Top 16 Technical Support Interview Questions

Technical support work is highly demanded in the era of digitization; every work, whether small or big, can easily be handled using digital competencies. Technical support engineers assemble the information on Personal Computer, its skills, and the aptitudes needed for client assistance. Technical support engineers focus mainly to assist clients with issues identified with their PCs and provide an optimal remedy to them. 

To be part of this customer service fraternity is a proud movement, with a job of problem-solving and providing assistance to the people is soothing and pleasurable. To be part of this, one has to pass a support interview that contains many technical and non-technical questions.

There will be questions pertaining to equipment and programming. You will be asked how you will arrive at the conclusion of an issue and resolve them. The questionnaires will be looking for far-reaching information on PCs as well as for strong relational and communication skills.

Many organizations lean towards a conventional degree like a bachelor’s or diploma degree while the others search for a specific degree of information in PCs with the capacity of learning as the work continues. If you are meeting for specialized help work, at that point, you can anticipate that an assortment of questions related should be produced. 

To simply and provide assistance to ace in technical support interview questions and answers, here is the list of some most importantly technical support interview questions and answers that are prevalent in any tech support interview. For General interview questions, check out this article.

1. What are the possible demerits and merits of utilizing Imaging Software on the computer?

Answer: Technical support should always be aware of the basic tenets of the job interview, applications, merits, demerits.

Merits of using imaging software are

  1. Imaging software produces correctly duplicated content from one hard disk to another.
  2. If the utility has extensive knowledge of individual file system partitions, then for certain file systems, it will resize them.
  3.  It delivers hard drive images across the network to one or more systems at the same time. 

Demerits of Imaging software:

  1. It provides no recovery during the generation and deployment of the image from mistakes or its detection. 
  2. The best program for imagery is costly and commercial.
  3. It lacks intimate knowledge of file systems, resulting in block-by-block copying of the source hard disk into the picture block. It takes a long time for large disks to perform the task. 

If you need to learn about disk imaging you can use several softwares like AOMEI Backupper, Acronis True Image, Clonezilla, Minitool Partition Wizard

2. What do you understand about a Technical Support Engineer’s role?

Answer: These are the most common technical support interview questions. The responsibilities of technical support engineers include resolving network problems, configuring operating systems, and using remote desktop links to provide immediate support. Often, it often means extending to its clients the same assistance.

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An employee of Technical Support should: 

  • Install the hardware, OS, and applications and customize them. 
  • Find and address both hardware and software-based faults. 
  • Analyze the underlying problems to find out. 
  • Log in questions for clients and staff. 
  • Test and evaluate the latest technologies. 
  • Maintaining devices and networks and tracking them.
  • Also, Performing any safety audits, etc.

3. How do you identify and troubleshoot a problem?

Answer: This question is intended to check your methodology towards distinguishing an issue and discovering its answer. Alongside that, it will likewise assist them with understanding your attitude towards critical thinking. 

Keep in mind; the preeminent thing is to get the real factors first. It will assist you with distinguishing the issue. At that point, you should experience all the essential strides for correcting that issue. You should advance a definite and precise investigating plan that is broad but then versatile. 

Your point ought to be to fulfill the client’s necessities as fast as possible. Your center ought to be to limit the personal time of your customer. Thus, if there are numerous issues, there will be different fixes that might be inconsequential. You should consistently remember that time the board is crucial in specialized help.

4. What does BOOT.INI mean?

Answer: BOOT.INI is a Microsoft initializing file containing the boot choices for Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, and XP. It is constantly found on the essential hard drive’s root directory for, say, the C drive in the computer. 

It has two primary areas:

  1. The boot loader segment with alternative settings that is pertinent to all boot sections for the framework that incorporates default, break, timeout, and so on. 
  2. The part with working frameworks that contains boot sections, at least one, for each bootable program or OS that is introduced on the PC.

5. Is it possible to edit the BOOT.INI file manually, and how?

Answer: Indeed. In any case, before manually altering the BOOT.INI, ensure that you save a duplicate copy. In any case, anything turns out badly. It will be easy to recover. To alter the document, go to the control board and afterward to the System option. Go to the advanced tab situated in the properties window. 

There you will discover the startup and recovery option. Go to its Settings. Select the edit choice for altering BOOT.INI. In the event that there is a 3GB switch, you need to replace it with a PAE switch on the servers with the installed physical memory of 4GB for booting the file. Save the file and close it. Click OK twice and leave the Control Panel.

6. What is Cache Memory in microprocessors, and what are its advantages?

Answer: Cache Memory is an exceptionally rapid memory. It is utilized to accelerate and synchronize with a rapid CPU. Cache memory is costlier than principle memory or disk memory yet affordable than CPU registers. Cache memory is a very quick memory type that goes about as a buffer between RAM and the CPU. It holds habitually mentioned information and guidelines, so they are quickly accessible to the CPU when required. A computer consists of multiple cache memory circuits. 

Cache memory is utilized to diminish the normal opportunity to get information from the Main memory. The cache is a more modest and quicker memory that stores duplicates of the information from every now and again utilized principle memory areas. There are different distinctive autonomous caches in a CPU, which store guidelines and information.

It accompanies three distinct levels, for example, L1, L2, and L3. L1 is by and large found in the processor chip. It is the littlest and the quickest just for the CPU to peruse. It goes from 8 to 64KB. The other two store recollections are bigger than L1 yet additionally takes more time to get to.

7. What can be a major issue if you can not see your display screen?

Answer: There can be multiple reasons for this problem like

  1. The monitor might be faulty or not working.
  2. RAM may be faulty or not inserted properly.
  3. The system must be in the starting stage.
  4. Power fluctuation or low input voltage in the monitor.
  5. System hard drives may be faulty or not inserted properly.
  6. CPU fan could be the culprit.
  7. Error in BIOS settings.
  8. The connection may be loose.
  9. Electric short- circuit.
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8. What can be possible if my printer prints faded words, images are of poor quality, and smudges. Give a solution to it?

Answer: To begin with, ensure that the determination of media and paper is appropriate in the print driver. At that point, ensure the paper you are utilizing for printing matches the sort you have chosen in the print driver. If all is great, check whether you can physically change the fuser and set it appropriately. Be cautious while changing the breaker as it gets hot. 

For clearing Smudge marks, print some clear pieces of paper. If it doesn’t resolve the issue, at that point, the odds could be the issue because of the equipment or supplies.

9. What is the use of Jumper and Heat Sink?

Answer: The jumper is utilized for shutting an electric circuit, in this way, permitting the progression of power to a specific piece of the circuit board. It is used to design peripheral settings. It is a little plastic box with a bunch of small pins. 

The heat sink is utilized for moving the heat produced by a machine or an electronic machine. They are copper or aluminum as they are suitable conduits of power and can move the created heat to the air.

10. If I am getting a blank screen with the cursor in windows 10, this happens every time before log in and after the update. What can I do to solve this?

Answer: If the problem arises before login, then follow the given instructions.

  1. Open the project menu by pressing window+P. However, it’s normal not to be able to see it.
  2. Navigate up and down a few times and hit enter.
  3. If it works, the screen will reappear. If not, repeat this step 2-3 times.
  4. Type password if you have a password-protected operating system
  5. If the above process doesn’t succeed, then you can try uninstalling the video card driver, as shown below.

Press alt+ctrl+del to launch Task Manager

  1. Go to file –  then, “run a new task.”
  2. Type devmgmt.msc and press enter.
  3. Alternatively, Hold the Windows key + X, then select the task manager.
  4. Find the video/graphic card, Right-click on it, and delete the driver software.
  5. Restart your system, and the black screen must have vanished.

There are different advances which you can attempt. You can impair the installed graphics in the device manager. You can go to BIOS and disable the double screen and CPU Graphics Multi-Monitor. You can likewise take a stab at refreshing the BIOS or uninstall the applications causing the issue. 

You can also connect through HDMI rather than DVI. There are numerous different cycles to assist you with disposing of the clear screen issues.

11. Why is the 8085 processor also called an 8-bit processor?

Answer: Because the 8085 processor consists of 8 bit ALU (arithmetic logic review). Similarly, the 8086 processor has a 16 bit ALU.

12. What is a chipset, and how is it different from motherboard and processors?

This is another crucial technical support interview questions asked frequently in the interview.

Answer: Chipset is the processing devices in a PC. It consists of various coordinated circuits intended to control how data goes between different parts and processors. It is a gathering of CPUs to fill in as a unit to perform at least one related capacity. The motherboard is the place where any remaining parts like CPU, Memory, Sockets for outer connectors and drives are appended. Chipset is an inherent element of Motherboard. The processor is a primary coordinated circuit block, which does the capacity as indicated by the guidance of a PC program. It depends on the intelligent, arithmetical, and input/yield of the framework.

13. What do you know about Ghost Imaging?

Answer: Ghost imaging is the method of constructing data images of a computer, server, or similar device’s content and configuration. It is part of the data backup process that allows replica images or cases of an entire computing device to be created. It can also modify a ghost image back to its original form whenever needed. It is frequently used during the OS reinstallation process.

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Two main objectives are served by Ghost Imaging: 

To allow the cloning of a system onto others. Or to restore a system quickly. 

It’s sometimes used to quickly set up blocks of tablets, notebooks, or data centers. It also allows one PC or disk to be transferred to another.

To learn about ghost imaging try tools like: Macrium Reflect,  Acronis True Image WD Edition, EaseUS Disk Copy Home

14. What does the term “Gateway” signify in networking? 

Answer: A gateway is a telecommunications network node that links two networks with various transmission protocols together. A Gateway is like a hardware device like a Server, Firewall, Router, and so forth that goes about as a gate between different networks. It permits the information or traffic to stream across the networks. A gateway is a hub itself on the edge of the network and secures other hubs in a network. 

Every packet of data moves through the gateway before coming in or leaving the network. A gateway can likewise interpret information from the external traffic into a convention or an arrangement that all the gadgets in the inside network comprehend.

15. What are the various qualities that a Good Technical Support Employee must hold?

Answer: The critical abilities of a Technical Support Employee are: 

  1. The representative is more likely than not nitty-gritty information on the framework, its product, and equipment. 
  2. Should have the option to set up a decent working compatibility with the customers rapidly. 
  3. He/she ought to have the option to work with individuals and should have solid communication skills. 
  4. He/she ought to know about the most recent patterns in IT and programming. 
  5. Should have persistence, a sensible psyche, and should be happy to adapt ceaselessly.
  6. Consideration regarding precision and efficiency. 
  7. Should have a definite trademark and spirit for good and proper client care. 
  8. He/she ought to be eager to work at odd hours now and again. 

16. Why do you think you are suitable for this job?

Answer: One of the most asked technical support interview questions can decide your selection as a support job/tech support/customer service job. You should answer this meticulously; it should include the appropriate response, you should show that you will be an essential resource for the organization. Reveal to them all that you have achieved in your profession. Guarantee them that you can convey the outcomes with your persistent effort, aptitudes, and interest. Add to your answer that you can rapidly discover the issues, organize them, and address them with your experience. Guarantee them that all these will make you an essential representative of the organization.

Frequently asked questions related to support interview questions

How to Get a Tech support Job with No Experience?

Ask for tech-related tasks at your current job or internship.
 Keep building projects and learn.
Introspect your transferable skills and add them to your resume.
Always be willing to take any role big or small that offers potential for advancement in the future.
Take online courses.
Try to build an online portfolio.

How to get a tech support job without a degree/diploma?

If not having a degree has kept you away from seeking a profession in technology, you should realize that most tech positions essentially require verification that you can do the work through affirmations and related technical knowledge. Employing administrators don’t remove potential job competitors just because they don’t have college degrees.


A Technical Support Engineer interview isn’t just about your insight yet but also your methodology towards an issue and how you tackle it. It will likewise give the questioner a thought regarding that you are so ready to learn and adjust. You were being set up with a couple of questions that can help you get the certainty that you need to clear the Interview with complete success.

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