6 Methods To Transfer Pictures From Android Phone To Computer

Is your Android Smartphone low on space? Are you trying to transfer pictures to someplace else?

Well, we have got you covered. 

We are way past the era when we used Digital Cameras to capture memories. And way into the Smartphone culture, where we do everything on our phones.

And losing out on your memories or not being able to capture new ones can become one of your worst fears!

How to transfer pictures from android phone to computer? Here is how you can transfer pictures from your android smartphone to your PC.  And all you are left to do is choose your favorite option-

How To Transfer Pictures From Android Phone To Computer

Stay along the journey while we give you six methods to transfer photos from your android to your PC:

  1. Transfer photos to your PC via a USB Cable
  2. Using A Memory Card Reader from an SD card
  3. Receive photos on your PC using Bluetooth
  4. Use your Google Drive( iCloud for iPhones)
  5. Use your Email to wirelessly transfer your files
  6. Transfer through wireless applications available on the Google Play Store

1. Transfer your photos to your PC via a USB Cable

All you need is your pc,  android device, and a USB connector (You can use the one that you might have received with your phone enclosed with the adapter)

  1. Connect your PC & your phone using the USB Cable (in the USB port), and wait until the PC recognizes your phone.
  2. Now, swipe down on your phone. Find a notification about a USB connection, and click that.
  3. Choose ‘File Transfer’ from the dropdown menu.
drop-down menu when you insert a USB cable
  1.  Further, when you take a look at your laptop, you will find an update, stating, that a new device is being set up.
  2. Another notification will soon pop up showing that the gadget is ready for transfers. This is when you are supposed to tap on that, and you’ll now be able to access the files on your phone. 
  3. Now, you’ll either be directed to the new device, if not, you tap the “This PC ” icon. Then go on to choose your device under “Devices & Drives”
  4. Then in the Internal Storage, you should choose DCIM or the Pictures option.

You can now copy and paste, or drag the pictures onto your PC.

2. Using A Memory Card Reader from an SD card

In a laptop, there’s almost always one SD Card slot on the side of the laptop. You can also buy your external card reader for the exact memory card you have.

  1. Place your card in the external card reader or insert your memory card in the device’s SD Slot.
  2. While installing the card, the PC will show that new files are now loaded onto the computer. In case the notification doesn’t pop up, you should click on the Files Explorer folder.
  3. Therein, you ought to find something similar to the screenshot attached below-
Desktop screen when you put in a memory card.
  1.  Now as per what you desire to transfer, drag those items to your PC.

3. Receive photos on your PC using Bluetooth

This is another way through which you can transfer your android photos wirelessly to your PC.

You should keep in mind that Bluetooth transfers are slow and should be used for small transfers. Thus, you should opt for this android file transfer when other tools are unavailable. 

  1.  Switch on the Bluetooth from your smartphone and your PC. 
  2. Once you enable Bluetooth on the devices, pair them. For this, you have to ensure that both devices are discoverable.
  3. Then use either of the ones to begin the pairing, and select the other device to confirm the pairing request 
Add Bluetooth devices on your pc through the settings
  1. Now, go to your Windows PC and open the page showing the paired Bluetooth Devices. If you cannot locate it, you can also search for it.
  2. Open the settings page and select the option on your pc for receiving files via Bluetooth. Then, Pick your paired device and start the process by clicking on ‘Receive Files’.
  3. Go to your phone now and select the files you want to send and then share them over Bluetooth to the PC.
  4. The laptop will then get an alert for you to approve the transfer. Once approved, the files will be moved.

4. Use your Google Drive( iCloud for iPhones)

Google owns Google Drive and you need to have your google account & google photos. Android, as well as apple users, apple users can opt for this option.

  1. In the Google Drive application on your android phone, upload the pictures you want.
  2. Now log in to your Google Drive on your PC, select the items you want, and hit the download button.
How to download files from google drive

5. Use your Email to wirelessly transfer your files

Another way you can transfer photos is by using one of your registered mail accounts. (Although keep in mind that files you share over mail cannot generally exceed over 25 MB). 

  1. Open the email app on your phone and send the required files via mail.
  2. Next, on your PC, you can open the sender’s or the recipient’s mail account.
  3. If you open the recipient’s mail account then you will be able to access photos from the inbox.
  4. If you decide to open the sender’s mail, then go to the sent option and open the mail to download the photos. 
Checking the sent box
Download pictures from gmail

6. Transfer through wireless applications available on the Google Play Store

Below is a list of some applications you can use for transfers.

1. AirDroid 

This is the most recommended app and has many other features too. But it is not free of cost and has different price slots.

airdroid interface

2. ShareIt

You can clone your entire Phone through wi-fi and transfer your photos. It provides speeds up to 20mbps.

share it icon

3. Push Bullet

It’s one of the hassle-free ways to transfer pictures to android from a PC or vice-versa. This is a high-quality application.

Pushbullet display

4. Feem

You need to switch on Tethering and Hotspot from the settings of your phone, then transfer files. 

Feem logo

5. Xender

It is costless and lets you transfer your photos to your PC through wi-fi. But, it has two extreme scenarios, it either works perfectly or does not work!

Xender logo

6. Dropbox

Dropbox is interchangeable with Google Drive, it is a cloud service as well.

Dropbox logo

7. Phone Companion App

This application is for android as well as ios users for their file transfers.

Phone Companion App interface

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The blog has now listed many worthy tools you can use for photo transfers. All of them are quite easy to follow and are secure ways for you to transfer your files.
Your best bet to keep all your memories restored would put the aforementioned options to use.