settings menu. It’s vital to remember that when TalkBack is turned on, the navigation motions are modified to accommodate the visually handicapped.

To access a menu, touch it to pick it; the voice will recite the selected option aloud. Then, you must double-tap the selected menu instead of a single press to access it.

In TalkBack mode, you use two fingers to scroll up and down instead of one.

With this in mind, follow these steps to turn off TalkBack:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Go to Accessibility>TalkBack in the menu bar.
Go to Accessibility
  • Turn off the “Use Service” switch on the following screen.
Turn off Talkback.
  • To stop the TalkBack service, touch “Stop” in the display popup.

2. How can I disable TalkBack without changing any settings?

There are two ways to disable TalkBack without changing any settings:

  1. Using the talkback shortcut for the volume keys

If you’ve previously activated the volume key shortcut for TalkBack, you may disable it by following these steps:

  • For 3 seconds, press and hold both volume up and Volume down keys.
  • A voice will say “TalkBack Off,” and a notice will appear on your screen.
  • On your device, TalkBack will now be turned off.
  1. Making use of Google Assistant
  • Open Google Assistant on your computer.
  • Use the phrase “Hey Google.”
  • Say “Turn off TalkBack” in a loud voice.

3. How can I disable TalkBack on the Redmi?

If you have a Xiaomi Redmi handset and have mistakenly enabled TalkBack, you may disable it by following these steps:

  • Open the Settings app.
Open the Settings
  • Type TalkBack in the search bar, or go to Additional settings>Accessibility settings>Vision>TalkBack.
Search for Talkback
  • The Accessibility switch should be turned off.
Turn off the Talkback

Remember to utilize the TalkBack-specific gestures for navigation – tap and double touch to access a menu, two fingers to scroll – as stated earlier.

4. How can I disable Samsung’s TalkBack feature?

The TalkBack function with older software versions on Samsung devices is called Voice Assistant. In subsequent software versions, it has been renamed TalkBack, although the function remains the same.

On Samsung smartphones, here’s how to switch off Voice Assistant or TalkBack — remember to use the TalkBack-specific gestures first:

Select Settings > Accessibility > Screen Reader > Voice Assistant or

Search for Talkback in Accessibility

 Settings>Accessibility>TalkBack from the drop-down menu.

Turn off the Talkback

Toggle the switch to the off position.

5. Why is it that I can’t turn off TalkBack?

You may have already turned off TalkBack, but the service is still running, and you hear the spoken comments. Here are some possible causes and solutions for TalkBack not going off completely:

  1. A flaw in your device’s operating system

There might be a bug in your operating system that allows TalkBack to be enabled without your awareness. Ensure your device has the most recent system updates to fix the problem.

You may also update the Android Accessibility Suite from the Play Store to the most recent version.

  1. The shortcut for the volume key is enabled.

TalkBack may be activated when the device is placed in a pocket or bag if the volume key shortcut for TalkBack is enabled.

Disable the volume key Shortcut

You must disable the volume key shortcut and shut off the service to fix the problem. Toggle the setting off under Settings>Accessibility>Volume key shortcut.

  1. On outdated smartphones, the TalkBack software must be manually disabled.

It’s also necessary to force stop and disable the TalkBack app on some older Android devices to shut it off.

Select Force Stop and Disable from Settings > App Manager > TalkBack. In addition to turning it off in the Accessibility settings, as explained above, this may be done.

The TalkBack app may not appear in the list of applications on newer devices since it is now part of the Android Accessibility Suite.

6. When TalkBack is turned on, how can I unlock my phone?

If TalkBack is activated, you won’t be able to unlock your phone normally. If the accessibility service is enabled, proceed as follows:

  1. If swipe lock is turned on

To unlock the phone, press the power button and swipe up with two fingers instead of one.

  1. If you have a PIN, password, or pattern set up

Swipe up with two fingers and then touch on a character if you’re using a password or PIN on your phone.

  • The character will be highlighted by a green or blue box; double-tap it to pick it.
  • Enter the remaining characters of your password or PIN in the same manner.
  • Swipe your pattern with two fingers if you’re using a pattern lock.
  1. If you’re using a fingerprint scanner or a facial recognition 

Swipe up with two fingers first, then complete the proper unlock action whether you’re using the fingerprint scanner or Face unlock (scan your finger or face).

7. When TalkBack is turned on, how do I swipe the screen?

After unlocking the phone, swipe left or right across the home screens using two fingers. Which Home screen you are on will be announced by the accessibility service (e.g., Home screen 1 of 2).

To open an app, press it once to choose it, then double-tap it to open it.

8. How can I get to my TalkBack preferences?

The TalkBack settings may be accessed in the following way:

  • Go to Accessibility > TalkBack > Settings under Settings > Tap Accessibility > TalkBack > Settings.
  • TalkBack parameters such as text-to-speech output, gestures, vocabulary, and more may be customized here.

You may also watch the TalkBack lesson and perform certain TalkBack movements. When the service is switched on, you must choose an item and double-touch it to enter the different TalkBack options.

What is the procedure for turning on my TalkBack Braille keyboard?

The TalkBack service also features the TalkBack Braille Keyboard, an Android-based virtual keyboard for typing Braille.

To use the Braille keyboard, switch on TalkBack and then ensure Magnification is turned off. The TalkBack Braille keyboard may then be configured as follows:

  • Enter TalkBack Settings by going to Settings>Accessibility>TalkBack.
  • Select the Braille keyboard option.
Set up the Braille Keyboard
  • A new window will open. Set up a braille keyboard by clicking the Setup braille keyboard button.
Go to the Settings
  • There will be a new window open. Go to Settings and turn on the TalkBack Braille Keyboard option.

You may use this method to activate the TalkBack Braille Keyboard and use it to enter text on your Android device.

9. How can I disable the accessibility feature?

On Android devices, the accessibility button appears as a human form in the bottom right corner of the menu bar. If this button appears on your device as well, you may disable it by doing the following:

  • Navigate to Accessibility>Accessibility Menu in Settings (in the Interaction controls section).
  • Turn off the Use service switch.
  • There will be a pop-up window. Select Stop to turn off the accessibility button on your device and disable the Accessibility Menu.

The approach to accessing the Accessibility menu setting may vary significantly depending on your Android device and manufacturer. In your device’s Settings app, look for Accessibility.

10. Why does my Samsung TV continue to narrate?

Voice Guide is a narrator feature on Samsung Smart TVs similar to Android’s TalkBack accessibility service. Because Voice Guide is turned on, your Samsung TV continues to narrate.

  1. Disable the Voice Guide

The methods for turning off Voice Guide and stopping your Samsung TV from narrating are as follows.

  1. Using the remote’s volume button
  • Hold the volume button on the Samsung Smart TV’s controller.
  • On the screen, the Voice Guide option will appear. Press the OK or center button on your Samsung Smart TV to turn off Voice Guide.
  1. By adjusting accessibility options
  • On the Smart TV remote, press the Home button.
  • Select Settings>General> select Accessibility>Voice Guide Settings>Voice Guide from the drop-down menu.
  • You can see that the Voice Guide is activated. To turn off the Voice Guide, ensure it’s highlighted on the screen and tap the OK or Center button.
  1. Using vocal commands

Voice Guide may also be turned off if your Samsung Smart TV’s remote contains a microphone button:

  • Hold the microphone button down for a few seconds.
  • “Turn off Voice Guide,” say.

11. On Android, how can I disable Google Assistant?

On your Android smartphone, take these steps to disable Google Voice Assistant (also known as Google Assistant):

  • Google Assistant will be launched.
  • Select your profile icon from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down to General on the Settings screen.
  • Toggle the switch adjacent to Google Assistant to the off position.
  • In the prompt box that displays, tap Turn off to confirm.
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