Transaction taking longer to finish in VuGen

Sometimes the scripts take a longer time to run in VuGen when compared to performing the scenario manually.

Consider the following possible reasons and fixes.

1. In VuGen, the transaction file runs in Debug mode (i.e., VuGen needs to compile the script, then run it).

2. If extended logging is selected, VuGen needs to retrieve data returned from server and present it in the execution log.

3. For a Web script with a runtime browser, VuGen needs to wait for the runtime browser to retrieve the entire page from server again to display. To disable runtime browser in VuGen, go to Tools -> General Option -> Display and clear the "Show browser during replay" option.

4. If Animated Mode is selected (View -> Animated Mode), there would be a slight delay between each function call in the transaction file. Such delay can be set in Tools -> General Option -> Replay.

5. If think time is recorded within the transaction file and enabled during replay in the Run-Time Settings, VuGen will stop for think time. By default, think time is disabled in VuGen (Run-Time Settings -> Think Time).

6. When a script is run in VuGen, it is run in Debug mode so it can be stopped at any time. This creates overhead on the processor.

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