2 Easy Ways To Turn Off Sensitive Content Warning on Twitter

Anyone and everything can be found on the Twitter website, including those who provide informative content regularly, users who promote kids’ content, and even users who share potentially sensitive material.

Twitter is a platform where there is enough space for everyone. Even when we compare Twitter’s media policy with Facebook (another social media giant), it is safe to claim that Twitter’s policies are significantly more lenient than most social media platforms. Keep reading the article to learn how to Turn Off Sensitive Content Warning on Twitter.

While some users would prefer to receive a sensitive content warning when they see sharp tweets, others aren’t bothered by the appearance of adult accounts on their timelines.

What Counts as “Sensitive Content” on Twitter?

Some people may consider the concept of “sensitive material” wholly subjective. At the same time, most may agree to have a limitation in the case of a ban on sexual violence and illegal content.

According to Twitter’s sensitive media policy, graphic violence and adult content are the two most common types regarded as “offending content.”

However, this may not be the case for other Twitter users who display sensitive media that may contain nudity or “potentially” sensitive information on their account, such as celebrities.

As a result, you can choose whether or not you want to view such NSFW tweets in the Tweets area or search results. Whatever you decide, remember that it is your decision.

How to Turn Off Sensitive Content Warning on Twitter

1. On Twitter Mobile App

  • Sign in to your Twitter account using the Twitter App. To begin, launch the Twitter application. After launching the Twitter App, input your “Login Credentials” and log in to your Twitter account by selecting the “Login” option from the menu bar.
Sign in or Login to Twitter App to remove sensitive content tweet setting
  • Navigate to the Settings and Privacy menus. The “Profile” symbol (a circle with your profile image) is located in the top left corner of your screen. Select “Settings and Privacy” from the menu to access your account options.
  • Select “Privacy & Security” from the list of options.
Go to Settings and Privacy in the Twitter App to remove the sensitive content on tweets
  • Once you have reached the account settings page, click on “Edit Account Settings.” There are a variety of configuration options available. Go to “Privacy & Safety” and select it to access your privacy and security options.
Go to Privacy and Safety to remove the sensitive content from your tweets.
  • After you have reached your Safety settings, select the “Content, You See” tab from the “Content You See” drop-down menu.
Choose Content You See to remove the sensitive content from your Twitter
  • Simply deselecting the option “Display items that may contain sensitive information” will complete the process of turning off the sensitivity. By selecting, you can disable all sensitive content from your feed.

2. On Twitter Web or Desktop App

Login to Twitter on desktop to removes sensitive content
  • Navigate to the Settings and Privacy menus. Select the “More” option (a circle with three dots) from the menu bar and click on “Settings and Privacy” from the menu bar to access your account options.
Go to settings and privacy menu to remove sensitive content
  • The account settings page will appear after you have successfully navigated to it. Now, click on the “Privacy & Safety” button.
Go to privacy and safety to remove sensitive content
  • Select the “Content you see” option from the drop-down menu. This feature allows you to personalize your Twitter experience based on your preferences, such as your favorite subjects and interests.
Select content you see to remove sensitive content
  • Having reached the options under “Content you See,” the final step is to enable Twitter’s sensitive stuff option, which will allow you to see the sensitive content in your Twitter stream.

To conceal sensitive items from your feed, you need to uncheck the box labeled “Display material that may include sensitive content.”

Turn off sensitive content on the Twitter browser via desktop, PC

How to Get “Sensitive Content” in Searches

Tweets containing sensitive content are generally hidden from search results, but you can enable them if you choose.

You can follow these steps in the Twitter app for Android, just as you did above. However, the setting is not available in the Twitter app for iPhones or iPad.

  • Visit the Twitter website and navigate to the More.
  • Then select Settings and Privacy.
  • Go to Privacy and Safety. 
  • Click on the Content You See.
  • Go to the Search Settings menu option to enable this feature. 
  • Finally, uncheck the box that says “Hide Sensitive Content” here.

How to Remove the Warning From Your Tweets

The following are the steps if you want to remove the sensitive content warning from your content:

  • Log into Twitter and go to More.
  • Select Settings & Privacy, after which click on Privacy and Safety.
  • Remove the checkmark from the box labeled “Mark media you tweet as containing material that may be sensitive.”

However, this feature is not available in the Twitter app for the iPhone or iPad, only on the web or in the Android app.

This warning label is not a problem if you don’t want to see sensitive stuff on Twitter because that is the default option. The “Display Media That May Contain Sensitive Content” option and the “Hide Sensitive Content” option for searches need to be deactivated and turned on.


How Do I Get Rid Of Sensitive Content On Twitter?

Select Privacy & Settings from the drop-down menu on Twitter and visit the Media You See option. By selecting the option “Display items that may contain sensitive information,” you can disable all sensitive content from your feed.

Why Does Twitter Allow Sensitive Content?

Twitter allows delicate content such as violence and explicit content. Twitter acknowledged that some people might not want to be exposed to sensitive content. Thus, they struck a balance between allowing people to share sensitive content & assisting those who choose to avoid it in their search for alternatives.

Why Does Twitter Say My Account Is Suspicious?

When Twitter detects suspicious behavior on your account, they flag it as suspicious, and it appears your account has been compromised. To unlock the account, you must change your password. 

Why Can’t I See Sensitive Content On Twitter On My iPhone?

To protect users who do not want to see such things in their feeds, Twitter labels posts that contain violence or adult content as “sensitive content” and hides them from view. If you prefer to judge the postings yourself, you can change the settings on your computer.