Troubleshooting the Broadvision Application Server Monitor

How to Troubleshoot the Broadvision Application Server Monitor

Monitor Type: BroadVision

Availability: Windows only

SiteScope Versions: and greater

General category: URL

How it Works:
The SiteScope BroadVision Application Server Monitor allows you to monitor the availability and performance statistics of a BroadVision server. The error and warning thresholds for the monitor can be set on as many as ten BroadVision server performance statistics.

About the BroadVision Application Server Monitor
Use the BroadVision Application Server Monitor to monitor the server performance data for BroadVision servers. You can monitor multiple parameters or counters with a single monitor instance. This allows you to watch server loading for performance, availability, and capacity planning. Create a separate monitor instance for each BroadVision server in your environment.

You will need to know the Object Request Broker (ORB) port number for the BroadVision server you are trying to monitor.

In a BroadVision "Production" style environment where there is one primary root server and other secondary servers (for example, Interaction Manager node) on different machines, you can only define a monitor against the primary root node. Metrics for the other nodes in the configuration will be available for selection during root node monitor definition. In other words, monitoring is always accomplished through the primary root node, for all servers.

How to Troubleshoot:

· Telnet outside of SiteScope to the BroadVision server on the appropriate port.

Final notes:
· BroadVision 5.5 and 6.x are both supported

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