How to Use Facebook ‘Take a Break’ Feature to Mute Someone

Facebook continues to introduce innovative features to its network. It improves its functionality in terms of user privacy and mental well-being. It introduced a new Quiet Mode last year to assist users in reducing their time spent on social media. It has now launched another similar function. Like Instagram’s Restrict mode, the new “Take a Break” tool allows you to mute someone on Facebook.

Facebook ‘Take a Break’ Feature To Mute Without Blocking Friend/ Someone.

What Is the Take a Break Feature On Facebook?

You can silence any of your Facebook pals using Facebook’s “Take a Break” option. You won’t be able to view their postings, and they won’t be able to see yours.

The critical part is that you can utilize this tool without having to unfriend or block anyone. The feature could be helpful in cases where a relationship has ended. By banning or unfriending someone, you don’t want to appear impolite.

Here are essential points to keep in mind after you enable Facebook’s “take a break” feature for a friend:

  • You take a break from a friend on Facebook, and they are unaware of your decision.
  • You won’t be able to see their posts in your Feed after enabling this option for them.
  • You can limit what that person can see on your timeline on Facebook. You may change the privacy settings for current and previous postings to restrict who can see them.
  • You’ll be untagged from that person’s postings and vice versa.
  • Anything you’ve posted on the individual’s timeline will be removed, and vice versa.

What Happens When Using “Take a Break” Facebook

1. Privacy Of Past Posts

Many things change on their own, and you don’t have to do anything to change them. If you’ve ever tagged someone else, their stuff will be hidden from them.

If you’ve been tagged in the duplicate postings as someone else, you’ll be untagged immediately. Anything you put on each other’s timeline before the break will be removed.

You will be removed from any shared album to which you were a contributor.

2. Limit Other’s Review On Facebook

You can also conceal your postings from the other person’s feed using the Take a Break option. It is accomplished by adding the individual to Facebook’s restricted list.

A person’s name gets added to the restricted list. It modifies the privacy settings. All future posts and stories are hidden from that person. The most recent updates will not be visible even if the individual checks your profile.

People you take a break from are subject to the same rules, as Facebook adds them to the restricted list.

3. Limit Your View of Someone

The Facebook algorithms will hide the person as much as possible from your view.

The person’s posts will not appear on your feed. If someone makes a post on Facebook, it will not appear on your news stream. To see their most recent updates, you’ll have to access their Facebook profile. In a sense, you’re unfollowing the individual.

If a familiar friend has tagged you in a photo or post, it will not appear in your feed. When you’re adding tags to Facebook, it won’t prompt you or display the person’s name in the list that pops up.

If you want to tag someone, you’ll have to search for their name. This specific individual will not be notified of the same occurrences on Facebook.

Does Anyone Identify That You “Take a Break” On Facebook

Nobody knows you’ve taken some time away from someone. It also encompasses the other individual. The other individual might be skeptical of your actions. Your postings will stop displaying in their feed, and they will be unable to read your wall posts. Between you and Facebook, there’s a small secret.

Ways To Take A Break from Someone From Facebook App

Friends option
  • Then, from the pop-up menu, select “Take a Break.”
take a break feature
  • You can now tailor that user’s activities to you. Under the “See less of (Friend Name)” column, tap “See Options.” “Limit where you see (Friend Name)” is the option.
profile settings friends
limit options for friend
  • When you tap “Save,” all of that friends or tagged, friend’s postings will be removed from your feed and timeline. You won’t be encouraged to send him a message or tag him in photos.
  • Under the “Limit what (Friend Name) will view” box, tap “See Options.”
limit see options
  • Tap “Save” after selecting “Hide your posts from (Friend Name).”
  • It will put that friend on hold, preventing them from seeing or responding to any of your Facebook postings.
  • If you’ve tagged that person in previous postings, they will be able to see them. To impose limits on those positions, follow these steps:
  • Under the “Edit who can see prior posts” box, tap “See choices.”
  • Tap “Save” after selecting “Edit all of my posts and posts that I’m tagged in.”
  • It will hide all of your previous posts in which you and that friend have been tagged.

Tutorial: How to Undo/ Remove Take a Break on Facebook Friends (Android Phone)

If you wish to remove the limits from that person after some time, you may do so with only a few clicks. To learn “How to reverse “take a break” on Facebook,” follow these steps:

1. Stop Taking a Break Indirectly

  • Open the Take a Break link on the Facebook page. Enter the name of the person you were taking a break from.
  • To use the take-a-break option in the mobile apps, follow the procedures outlined above.
  • Go to the take a break feature’s customization screen. You must restore the settings to their original state. Select ‘See [name] anywhere on Facebook’ in the first section.
  • Select ‘No longer limit what [name] can view’ in the second area.
see all options
  • Finally, under the last column, select ‘Keep all posts as they are.’ Don’t forget to click Save at the bottom of each section.
limit what friend would see

2. Reverse Take a Break Directly

  • Return to the friend’s profile and tap “Take a break” to open the specific sections.
  • Restore the changes to default. That friend will be able to see your postings and message you again as a result of this.
  • On the Facebook web, this feature isn’t available. So, while you can’t do it on a PC browser, you can do it on a mobile device. 
  • The procedure is the same as with the app.

Can’t Find Friends After Using “Taking a Break” Feature

When you quit taking a break from someone, things don’t return to normal. There could be several explanations for this.

  • Either person could have blocked you.
  • They may be taking a break from you.
  • If the person you’re looking for isn’t on your list, they may have unfriended you.

If none of them are genuine and you still can’t find the individual, ask them to send you a link to their profile. You can add them without having to look for them.


I am aware of the situation. By blocking or unfriending the other person, you don’t want to offend them. Taking a break is an excellent choice for this. Their posts are no longer visible in your feed, and your posts are similarly hidden from them.