Text recognition operations on Windows Vista, 7 or 2008 are not always reliable

On Windows Vista, 7 or 2008 operating system (32bits or 64bits), QuickTest Professional (QTP) 9.X or higher version’s text recognition features (such as text checkpoints and output values, GetVisibleText and GetTextLocation test object methods, and TextUtil.GetText and TextUtil.GetTextLocation reserved object methods) are limited and are not always reliable.

Note: By design, text recognition on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2008 can only use/work-with OCR setting instead of Windows API, which may result on capture text being less accurate or reliable as on older operating systems. Below are alternatives/suggestions to try improving the OCR results

* Minimize searching area. Setup the seach of text to smaller range/area, for example GetVisibleText method, includes parameters “left”, “top”, “right” and “bottom” to define the search area.
Note: If the Left, Top, Right, and Bottom arguments are not specified, the method returns all of the text within the visible part of the specified object. * Applying the Classic Windows theme:
1. Right click on the your desktop and select “Personalize.” 2. Click on the Theme link to bring up the Theme Settings dialog. 3. Under Theme, select “Windows Classic.”
* The larger the text, the better the text recognition. Either setup the operating system to display character size as bigger, or make character size bigger in the application. Check the operating system’s settings to increase font or DPI size, or the application’s developers for text only on the application.
* Ensure QuickTest Professional is using the OCR only mode for text recognition.
* For QTP 10 or higher, try setting up “Single text block mode” in the General > Text Recognition pane of the Options dialog box.

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