TeamSpeak Vs Discord: 10 Detailed Comparisons

Online gaming is best when done with friends, and you’ll need to have voice chat enabled to converse with them. Players who do not have internet voice chat will struggle to communicate.

TeamSpeak Vs Discord Which One Is Best? | Detailed Comparison

Both TeamSpeak and Discord are communication programs. Despite their many purposes, they are unquestionably the gamer’s favorite. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of TeamSpeak vs Discord.

What Is TeamSpeak?


TeamSpeak is a voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) Host program built primarily for online gaming. Users can join channels and interact with other online gamers playing the same game as them.

TeamSpeak prioritizes audio conversation over other modes of communication; however, text chat is also available. TeamSpeak also focuses on providing users with high-quality audio and military-grade security.

Users converse via voice chat. It’s typically employed by people who are all playing multi-user video games.

Users download the TeamSpeak client and connect to their preferred TeamSpeak server. They can then join numerous discussions and converse with other individuals via audio.

TeamSpeak is a proprietary VoIP application that allows users on a chat channel to communicate via audio, similar to a telephone conference call. Users commonly use headphones with a microphone.


  • With our integrated automatic mic volume adjustment, background noise reduction, and echo cancellation, you’ll have crystal-clear, lag-free communication.
  • As standard, integrated military-grade security. AES-based encryption for the entire server, or even specific channels, can be configured with TS3.
  • With our robust, best-in-class hierarchical authorization system, you’ll have complete control. Decide who is authorized to speak, who is allowed to join channels, and much more.
  • With Positional Audio, you’ll be right in the middle of the action. Hear your teammates in a 360 soundscape, giving you a leg up on the competition when it comes to executing your next game plan.
  • TeamSpeak can be run from any location. You are not tethered to our systems, and we do not collect information about you.
  • While you’re AFK, issue commands. You’ll never be distant from the action with our Android and iOS TeamSpeak apps.
  • With our robust Client-Server architecture, you can scale up from small group talks to huge conferences with thousands of participants.
  • Without dealing with firewall difficulties, you may easily store and exchange data with your community.
  • You may get your message across without commotion by using direct texting or team text chat.

What Is Discord?


Discord is a Host platform for voice-over IP, instant messaging, and digital distribution. Users communicate in private conversations or as part of “servers” through voice calls, webcam calls, text messaging, media, and files.

Discord users join servers, similar to online communities where people may text, audio, and video chat with one another.

It functions similarly to other social media platforms in that you create a profile and can communicate directly with other users. Discord has exploded in popularity and is now one of the most widely used VoIP applications for group communication.

You can do this without joining a regular server or community, and you can even have private group conversations with a few people simultaneously. Discord is utilized by people interested in a wide range of issues, not just gamers.


  • Discord servers are divided into channels based on their topics.
  • Without choking up a group chat, you can collaborate, discuss, and simply talk about your day.
  • When you have time, take a seat on a voice channel.
  • Friends on your own server can see you’re online and jump in to chat without having to dial your number.
  • With moderation tools and custom member access, any community can get up and operate quickly. Set up secret channels, give members specific powers, and more.
  • Voice and video with low latency make you feel like you’re in the same room.
  • Wave hello through a webcam, watch friends stream their games, or meet for a screen share drawing session.

Detailed comparison Between TeamSpeak Vs Discord

  1. TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Ease Of Usage
  2. TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Pricing
  3. TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Text Message, VOIP, And Video Chatting
  4. TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Easy to Control And Usage
  5. TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Voice Quality Features
  6. TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Security And Privacy Features
  7. TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Add-Ons And Plugins
  8. TeamSpeak Vs Discord: User Interface
  9. TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Mobile App
  10. TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Game Overlay

TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Ease Of Usage

I’ll compare whether TeamSpeak or Discord is easier to learn and utilize.

TeamSpeak typically necessitates a higher level of technical expertise than Discord.


  • Discord is significantly more user-friendly than TeamSpeak. 
  • You can enter any server or community by connecting on the invite link emailed to you or uploaded by a YouTuber, blogger, or another user.
  • Discord’s user interface is easier to use and gives a more pleasant user experience than TeamSpeak.


  • You must first install the TeamSpeak client from their website to your PC.
  • In the Connections area, you’ll need to input the server address, a nickname, and the server password.
  • In comparison to Discord, TeamSpeak has a steeper learning curve. If you’re setting up a server for non-technical folks, you might wish to use Discord instead of TeamSpeak.

Discord Vs TeamSpeak: Pricing


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  • The majority of Discord’s features are available for free. Setting up a server will not cost you anything. This is one area where Discord might be better than Teamspeak.
  • Free stuff frequently has poor customer service, doesn’t allow for personalization, and isn’t as secure. Discord does, however, offer a premium plan called Discord Nitro.
  • Discord Nitro is available for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Check the Discord Nitro page for the most up-to-date information.
  • Benefits of using Discord Nitro are:
    • Collect or create your own animated and personalized emojis.
    • Claim a personalized tag and use an animated avatar.
    • Your profile badge indicates how long you’ve been a Discord supporter.
    • Upload files up to 100MB in size for high-quality file sharing.
    • High-definition video, screen sharing, and Go Live streaming are all available.


Discord Vs TeamSpeak: Pricing
  • Teamspeak is not entirely free. You may have to pay for the ownership of hosting a server if you wish to set one up. The cost will be determined by the number of users allowed to join the server you are hosting.
  • The cost of a regular Teamspeak server license is nothing. It does, however, only allow for 32 slots (users).
  • This is ideal for small clans playing multi-user video games.
  • For 64 slots and one virtual server, plans start at $55 per annum.
  • Always check new prices and plans from TeamSpeak.

TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Text Message, VOIP, And Video Chatting


  • Discord allows you to interact via text messaging or video chats in addition to voice chat. 
  • You can even have two channels active simultaneously, one for audio chat and the other for text messaging.
  • You can quickly send photographs and video clips using the text messaging feature.
  • Discord allows you to exchange movies and hilarious images with others on your server fast and simply.


TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Text Message, VOIP, And Video Chatting
  • Teamspeak is a team-based “speaking” program. It is not a video chatting application. 
  • Teamspeak is an excellent program to use if you only need to use VoIP for voice and text discussions.
  • Instead of audio chats, Teamspeak allows you to send text messages to the server and individual users. 
  • It is set up and built mainly for audio rather than text chats.

TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Easy to Control And Usage


  • Discord does not yet offer a self-hosted server option in addition to cloud-based servers.
  • Because it is not in their economic model, Discord is unlikely to offer it in the future.


  • If you want excellent control over your server, Teamspeak is the tool to utilize.
  • You can run your self-hosted Teamspeak server with Teamspeak.
  • Depending on how many slots you allow, you have to pay for it, but you can do it.

TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Voice Quality Features


  • Discord’s Voice quality is still good, but not as good as Teamspeak Host.
  • You won’t even notice a difference. However, if you are, or if a large number of people join an audio chat at the same time, these gaps can start to matter.
  • If you need crystal clear audio to play your games, Teamspeak may be a better option than Discord.


  • Teamspeak is well-known for its superior audio quality. It takes pride in its sound quality.
  • Automatic microphone audio correction, background noise reduction, and echo cancellation are all available in Teamspeak.
  • They also guarantee no latency in communication.

TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Security And  Privacy Features


  • Discord servers track user behavior while also storing more sensitive information such as your device ID, IP address, or other services you use in addition to Discord.


TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Security And  Privacy Features
  • TeamSpeak is a highly versatile piece of software with a large user base. It has never, however, revealed the specifics of its privacy measure. 
  • The IP addresses of all parties are visible to the server’s administrator, which raises a privacy risk.

TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Add-Ons And Plugins


  • Discord does not have the same level of plugin integration as Teamspeak. Another disadvantage of utilizing Discord over Teamspeak is this.
  • Although Discord does not permit this, and it is against their terms of service, some users have modified the Discord software to allow plugin integration. 
  • To make them work, you’ll need to make some technical changes that Discord’s terms of service aren’t permitted.


  • Plugin integration is possible in Teamspeak. 
  • Plugins can improve your gaming experience by adding features such as 3D audio.
  • Certain games may necessitate the use of these features.

TeamSpeak Vs Discord: User Interface


  • In many aspects, the Discord user interface is superior to TeamSpeak. Unlike TeamSpeak, it offers a user-friendly user interface suitable for beginner users.
  • It also gives players the option of directly accessing the games via a quick start option.


  • TeamSpeak lacks a user-friendly user interface, automatic server connection, and automatic bookmarking despite its many valuable features.
  • The UI of TeamSpeak is incredibly adaptive and varied, which can be perplexing for new users.

TeamSpeak Vs Discord: Mobile App


Discord: Mobile App
  • Discord also provides a mobile app that lets you join servers and utilize Discord without using your computer.
  • Without clogging up a group chat, Discord servers are arranged into topic-based channels where you may communicate, discuss, and hold meetings.


TeamSpeak: Mobile App
  • Teamspeak provides a mobile app that allows you to participate in audio discussions. 
  • TeamSpeak for Android is designed to make the most of your mobile device and keep you in touch with your colleagues when you’re on the go.

TeamSpeak VS Discord: Game Overlay


  • While playing, Discord does have an overlay that you can use.
  • If you just want the overlay to respond in a way when you open it, it may also be entirely modified.


  • If you’re using TeamSpeak while you’re playing, there’s an overlay that you may use.
  • You could use this to text chat or make any changes to your TeamSpeak settings.


Discord grew in popularity swiftly, not just among gamers but also among the general public. The TeamSpeak connection quality comparison reveals that TeamSpeak is the superior VoIP. Compare all the elements and choose the one that best suits your needs.