16 Easy Fixes: TCL TV Black Screen

TCL tv black screen

TCL TV offers an excellent viewing experience in the sense that it offers fantastic audio and visual quality.

Thus, you know you have a good choice when you own a TCL TV. 

However, as with other TVs, problems can arise in TCL TV from time to time. One of the problems that can occur in this TV includes black screen TCL TV.

There are many reasons why your TCL TV may display a black screen (as we’ll discuss later.) Luckily, there are many ways to solve this problem as well.

One of the solutions to fix the TCL TV black screen problem is to reset the TCL TV; details of the steps are given below in this article. But first, let’s discuss the main reasons behind the same. 

Possible Reasons For TCL TV Black Screen

Identifying why the black screen is occurring is the first step to solving it. Also, it might be the symbol of a more serious underlying problem.

  • One possible reason is the faulty or loose HDMI cable used to drive the output TV signal from the input box.
  • Most TVs rely on a backlight to light up the TV screen, and one reason might be that the TV’s backlight is failing. 
  • Other possibilities are a software-related bug in the TCL TV or the device used with the TV.

But you need not worry; this guide will help you resolve any errors you might have in your TV.

How To Navigate Through The Menu On A TCL TV Black Screen?

It is easier than it sounds. It would be best if you used the mechanical wheel button on your TCL TV remote.

It will bring up the options on top every time. 

This way, even if you misclick in the Menu and accidentally open up something else, you can still go back to the Settings menu and open the suitable options.

To follow some of the instructions given below, you will need to do the following. 

  • Open the TCL Settings.
  • Find the TCL User Manual.
  • Check the image of every prompt in the menu to guide you to the right option.

For example, while factory resetting your TV, open this tutorial and try to blind-navigate through the menu.

Use the arrow keys and OK button to select and finish the troubleshooting steps.

Let’s discuss how to solve the TCL TV black screen problem without hassles. 

TCL TV Black Screen Issue – Try These 16 Fixes

These are the top tried and tested fixes you can work around for the TCL TV black screen problem. 

  1. Check Your TCL TV Remote For Issues 
  2. Check the Status of LED Indicator 
  3. Change Picture Mode Settings
  4. Power Cycle The TV And Remote
  5. Power Cycle the TV Using an Alternate Method
  6. Restart the TV Using the Remote
  7. Check the Cable Connections 
  8. Update Your TV’s Firmware
  9. Tweak Fast Start Option
  10. Factory Reset Your TCL TV
  11. Disconnect all the devices  
  12. Time For Hardware Replacement 
  13. Turn Off Power Saving Mode 
  14. Turn Off Sleep Timer 
  15. Channel May Be Down 
  16. Contact TCL TV Support

Each of these is discussed at length below. 

1. Check Your TCL TV Remote For Issues

You cannot power on a TCL TV without a working remote. In such a case, you won’t get any pictures on the TV.

Follow these steps to get the TV picture back.  

  • Power Cycle Your Remote
  • Take out the batteries from your Roku remote.
  • Leave them out for a few minutes.
  • Replace them.
  • Check if you can turn the TV on or not now.
  • Change Batteries
Change Batteries

If the batteries in the TCL TV remote are dead, you will get a black screen on the TV, and you won’t be able to turn the TV on, and you won’t get any sound on the TV. 

Replace the old batteries in the remote with new batteries and then try to turn the TV on.

2. Check The Status Of LED Indicators

You need to check if the status light given below the TCL Roku TV is glowing or not. If the TCL TV light is not glowing, the TV is not receiving power.

If it happens, then your TV won’t show any pictures or have a sound. 

To fix this problem, you need to disconnect the TV plug from the socket and then reconnect it back to the socket. Now check if the TCL TV is getting power or not. 

If it is still not getting control, you need to plug the TV into another power outlet. Now check if the TV is working or not. If this were the issue, the TV would work, and you won’t get the earlier black screen on the TCL TV.

3. Change Picture Mode Settings

Some of the TCL TV owners were able to fix the TCL TV black screen problem by changing the picture mode settings of the TV. 

You can do the same by following the steps below. 

  • On the Roku remote, press the Start button and select Picture Mode.
  • Change the picture mode to the Movie.

Now check if the problem with your TV has been fixed or not.

4. Power Cycle The TV And Remote

The first thing to do in the case of any troubleshooting guide is to restart. This is a type of restart called a Power Cycle.

As you can guess, power cycling means unplugging the device from the socket, leaving it for a few minutes, and then plugging it back in again.

A power cycle will take care of any issues that might have occurred due to any change you made accidentally or intentionally, or any change made automatically stopping the TV’s work. 

To power cycle your TV, follow these steps. 

  • Turn off the TV and wait till all the status lights on the TV turn off.
  • Unplug the TV from the power socket and leave it for a few minutes.
Unplug TV for 60 seconds
  • Plug the TV back in, start it, and check if it works.
Plug the TV back

To power cycle the remote, here are the steps. 

  • Remove the batteries from the remote and wait for a few minutes. 
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Insert the batteries back in and check.

To test whether the issue is fixed or not, you should perform the same actions with the TV and the remote you were performing before the TCL TV black screen problem struck. 

You can use the TV and see if the black screen appears again.

5. Power Cycle The TV Using An Alternate Method

If the method described above doesn’t work, you need to follow the steps given below. 

Get a paperclip or something similar first for it. Then:

  • Turn the TV off and unplug it from the wall.
  • Find the Reset button on the side of the TV, which looks like a small hole that only a paperclip can enter.
  • Press and hold the reset button for a few seconds.
  • Power the TV back on.

To confirm that the black screen is fixed, do what you did when the black screen appeared. 

6. Restart The TV Using The Remote

If you have a TCL TV black screen error, this reset method will help you out. This method has been helpful for many users in the past when they were trying to fix the black screen error. 

Below are the buttons you need to press on your remote to reset the TV. 

  • Press Home five times
  • Press Up once
  • Press Rewind twice
  • Press Fast Forward twice

Now let the reset process complete, which will take a few minutes. Now check the TV screen for the black screen error. It should not appear anymore.

7. Check The Cable Connections

Check The Cable Connections

The first thing to do when the TV is not working is to ensure that every cable is plugged in correctly and transmitting as it should. 

So sit down and make sure that each cable is tightly plugged in.

If any connections are loose or damaged, replace the HDMI wire as soon as possible.

If you see black screens randomly, check to ensure that all the wires are securely in place.

You might even be experiencing the other extreme of this issue; wherein there is no signal. You should try pressing the TV input button multiple times to find a working port.

If the HDMI cable you use is old, get a replacement. Note that the life of the HDMI cable is 5-6 years.

If you are still using the HDMI cable that came with the TV initially,  before you buy anything extra, try swapping the wires and see if it solves the problem. 

If you are still experiencing the issue or the TV is old without an HDMI port, you can try looking for a Belkin Ultra HD HDMI cable to help run the cable through the wall to a new location.

8. Update Your TV’s Firmware

Software updates are crucial for TVs, especially when the updates come directly from the Smart TV company which made the TV. 

So now, instead of the update from Roku or Chromecast, it comes directly from TCL.

The TCL TV has its inbuilt app section, so you can go into Settings and look for updates in the inbuilt app section of the TV.

Like in any other Android device, the update takes minutes and is very easy to get. 

TV software is being updated daily. TV companies release software updates as quickly as they introduce new apps in the App Store.

To keep running your TV at its peak performance, you should update it as soon as the new update is available.

The updates mostly have bug fixes and improvements for the already existing software.

Here is how you can regularly check for and install software updates on the TV-

  • Press the Home button on the remote and then go to Settings.
  • In the Settings, open More Settings.
  • In the Device Preferences, select About and go to System Update.
  • Select Network Update from the list that appears.
  • The TV will now search for any available software updates.

If any TCL TV firmware updates are available, the TV will automatically install and implement them. Click OK to confirm once the process is done.

9. Tweak Fast Start Option

Some issues encountered by TCL TV users can be solved using a feature called Fast Start. These are persistent and widespread; however, you need to turn the Fast Start feature on or off. 

It also solves TCL TV’s black screen and distorted images.

Follow the simple steps given below to try it out.

The Fast Start feature is designed to get the TV up and running quickly when it is turned on so that you don’t need to wait for the TV to boot up.

When you enable this feature, it will save power, cut down on time required to boot the TV, and also allows you to stream faster.

Depending on the model of your TV, it can be found in different locations. Sometimes it will be in Settings > System > Power Saving. 

In other models, it is called Instant Mode or Faster Startup.

To enable this, press the Home button on the TV remote control, go to Settings, and then System. From there, choose Fast TV Start, and toggle the switch on.

For enabling or disabling the Fast start option in Android TCL TV, follow these steps-

  • Open the Settings panel.
  • Select the Power option. 
  • Find Instant Power on.
  • You can either enable it or disable it.

Unplug the TV and plug it back in. You can try resetting the television to factory settings if there are still issues.

10. Factory Reset Your TCL TV

Although a factory reset can fix many problems that might happen with TV, it is not recommended as the first course of action.

This is because even though it can resolve the issue you are currently facing, it may also cause further problems.

A factory reset is generally recommended as the last step because it will wipe all the data from the TV, and you will need to set all the settings again, even connect to the Wifi network.

You can follow these steps to factory reset your TV. 

  • Find Settings in the main menu.
  • Find the Advanced system submenu, and open it.
  • Go to the factory reset option.
  • To proceed with the factory reset, select factory reset everything and proceed.

The TV will then shut down temporarily and reboot. The factory reset is complete when the Roku logo is shown.

To factory reset, TCL Android TVs, follow these steps. 

  • Go to Settings.
  • Find More Settings.
  • Select Device Preference.
  • Choose Reset. 
  • Select Erase Everything.
  • Enter the 4-digit code, the default code being 0000.

11. Disconnect All The Devices

Try unplugging the TV from the socket and then unplugging all the devices currently attached to the TV, the console, the soundbar, etc.

After plugging in only one video input (HDMI, AVI, game console, etc.), plug the TV in and start it again.

If the issue persists, restart the TV by pressing the Power button on the remote and then turning it on again.

You will have to take more severe measures if the issue is still there.

12. Time For Hardware Replacement

This persistent TCL TV black screen might be due to a malfunctioning component of the Roku TV. In other words, there might be a hardware issue. 

Whether or not you can repair it yourself, it will cost you.

A component that can cause malfunctioning in video displays is the power supply mode. It supplies power to complicated electronics. If this is the reason for the outage, you need to replace the power supply board.

You can repair it yourself; you need to buy a power supply board and one that is designed explicitly for TCL Roku TV.

Based on the retailer and the TV set, these can be easily found in the market but at varying prices.

  • Unscrew the lower back panel of the TV.
  • When you see the internal monitor, try to find the power supply board on the right side of the unit.
  • Carefully remove it from the unit’s body by unscrewing all the connecting wires and cables.
  • Place the new power supply board and remove the old one, screw it down, plug the TV’s components back together, and put the TV back. Switch the TV on.

The malfunction might occur in the TV set’s LED lighting system too. Replacing them is much more invasive and complicated, and it is not recommended to do it yourself.

You should contact professional support if the TV’s backlight or other LED component needs replacement.

A TV repair technician will charge around $100 to $200 for backlight replacement.

You can also contact TCL support for assistance and repair.

Remember that hardware malfunctions may also be due to overprocessing and overheating. Be mindful of the TV use and picture settings, backlighting in particular.

13. Turn Off Power Saving Mode

Turn Off Power Saving Mode

Without reducing the quality of your display or the unique sound experience, you can turn on the power-saving mode in TCL TV to save power.

It is also known as power saving mode, power preservation, or power consumption.

Usually, the setting for this is found in the menu. 

When this mode is used, the TV will turn off for a few seconds, and there will be no activity or sound playing.

While using a source device may leave the sound on while the TV is turned off. For example, this can happen when you are using a PC or console, and the TV is connected to the monitor screen.

It’s the same thing as phones. To avoid this problem, you need to turn this setting off.

14. Turn Off Sleep Timer

Turn Off Sleep Timer

Like power-saving mode, the sleep timer will help you save power on your TV.

Since it is the age of saving power and sustainable energy, more people leave it on than off.

Sleep mode happens because while the TV’s sound plays, there is no display to save power.

Depending on your TV, you need to go into settings and turn this feature off, as this could be the reason for the blank screen problem.

If you still need this feature turned on, don’t forget to set a time after which you know you will not be using the TV, like 3 or 6 hours.

15. Channel May Be Down

Usually, when you have this problem, it is because of the channel you are watching.

The channel or the source may be down, causing this issue to occur, even if it happens very rarely, but still, it is worth looking into.

Navigate to other channels to check if you can see anything. Scroll to the next track and see if you can see any pictures.

If anything does show on the screen, you need to wait for the TV channel to fix it. In the meantime, you can watch something else.

When TV channels have broadcasting issues, they won’t make you aware. You can check their website, but there is no way apart from it.

16. Contact TCL TV Support

Contact TCL TV Support

It may be time to contact TCL TV support if nothing else works.

Tell them everything about the issue you are facing and what you have tried on so far.

This will save you a lot of time from troubleshooting the TV; they may also convey a solution that is not yet known.


Here you go. Thus, the TV display may not be working, and all you get is a black TCL TV screen

Please read this article to understand the various reasons and ways to fix them.