Fix: This page isn’t eligible to have a username on Facebook

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms of this century. This platform has over two and a half billion profiles on Facebook and about 60 million pages that share posts, endorse the content or talk about various topics.

Facebook logo; lowercase f on a blue background

If you are interested in creating such pages, you might face the “This page isn’t eligible to have a username” error message. Most of us have no idea how to get past this. That is why we made this article.

What Does The “This Page Isn’t Eligible To Have A Username” Error Message Mean?

A Facebook page's main window

As per Facebook guidelines, a recently-created page cannot have a username as soon as it is made by Facebook users. When a user tries to create a page and name the page without following some of the Facebook guidelines, they will see a number of error messages, like the below ones – 

  1. Username isn’t available
  2. This Page isn’t eligible to have a username

Why Can’t My Facebook Page Have A Username?

There are four explainable reasons/conditions that have to be fulfilled for your page to have a username. You will not be able to have a username for your page until you meet these conditions. These are the four requirements that need to be met.

  1. The Page needs more than 25 likes, after being created.
  2.  Only the page’s admin can create a username or change it.
  3. Several pages should not have been created recently by the same account. 
  4. The admin’s personal Facebook account should be verified.
  5. The page also has to be verified.
  6. At least one post has to be posted on your new page.

One more factor that you should consider while working on fixing the Facebook page username eligibility issue on your computer. 

Why Do You Need A Facebook Username?

Page title with the @username

You might ask yourself. Why do I need a username for my page? The answer is quite obvious- For easy identification and publicity. With a standard username, you can get easily tagged all over Facebook, by other Facebook users. You can also access the page easily. 

If your page is a Facebook business account/page, you will need to be the page’s admin to change or set a username. A unique username can attract clients 

Steps To Fix The “This Page Isn’t Eligible To Have A Username” Error Message

There are two major steps that you will have to follow in order to fix the “This page isn’t eligible to have a username”. You can also provide a new page role to your friend’s account with admin rights and try changing the user name or setting a new one through that account.

You will have to –

  1. Allocate roles for your Facebook page
  2. Create a username for your page

Solution For The “This Page Isn’t Eligible To Have A Username” Facebook Error

These are the two parts of the only known, working and the simplest solution to the Facebook page username issue on your computer. We recommend using a browser, and not the Facebook app, on your computer so that you will find the picture references relatable. To begin with, you will have to open a Web browser and log into your Facebook main account, which was used to create the page.

1. Setting Page Roles

Step one is to assign a new page role to an account belonging to another person. Basically, this is just sharing the highest privileges, temporarily, with another person so that you can change the username of your page. This is quite simple with these steps. 

  1. Open the Facebook website on your web browser and use your login details to enter your profile.
Login page for Facebook
  1. On the left side of this page, you will be able to see the Pages you have created through your Facebook profile.
List of pages on the left panel on the main window

Select the page that you want to fix the page username issue for. 

  1. From the Manage Page list section on the left panel, click on the Settings option (gear icon).
Settings option in the Manage Page section
  1. Locate the Assign a New Page Role option and click on it.
Page roles tab in the Page settings
  1. In the text box, enter the name or email ID of the profile, which has to be made the page admin. 
Assign a New Page Role section in the Page Roles settings
  1. From the list of roles, choose the Admin option and click Add to include this profile as the admin.
Admin option in the list of page roles
  1. You will be asked to enter the password in a small dialog box. Enter it and click on the Submit button to do so.
Re-enter password window for assigning roles
  1. The last step is to get your friend to accept the invitation to be a page admin.

If you go into the same settings and look under the Existing Page roles section, you will be able to see the newly added profile as the page admin. If you chose the wrong person, you can cancel their invitation to become the admin.

2. Making A Facebook Username For Your Page

Once you are in the admin’s account, use these steps to create a username for your page. 

  1. You will find the page in the top-right menu bar on the main site. Select the page and you will be taken to it.
  2. Now, click on the Create@Username option under the title. 
Create @Username link for changing page username
  1. In the text box, type in the username and click Create Username.
Create Page Username dialog box

Your page should now have a username and the Facebook username eligibility issue should no longer appear on your computer. 

Note: If yours is a business page, you can use the same options to change the settings but the interface of the page window can be slightly different.

If these steps do not work for you, try using an alternate account that is linked to the page or use it to create a new similar one. If you keep seeing this message, you can also try contacting the Facebook support team.


How Do I Fix This Page Isn’t Eligible To Have A Username?

If you are experiencing the Page isn’t eligible to have a username issue, you will have to invite another person to share the page admin privileges and use their profile to change the name of the page. 

Why Is My Page Not Eligible For A Username?

Most pages are not eligible for having a username because there are certain conditions that have to be met, to unlock the username feature. They are – 
Only the page’s admin can create a username or change it.
The same account should not have created many pages frequently. 
The admin’s personal Facebook account should be verified.
At least one post has to be posted on your new page, with over 25 likes. 

Why Does Facebook Say My Business Page Is Not Eligible For A Username?

If your username is too short or long, you might see the not eligible error message on your Facebook business page. Also, you cannot have the same username as that of a different page. To have a page with a username, you will need a minimum of one post with more than 25 likes. 

How Do I Add A Username To My Facebook Page?

To add a username to your Facebook page, log in to your Facebook page, click on the page-tag (Create@username), type in the username that you want to assign to your page, and click Create Username. For naming or changing the name of a page, you need to be the page’s admin. Facebook users can use the username to search for you.