How To Text Someone Who Blocked You On Android & iPhone

Have you been in a situation where someone blocks you and desperately wants to text them back? Text someone who blocked you on android. This article will guide you on unblocking yourself from the other person’s device.

Text Someone Who Blocked You On Android & iPhone

If you keep receiving a notification on your phone like “ text message not delivered” or no notification about the delivered message, your number may have been blocked by the person.

Now, try calling the person. If you can’t get through, it’s the confirmation that you are blocked.

On social media, if your message is not delivered and you can no longer see the profile of the person you are trying to contact. It means you are blocked. 

Read the article until the end to know how to text someone who has blocked.

What happens if you Text someone who blocked you?

When you get blocked, the text message you send to that person goes nowhere. The person who blocked you gets no notification about that message.

The text message remains transmitted but is lost to the broadcast and never delivered to the recipient.

If someone blocks you on social media, your message is not delivered, and your profile is not visible. 

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on Android Device

If someone blocks your phone number and you own an android phone, follow these steps to text them from your phone.

  • Search for SpoofCard App on the Google play store.
  • Download and install it on your phone.
  • Open the application. Tap SpoofText on the navigation page.
  • Tap on new spoof text.
  • Type the phone number of the recipient in the space provided. Allow the application access to the phone’s contacts to make the selection easier.
  • Type your message and tap on send. 

If you think SpoofCard App is not working, you can use other anonymous texting services that allow you to send texts to anyone via an internet connection.

Some popular anonymous texting applications include:

  • SendAnonymusSMS
  • TextForFree
  • Text
  • TxtDropAnonTxt

Download the application or just visit their websites and enter the phone number of the person you want to text. Type your message and click on the send button.

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You On iPhone

If someone blocks you on iPhone iMessage, it is possible to test them. You just need to change their caller ID. To change the caller ID, follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the settings menu on iPhone.
  • Open Messages.
  • Tap on send and receive.
  • Find you can be reached by iMessage and tap on it.
  • Tap on add another email and type a new email address.
  • Verify the new email.
  • Go to start new conversations and select the new email address you verified.
Change Caller Id on iPhone

The text message would be sent because the recipient only blocked your previous email ID. 

Another way to text someone who blocked you on your iPhone is to send an anonymous message through anonymous texting applications.

They send the text message to the recipient without disclosing your name or number.

The receiver gets the text message but can’t determine who the sender is.

Best iPhone apps for anonymous texting

iPhone users have multiple options for anonymous texting. These three apps mentioned below can help you connect to people who blocked you.

Smiley Private Texting

This application is free but only works for US and Canada-based phone numbers. It is best for people who want to send messages privately without exposing their phone numbers.

Text Burner app

The most popular and reliable application for sending anonymous messages is the Text burner app.

It provides you with multiple phone numbers o send messages.


The glyph is a versatile app that not only allows you to send messages but is also a marketplace for buying and selling assets and trading Bitcoin.

It is the safest tool for sending messages privately. 

Send anonymous SMS 

Send anonymous SMS is a free and user-friendly website to send messages through iPhone.

To use this application, you must have an active phone’s internet connection, and the SMS size must not increase by 15 characters in length. 

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You On Instagram

If you think someone has blocked you on Instagram because you cannot text, you should confirm it first. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to Instagram.
  • Enter the URL www.instagram.com/ username of the recipient person’s profile on the browser.
  • If you see the pop-up “Sorry, this page isn’t available,” your account has been blocked.
Sorry This Pages Isnt Available on Instagram

To ensure you have been blocked, login to a different Instagram account. Enter the same URL.

If you find the account, then it signifies that they have blocked you.

You cannot send and receive messages if someone blocks you on Instagram. However, this is not the end of the world.

You can create another Instagram account and text them through the new account. This will make it easier to request to unblock your account.

Another trick you can follow is asking a friend to message the person through another account.

Moreover, you can also text them by phone to ask that they should unblock you from Instagram. Only this way can you text someone who blocked you on Instagram. 

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on Snapchat

If someone blocks you on Snapchat, you never get any notification for this. Therefore, you have to verify whether you have been blocked or the person deleted the account.

On your Snapchat history, type the name of the person. If it does not come up, you probably, have been blocked.

However, to confirm the stance, you can ask your friend to search the blocker’s username to check if their account is active or not.

If the name shows up, it means the user has blocked you. Don’t worry if someone has blocked you on Snapchat because you can still text them.

Create a new Snapchat account using the new email address or switch to a second account if you have one to add that person as your friend and chat.

You can ask them to unblock you after this. Otherwise, if you have a mutual friend, you can ask him to ask that person to unblock your account.

You can also reach through other social media accounts to request unblocking.

Can you unblock yourself from someone’s Snapchat?

If someone blocks you on Snapchat, you cannot unblock yourself. The only way to get unblocked is through the dissertation of the individual.

You may need to talk face to face or through other social media accounts to unblock yourself. However, there may be a possibility that they have blocked you on purpose or accidentally. 

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on WhatsApp

Double ticks indicate the message is delivered if you text someone on WhatsApp. If someone blocks you, the message is not delivered, and a single tick is visible. No need to worry if your message is not being delivered.

It means the recipient has blocked you or left WhatsApp.

If you want to text the user, you can use these two ways.

Delete your WhatsApp account

  • Open Whatsapp. 
  • Tap on the vertical dots and go to the settings tab.
  • Tap on the account.
  • Tap on delete account and enter your number.
How to Delete Image on Whatsapp

Make sure you remember the details of your account. After deleting, reinstall WhatsApp on your device and set it up as you usually do.

Search the person’s name, open new conversations, and text the person.

Create a Mutual Group

If you have a mutual friend with that person, ask him to create a group and add the person to it. Leave the text in the group so the person who blocked you can receive it. 

How To Text Someone Who Blocked You On Facebook Messenger? 

If you are using Messenger on mobile or PC, you can see the status symbol next to messages.

If the circle is empty, it indicates that the message is unsent. When a checkmark appears in an empty circle, it says the message is sent but not received. If the icon is filled, it signifies that the delivery was successful.

Grey Tick Representing Message  Not Delivered

If you text someone and the circle remains empty for a long time, you can predict that the person is logged out of Facebook or has blocked you.

Social media apps give you an edge in creating a new account and texting someone who has blocked your previous account.

You can text a person by creating a new account using a new email address or asking a friend to solve the dispute and request unblock from the person who blocked you.


Anyone can block you accidentally or on purpose via Android, iPhone, or social media apps.

However, it is still possible to test them. Creating new social media accounts can solve the problem of texting on apps like Instagram and Facebook. For Android and iPhone, anonymous texting apps create a win-win situation.

Can I Still Send Texts to Someone Who Blocked Me on Android and iPhone?

Yes, you can still send texts to someone who blocked you on Android and iPhone. However, the messages will not be delivered, and you will not receive any notifications about the text not being sent. There is no way to detect android number blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Google Duo?

If you are blocked on Google duo, you could listen to one or no ring before the call goes to voice mail. The person may have blocked your number through privacy controls. Call once a day for a week constantly can reveal the results.

How To Know If You’re Blocked On iMessage?

If the bubble color of iMessage doesn’t change and you receive no delivery notification, then you can suspect the recipient as a blocker. Try to call on the number or hide the number and call from a different number to see if it connects or not. 

How To See If Someone Blocked You On TikTok?

Search the user name in the search bar. You have been blocked if you can’t find any account related to that user name. Try checking from another TikTok ID. If the account is visible, then you have been blocked surely. 

How To Tell If Someone Has Blocked You On Instagram?

If you suspect someone has blocked you on Instagram, you can try searching their username in the search bar. If the results read sorry, this information is unavailable; it is a sign that the user has blocked you.