Learn How To Sync Android Phones: 6 Methods

Sync Android Phones

How to sync android devices? Can you sync two android phones and more? This is the ultimate guide that will give you all the answers.

Whether you’re looking to transfer data or share it with friends, you can do whatever you like, even if you want to use a new phone with pre-existing data.

Follow the instructions and clarify all the doubts that you have, as well. So, let’s begin:

Can You Sync Android Phones?

can you sync android phones

The quick answer is that you can. The long answer is that it will depend on what you need to do:

  • You will need one drive and an active connection to sync files and other media. This is for whenever you want to share media without any problem.
  • To sync data like contact information, email, and such. You will need things like Google, Samsung, and Apple accounts.
  • And to sync other data, you will need different options.
  • Similarly, you will have to use a transfer option to transfer your old data to a new phone.

How To Sync Your Android Devices?

  1. Sync Your Accounts 
  2. Use The Bluetooth Application
  3. Type-C To Type-C USB Cable 
  4. New Android Phone Transfer 
  5. Turn On Your Auto-Sync For Cloud Storage
  6. Create And Restore Backup On New Phone 

1. Sync Your Accounts

Almost every android smartphone has an option for you to log into the Google Account. It has become a kind of necessity.

They might ask for their email ID if you’re using a Samsung or another brand’s phone. For example, Samsung has Samsung Email IDs.

The device asks for the account to sync various data. Thus, you can quickly transfer data from the old phone to the second phone (the new one).

So, ensure that syncing is active on Google Accounts:

  • Open the phone’s settings app. 
Open Phone's settings from control panel
  • You will see your Account name at the top of the Accounts option. If it is not at the top, it will be someone in Settings.
accounts in Settings
  • Find the Accounts option and then select the Google Account on the old phone.
Accounts in an Android phone
  • You will see two options – Google Account and Account Sync.
selecting Account & Sync option
  • Click on Sync; you can toggle it on or off to sync data with your account.
toggles to sync the settings
  • Now log into the same account on the new phone. It will ask you if you want to Sync the data, and you can press Yes.
logging into the Gmail account
  • Sometimes, you will have to go to Settings, then find About Phone.
  • Find Google Account and then the Account Sync option in there.
  • Tap on Sync Now to sync the devices manually.

To Make A Backup On Google Account

Backup data in System settings
  • Go to the Settings of your Phone and select the System option. Find the Backup Data option. Select Google Server.
selecting Google Server in Backup data option
  • Toggle the Back Up My Data on. 
  • Check the Backup account. 
  • Toggle on the Back Up To Google Drive option.
  • Next, select Backup Now. This will back up everything that you currently have.

2. Use The Bluetooth Application

Another old-school method is for you to use Bluetooth connectivity. For as long as we can remember, Bluetooth has temporarily been a great way to sync devices.

So, what do you have to do? Establish a Bluetooth connection:

  • First, go to your phone’s Control Panel, and activate the Bluetooth feature (toggle it on).
toggling Bluetooth on
  • Then use one of the phones and long press the Bluetooth button. This will lead you to more settings.
Bluetooth options and adding new device
  • Select ‘Pair New Device’ and then wait for it to search your other device.
pairing new devices
  • After that, please select it and accept the pairing request on the other phone. In some cases, you might have to also provide a passcode for the connection.
  • Once you do so, your phones will be connected.

A Bluetooth connection allows you to send and receive files, texts, data, and more easily. It doesn’t need an active cellular network or internet connection either.

But remember Bluetooth connections and sync work only for a short distance. It won’t work for anything way too far apart.

3. Type-C To Type-C USB Cable 

type c to type c

The best thing about the latest technology is the Type-C USB Ports. Of course, some wouldn’t like it if the companies replaced the jack with the port. But apart from that, you get added high-speed connectivity options.

So, another way for you to sync phones to transfer data is by connecting through USB:

  • Buy a Type-C to Type-C cable. Make sure both your phones have Type C ports. This solution will only work on those phones. If you have a micro SD port, or anything else, it won’t work.
  • Then connect one Type-C side to one phone and one to another.
connecting phones by using type c to type c
  • There will be options on both phones to allow access to each other. Do so, and you will have physical sync and connection.
select any of the following options
  • This will last for as long as you keep the cables attached.
  • It is great for high-speed transfers and such.

4. New Android Phone Transfer 

Setting up a new phone

This step is more about transferring data to the new phone than syncing them. After all, most people sync phones to transfer data to new phones unless they share things with their friends.

So, if that’s the case, use other options. If not, use this one:

  • Go ahead and switch on your new Phone. See if there is an option for you to transfer data by using something like the EasyShare app: 
using EasyShare app to transfer data from old to new phone
  • Select the new and old phones, respectively.
option to select old or new phone
  • Each app will have respective steps. So, you might have to use different steps and guides.
  • It will ask you to connect to the Cellular Internet or Wi-Fi. Provide it.
how do you want to connect?
  • Then it will ask for Accounts and such. You can go ahead and do that.
  • If you have a Samsung Phone, it will ask for a Samsung Account. Otherwise, most phones ask for a Google Account.
logging in on google account
  • It will ask if you want to sync, and you can do that. Of course, there will also be an option to choose whether you have a new phone or want to transfer data from the old phone.
choose the backup to restore
  • You can choose the option to transfer from your old phone.
  • This step only works if you have two phones of the same brand. For example, transferring the Samsung phone’s data to the new Samsung Phone.
  • You might have to download third-party transfer tools if you don’t have the same phone brand. They aren’t the most reliable.

5. Turn On Your Auto-Sync For Cloud Storage

sync my drive to this computer

If you only use Google Drive, your Google Account sync will take care of everything. Still, you can visit Google Drive to ensure the syncing is on. You will have to activate sync for:

syncing google photos with desktop PC
  • Activate Google Photos and sync it with your Gallery to automatically back up the images.
  • Open Google Photos and click on your Profile Picture. This will open a Menu.
  • Next, go to Photos Settings. Go to Backup & Sync and turn it on. Make sure you also change the mode or quality to high if you want the original quality backup.
  • Your Google docs will be needed to back up any documents to Google Drive.
  • You can go to Google Drive, manage folders, and transfer files for cloud syncing. Then share the Google Account with another device to access Google Drive. This syncing works great.
  • You can also add more people to your Google Drive or Folder by sharing and adding an email address. This is a great way to sync and share data.

Samsung users also have a Cloud option separately for it. They will have to:

  • First, open the Settings Menu of your Phone.
  • Find Cloud and Accounts settings.
  • Go to more options and enable auto-sync for the Samsung Cloud to work with your data.

Now, if you use One Drive, you must do the same and log in to the One Drive account on the phone and then on the other device.

Most Cloud Storage services work in the same manner.

6. Create And Restore Backup On New Phone

create backup now

This step is technically related to Google and other accounts. But many apps also come with their standalone backup service. For example, WhatsApp has the option to make backups. Similarly, all games and other services have it.

So what you can do is:

  • Open the respective App or Game.
  • Then go to the Apps Setting. Find the option for Backup and Storage.
  • See if there is an option for you to create a backup. If there is, click on it and let it do the job.
  • After that, log in to the same account on the new device.
  • Then click on the restore backup option in the settings.
  • Easily, this will restore all your data.

Now, this isn’t precisely syncing. Most apps and services only allow one account per device. So you might log out from the previous one.

Some exceptions to this are when you’re using an extension of the service. For example, using Whatsapp Web with a Phone, Whatsapp won’t log out of the phone app.

Conclusion – Sync Android Smartphones 

Now you know everything about how to sync android phones. Whether you’re looking to use Google Servers (driver) or access via media device.

Whenever you have a new phone or need to share data with your friends, you will know how to get it done. Hopefully, you found some of the most valuable options.

Remember, each app will have a different way of syncing, so you must try that separately.

This was exclusively for Android phones, not different devices or smartphones. That is an entirely different spectrum.