The subtype field ‘SM’ is not being set by UCMDB integration

Out of the box CI and relation push from Univeral Configuration Managment Database (i.e. UCMDB)  to Service Manager (i.e.SM) appears to be working. CI’s are created together with correct upstream and/or downstream relations. On closer examination it can be seen that the relations pushed to Service Manager have not filled in the SM subtype being the actual type in UCMDB as shown in the screenshots below:

image text

The below screenshot shows the common_relations.xslt file where in comments the out of the box mappings can be seen.
image text
The relationship Type has only these  possible values in SM, Logical or Physical. Currently there is no support for any of the SM Physical relation types in UCMDB when sent over.

The following modifications can change the behavior.

·         RelationshipType has only two possible values in SM, logical or physical. Since there is no support for any of the SM Physical relation types in UCMDB these had to be hard coded into Logical.
·         RelationshipSubType contains all the relationship types as mentioned in UCMDB. (composition, usage,…). Changed the out of the box mapping of RelationshipType to RelationshipSubType.

The following screenshot illustrates the values correctly mapped in SM.

image text

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