TruClient IE Browser is not rendering the pages correctly

The TruClient Ajax – IE protocol recording engine works with the IE9 JS/DOM browser engine (It implies that IE9 is a prerequisite for the TruClient Ajax – IE protocol). Browser engines of lower versions than IE9 (even in compatibility mode) are not supported. That is, applications that were developed with document mode different from the IE9 Standard mode may not work properly with TruClient for IE. In such cases, VuGen injects HTML headers to the application under test (AUT) pages in order that the browser will render them as IE9 Standard mode (document mode). This enforcement is done by default. In the majority of the cases this works. If it does not work contact HP support for assistance to analyze the issue and confirm if there is a workaround.

To verify the AUT Document mode follow these steps:

1. Open IE9 browser outside VuGen and navigate to the AUT web page,

2. Click F12 to bring up the Developers tools,

3. The document mode of the AUT will be displayed as shown below.

2 thoughts on “TruClient IE Browser is not rendering the pages correctly”

  1. Hi.

    I tried to record a script using TrueClient IE Protocol. I already installed IE9 on my PC. But if i try to record/develop the script ,it gives me an error that “To edit script you must have IE9 installed on your machine.”
    Can you please let me know how to set the default browser to IE9 with LR .


  2. I have the same issue with IE 10 now. I checked the compatibility mode, and it is set to be IE 10. Any advice?


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