TF Card vs. SD Card: Things You Need to Know

SanDisk’s first product and brand was the TF Card, which was later replaced by the micro SD card. Any company’s product is updated and improved regularly, and the TransFlash name was changed as well.

SanDisk was the first to market with these cards. The TF card was the world’s smallest memory card at the time. It’s a digital data storage system. Micro SD and TransFlash Card are compatible with a wide range of devices.

Smartphones, cameras, computers, and other information storage devices are included. This memory card, the size of a fingernail, was thought to be the world’s most minor memory card. 

What is the difference between “TF card vs SD card”?

tf card vs sd card

Different Name 

Secure Digital Memory Card is another term for SD card, which is Chinese for the secure digital card.

A TransFlash Card is a type of memory card that is also known as MicroSD. SD also accepts miniSD and SD cards as memory cards.

Various Origins

Panasonic, Toshiba, and SanDisk collaborated on the SD card in August 1999. Motorola and SanDisk together launched the TransFlash Card specification. It is the current generation of memory card specifications.

Various Definitions

SD cards are a new type of memory card that uses semiconductor flash memory. A TransFlash Card is a very compact flash memory card that uses SanDisk’s newest NAND MLC and controller technologies.

Multiple Applications

TF card and sd card are both used for memory storage. Portable gadgets such as digital cameras, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and multimedia players all use SD cards.

Mobile phones are the primary users of TF cards. GPS systems, portable music players, and flash memory cards have all started to employ TF cards.

Transform a TF card to an SD card.

Although a TF card plug converter (adapter) can convert an SD card to a TF card, SD cards cannot be changed to TF cards.

Numerous Sizes and Appearances

The dimensions of a TF card and an SD card are different. SD cards have a volume of 24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm, while TF cards have 15mm x 11mm x 1mm. They also have distinct appearances.

Various levels of Protection

There is a write protection lock switch on the SD card. While TF cards do not have this feature, they can be converted to SD cards by passing through a card sleeve.

Various memory storage options

  • TF cards have storage capacities starting from 128GB to 128MB
  • SD cards come in capacities ranging from 128GB to 128MB.

Various costs

The cost of an SD card will be much more than that of a TF card.

How to format TF Card and MicroSD Card?

You can format the card if you want to change your file system or if the file system has issues that tell you to format it.

So, how do you effectively and rapidly format your TF card/Micro SD card? In truth, there are various options for doing this task.

MiniTool Partition Wizard

You can format it using either the Windows tools included with the operating system or third-party applications such as MiniTool Partition Wizard. It’s a professional partition manager. It lets you simply format partitions, recover lost data, and move your operating system to SSD or HDD.

  • Connect your computer to your Micro SD card (TF card).
  • To access the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard, start it up.
  • Click Format Partition in the action panel after selecting the Micro SD card (TF card).
format TF card
  • To proceed, give the partition a label and a file system, and then click OK.
give the partition a label and a file system
  • To complete the pending operation, click Apply.

What does “CLASS” mean on a TF card?

A “speed class” follows the performance rating, just like the SD card, also known as the TF or micro-SD card.

It gives a reasonable estimate of the card’s minimum continuous write speed. It is becoming increasingly crucial for capturing video.

Secure Digital is the abbreviation for Secure Digital. The Secure Digital Association is the name of the standard. Manufacturers of digital cameras such as Sony, Canon, and others popularised these cards. They continue to use full-size SD cards.

The Secure Digital Association also focused on shrinking the size of cards. They could fit into increasingly compact and handheld devices like PDAs and cellphones.

MicroSD cards have grown in popularity due to their compact size and the popularity of multimedia phones. As a result, Android smartphones embraced them as well.

SD card adapter, it is quite possible to utilize a smaller card in a slot designed for larger cards.

Using a MicroSD to SD adapter, you may use a microSD card in a digital camera that accepts full-size SD cards.

However, miniSD was unable to attract buyers due to its small size. It is being utilized in fewer and fewer devices and is likely to be phased out. It makes it challenging to get miniSD cards and an SD card adapter.

How Does TF Card Work?

It’s simple to use with an SD adapter. Any SD card reader will work with it. With the SD card adapter, you may also use it as an SD card.

Choose a class-speed TF card. Efficiency and performance are ensured with a fast-rating card. It expands the storage capacity of your phone or camera and improves its responsiveness.

Methods to Repair TF Card

Virus infection, data transfer hiccups, and card removal while writing files are all common causes of a corrupted card.

The signs that your card is infected or damaged are listed below.

  • If the card isn’t being accepted.
  • When your card’s saved files or photographs aren’t visible.
  • In Windows Disk Management, there is no sign of any media
  • When it isn’t viewable in Windows.
  • When it lasts a long time.
  • If the camera’s screen is black.

1. Repair Damaged TF Memory Card Using CHKDSK

For checking and correcting the TF card’s faulty elements, run CHKDSK. It will assist you in fixing your TF card without having to format it. It’s an easy process.

  • Simply use a card reader to connect your TF card to your computer.
  • Type ‘cmd’ into the search box in the start menu and hit enter. The application ‘cmd.exe’ can be found in the list of programs.
command prompt
  • You’ll be sent to a command window where you can fix your corrupted card without having to format it.
  • Type chkdsk X:/f or chkdsk /h /f X. replace X with sd card drive letter.
chkdsk X:/f
chkdsk /h /f X
  • fix your TF card that has been damaged
  • The file of the TF card will be examined once you’ve completed all of the preceding stages. It will be fixed in a few minutes by Windows. In the command window, you’ll notice the message “Windows has corrected the file system.”

It indicates that your corrupted TF card has been repaired. You will be able to locate your data and files on your card once more.

2. Run Windows Repair Tool

The steps below must be followed.

  • Connect the TF card and launch Windows Explorer by pressing Windows and E keys.
  • Right-click on the TF card and select Properties.
properties TF card reader
  • Toggle to the ‘Tools’ tab.
  • Select ‘Check’ from the drop-down menu.
check hardware errors
  • The scanning procedure will now begin. Wait for it to finish. Close the window screen and check to see if the problem has been resolved.
error checking memory cards

3. Change A Card Reader, Adaptor, or USB Port

Card corruption is frequently caused by connectivity or power issues. The first step is to manage all external influences.

Change A Card Reader

Another computer, adapter, or USB port must be connected. A bad connection could cause card damage. After a couple of tries, your TF card might start working correctly.

One piece of advice is to transfer your data to a secure location, such as cloud storage.

Which card is better between TF card and SD card?

If you want to expand the storage capacity of your device, the most widely used chip is strongly suggested.

Both cards can fit in today’s mobile devices; it’s only a matter of memory size. SD cards are more widespread than TF cards because they are more straightforward and more practical.

The Micro SD card is compatible with a wide range of portable electronic devices. Laptops, video game consoles, electronic keyboards, synthesizers, cell phones, and digital cameras are included.

You can use both a TF card and a Micro SD card in the same slot because their sizes are the same. However, keep in mind that the form factor must be compatible.


You will understand the difference between a TF card and a Micro SD card after reading this. You can quickly tell the difference on your own. I hope it proves to be of great assistance to you.

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