Turn Off Do Not Disturb On Android: 8 Best Ways

turn off do not disturb on android

Many times during the day, our cell phones demand our attention. Even in the middle of the night, some folks check their phones.

Why do we allow ourselves to be interrupted by a continuous stream of incoming alerts, many of which are useless?  If you can not get enough of that blinking LED or beeping in your pocket, then surely, Do Not Disturb mode is your rescue.

DND (Do Not Disturb) is handy when you do not want to be disturbed by notifications or calls, as the default option will play noises for various reasons. You may customize the Do Not Disturb settings to block annoying sounds or warnings.

But let’s just say you forgot to turn off Do Not Disturb and are unaware of the important meeting calls, reminders, and text messages that require your immediate attentionYouou are reading today’s article on how to avoid missing important notifications by turn off Do Not Disturb on Android.

What the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode Means for Your Android

The DND mode filters out all the calls, messages, reminders, and emails irrespective of who the sender is. You cannot perceive notifications unless you pick up your phone and unlock it. In short, the DND mode does the ‘Hide notifications’ trick. 

But there’s more to it than just that; you can customize the DND mode allowing for certain contacts or emails to be notified so that you don’t miss the more valuable alerts and calls while at the same time warding off the unimportant ones.

DND mode, however, does not mask media sounds. 

Do Not Disturb
  1. To enable Do Not Disturb mode, expand the Notification Shade by swiping down from the top, and then hit the Do Not Disturb symbol, which looks like a minus within a circle, as seen above. Do Not Disturb will be activated based on your preferences.
  2. Long-press on the Do Not Disturb symbol in the Notification Shade to access the Do Not Disturb settings. 
  3. People, Apps, Alarms & Other Interruptions, and Schedules are the four key items on the following screen.
  4. You may get to these options by going to Settings > Sound & Vibration > Do Not Disturb.

Solutions To Disable ‘Do Not Disturb’ on your Android

Enough with what enabling DND mode does with your handset, now lets review how to turn off ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode on an Android as follows:

  1. Turn off Do Not Disturb on Android
  2. Turn off Do Not Disturb mode on my Samsung Galaxy
  3. Disable Do Not Disturb mode on Huawei
  4. Disabling Do Not Disturb for a specific App.
  5. Set Exceptions for Conversations during Do Not Disturb
  6. Set Exceptions for Calls on Do Not Disturb Mode
  7. Set Exceptions for Messages on Do Not Disturb Mode
  8. Turn off Do Not Disturb while Driving

1. How can I turn off Do Not Disturb on Android?

There are several methods for turning off Do Not Disturb. You may disable DND by following these simple steps:

  1. On Android, swipe down from the top of the screen to get the quick settings, where you may see several status bar icons.
  2. To see the expanded options, you may need to swipe twice.
  3. Tap once to turn off the “DND” or “Do Not Disturb” symbol.

You might also try the following:

  1. Tap and hold the DND symbol from the fast settings menu.
  2. Turn off DND mode or select another option, such as Silent or Regular.

You may also manually change it in the settings:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Sound and vibration.
  2. Find the Do Not Disturb settings.
  3. Switch to another mode or turn off DND.

2. How can I turn off Do Not Disturb mode on my Samsung Galaxy?

Follow the instructions below to disable Do Not Disturb on Samsung Galaxy phones:

  1. Access the quick settings by swiping down from the top of the screen.
  2. Find Do Not Disturb, or DND, and tap it to turn it off.

Here’s another approach:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Look for “Do not disturb” and choose Do not disturb.
  3. Pop the button off.

3. How can you disable Do Not Disturb mode on Huawei and Google Pixel?

Do the following to disable the Do Not Disturb feature on Huawei/Google phones:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Sound and vibration.
  2. Do not disturb the location.
  3. Toggle ‘Do Not Disturb’ off.

4. Disabling Do Not Disturb for a specific App.

Do Not Disturb may be turned off for calls and alerts. There is an option in recent Android versions to disable DND for a specific app:

  1. Navigate to Settings and look for “Do not disturb.”
  2. Select Do not disturb.
  3. Choose Exceptions > Apps.
  4. Choose the applications you wish to disable DND for.

This option is not accessible in previous versions of Android 9 and lower.

5. Set Exceptions for Conversations during Do Not Disturb

You may arrange DND exceptions in Google to receive particular chats. To set DND exceptions in this manner;

Set Exceptions for Conversations during Do Not Disturb
  1. Navigate to Settings > Sound & vibration / Notifications > Do Not Disturb, as illustrated above. Tap on People in the “What can disrupt Do Not Disturb” portion of this screen.
  2. Select Conversations.

-You can choose from the following options:

  • All conversations – Allows app texts from all incoming conversations.
  • Priority conversations – This option will only allow conversations with the highest priority to proceed.
  • None – No alerts will be bypassed if this is enabled.

You may further customize these exclusions by pressing on the cogwheel symbol next to All chats or Priority talks.

This brings up the Chats screen, which displays your active conversations from messaging applications on your phone. Choose the chat or app whose priority you wish to alter.

Select your chosen priority from Priority, Default, or Silent on the following screen. You may do the same for the other chats and applications listed under Conversations.

6. Set Exceptions for Calls on Do Not Disturb Mode

You may create exceptions for incoming calls on your Android phone for conversations. 

Set Exceptions for Calls on Do Not Disturb Mode
  1. To make calls with DND exceptions, click to Settings > Sound & Vibration / Notifications > People > Do Not Disturb. 
  2. Tap on Calls in the “Who can interrupt” portion of this screen.

-Choose the type of exception you wish to create for your incoming calls from the options below:

Contacts – This should allow you to receive calls from anyone stored as a contact on your phone. You may change this setting to add or remove contacts from your device. 

Contacts marked as favorites in the Phone app will be able to call you if you select this option. You may customize this option further by pressing the cogwheel symbol and adding more starred contacts.

Anybody – This option allows you to accept calls from anyone, not simply those specified as contacts.

None – Choosing this option prevents calls from coming through while DND is enabled.

You may use the allow repeat callers checkbox on this page to allow calls from those who have phoned you once during the last 15 minutes.

This toggle will be accessible for all of the above choices except “Anyone” because no callers are blocked when this call setting is selected.

7. Set Exceptions for Messages on Do Not Disturb Mode

Aside from calls, you may allow messages from certain persons to come through while DND mode is set, so you do not miss vital texts from your loved ones in an emergency. 

Set Exceptions for Messages on Do Not Disturb Mode
  1. To set exceptions for messages under DND, launch the Android Settings app. 
  2. Navigate to Sound & vibration / Notifications > Do Not Disturb > People > Messages.

You may specify which messages you want to receive during DND on the following page. -Choose from the displayed options you believe is appropriate for your Do Not Disturb mode.

Starred contacts allow you to get messages from anyone you have selected as a favorite in the Phone or Contacts applications. By pressing the cogwheel symbol on this page and selecting Add starred contacts, you may personalize your contacts and add new individuals to this list.

Contacts – Enabling this option allows messages from all of your stored contacts to circumvent your Android device’s DND settings.

Anyone -This setting ensures that no messages are blocked in DND mode, allowing you to receive messages from anyone in real-time on your phone.

None – This option disables DND mode and prevents all incoming messages.

8. Turn off Do Not Disturb while Driving

If your automobile automatically activates DND, take these procedures to turn it off:

  1. Access quick settings by swiping down from the top of the screen.
  2. Tap on Do Not Disturb.

To prevent DND from being activated automatically, do the following:

  1. Select “No” in Settings > Google > Personal Safety > Silence Notifications While Driving.

Following completion of the preceding steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings and look for “Special access.”
  2. Select Do not interrupt access.
  3. Turn Google Play Services off.

Adding Exceptions to Do Not Disturb Mode

The custom rules option is available in the latest versions of Android launched after 8.1. Calls, messages, events, and reminders can all have exceptions. App exceptions are also supported by some Android devices >10.

Exceptions to Do Not Disturb Mode

Silent Mode vs Do Not Disturb Mode

Silent mode on Android may have been enabled if you intended to disable all unwanted sounds and notifications from all applications on your phone. This mode mutes all calls, texts, and notifications.

To disable this mode, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the Android quick settings, swipe down from the top.
  2. Tap on the “Mute” or “Silent” icon.

Silent Mode and DND both silence calls, texts, and alerts. However, under DND mode, you may make exceptions to allow some contacts to receive calls and texts. Unlike Silent Mode, DND may be set to turn on and off at certain periods.

Even if the sound is muted in Silent Mode, your display will turn on when you get a call or message. In DND mode, however, the screen does not come on in response to incoming events.

Airplane Mode vs Do Not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb differs from airplane mode in that airplane mode disables mobile networks, whereas Do Not Disturb keeps your phone connected to the network.

Unwanted calls and alerts are simply hushed under Do Not Disturb mode. Airplane mode effectively disables the cell network while allowing you to use the smartphone.

Bedtime Mode vs Do Not Disturb Mode

Starting with Android 11, there is a new function called “Bedtime mode.” This mode activates the Do Not Disturb feature, which mutes your calls, messages, and notification noises. It also reduces the brightness of your screen when you go to bed.

Blocking a Contact vs Do Not Disturb Mode

The features ‘do not disturb,’ and ‘block’ are separate. Do not disturb; turn off annoying phone calls, messages, and notifications. People can still call and text when you have Do not disturb enabled.

In contrast, blocking a contact prevents them from calling or texting you until you unblock them.

Additional Know-how on Do Not Disturb Mode

If your phone rings while Do Not Disturb is turned on, it might be because your DND settings enable calls to ring. To correct this, you must edit your Do not disturb settings:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Sound and vibration.
  2. Tap on Do Not Disturb or DND to activate it.
  3. Select “None” under “Allow incoming calls.”

Even if your phone is set to Do Not Disturb, the messages you send will be delivered. If you get a text message, the message will be sent to you, and the sender will also see their message as delivered.

However, you will not receive an SMS notice if your smartphone is in DND mode.

When someone phones you, if Do Not Disturb is activated and there is no exemption for calls or this particular contact, the call will go directly to voicemail.

Because the call will not be received on the device, no auto-response will be delivered. If you have permitted this contact to circumvent Do Not Disturb mode, the call will go through, and the Android auto-reply will not be issued.


That’s all you need to know about disabling ‘Do Not Disturb’ on your little Android device. I suggest you swipe the notifications tray and disable it from the notification settings bar.

Can Turning Off Amber Alerts on Android also Turn Off Do Not Disturb?

When you want to turn off amber alerts on android and iphone, it is important to know that it does not affect the Do Not Disturb feature. While you can disable amber alerts if they are bothersome, Do Not Disturb will continue to function independently, ensuring you receive no notifications. These settings provide flexibility in managing your phone’s notifications effectively.


How Do I Turn Off Automatic Do Not Disturb?

Open the Settings app and select “Do Not Disturb.” Toggle off the “Scheduled” option on the “Do Not Disturb” tab. Your phone will no longer automatically enter DND mode from now on. You are ready to go.

Why Does My Phone Keep Going Into Do Not Disturb Mode?

Go to your “Settings > Look for “Do not disturb.”
You should now see the “Manual” and “Set Time” functions. Tap “Set Time” to enable or disable your planned “do not disturb” time. Toggle your “Do not disturb” option manually by tapping “Manual.”

Why Is My Do Not Disturb Turning On By Itself?

Disable the ‘Set Time’ feature.
Toggle your “Do not disturb” option manually by tapping “Manual.” If you mistakenly engaged the “Set time” function, your Android phone would activate the “Do not disturb” feature when you specified. Turn off this function by selecting “Manual.”

How To Turn Off ‘Do Not Disturb’ On Android?

Swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Quick settings window. Swipe to the Do not disturb symbol and press it to toggle it on or off. You may also go to Settings and look for and select Do not disturb.

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