2 Best Ways To Stream Netflix On Discord

Discord is a great place to hang out with your friends. Discord gathers people with similar interests from around the world. Sometimes you like to make a live show on Discord, sharing a particular movie or scene from Netflix. In this article, you will learn how to stream Netflix on discord and enjoy with your friends on Discord Live.

stream netflix on discord

Screen Share Or Stream A Netflix Website Screen In Discord PC

Sharing a live reaction video while watching funny movie scenes is a new trend. People like to share their reactions to some funny and interesting content. So if you’re using Discord to share such videos with your online friends, here’s a guide on how to share Netflix screen live on Discord.

  • Launch your default web browser on your PC. Here, we’ll open the Chrome browser.
  • Visit the Netflix website. 
  • Log in to your Netflix account.
  • Simultaneously, open the Discord application.
  • Connect to a server in Discord. Or, create your private discord server.
Open the Discord Settings menu by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Open the User Settings menu on Discord. Click on the gear icon beside your username at the bottom of the page.
  • Choose the Activity Status option under the Activity Settings section.
Go to Activity Status. Then click on Add it.
  • Click on Add it. Then select the Google Chrome browser tab.
  • Now click on the Add Game option.
Choose the Screen you want to stream and click on Add Game.
Exit the settings menu. And click on the Screen icon beside the Web browser name.
  • A Screen Share pop-up tab will appear on the screen. Select the tab displaying Netflix.
  • Adjust the optimal streaming configurations(e.g set the resolution to 720p). Then click on the Go Live button.
Set the resolution of the stream and click on Go Live.

Now you can choose the Netflix show you want to share live on Discord.

Screen Share Or Stream Netflix Screen On Discord Mobile[Android/iPhone]

There is still no feature available on Android phones and iOS platforms that lets you stream Netflix on Discord. The Android and iOS versions of the Discord app allow you to make voice calls and video calls. And watch live streams by tapping the option Join Stream. 

Common Issues Faced By Users On Discord

When you are trying to screen share Netflix or stream your game session live o Discord, you may face some common issues. Here, different Discord errors and corresponding solutions are written in great detail. Hopefully, you can refer to these solutions and fix the Discord issues that run out on your PC.

Streaming Netflix On Discord Without Audio

Streaming without Audio on discord is a common issue that users face. Both players and viewers face this error. Let’s look at the reasons which are responsible for creating audio issues.

  • Administrative Access- If the Discord application on your PC doesn’t have administrative access to some features. Then such audio errors are prone to occur on your PC. 
  • Corrupt Audio Drivers- Another reason that many users have reported. Because corrupt or out-of-date audio drivers affect the audio signal output, you can only watch the dynamic pictures without audio.
  • Screen Share Feature Lacks Stability- It is another reason why you can’t hear any type of sound on Discord Live. And to fix this issue, enable all audio devices and grant Discord the required permissions on Windows computers.

Streaming Netflix On Discord With A Black Screen

Did you ever stream a black screen? Of course, you have. Or else why are you reading this article? Streaming Black screen is a common issue faced by Discord players. Almost every player has a very high chance to experience this issue. 

Players face this error because of outdated/corrupt graphics river, issues with recent updates, or unfavorable Discord settings. Below is a list of some useful tips which you can use to fix the Discord Black Screen issue.

  • “End Task” or kill all processes related to Discord on Task Manager.
  • Update Discord application.
  • Update your PC’s graphics driver.
  • Kill all unnecessary programs.
  • Run discord as Administrator. Or grant administrator access to the Discord application.

If you still stream a black screen on Discord. You can try following these solutions.

1. Disable Hardware Acceleration

When you run an app on your PC, it uses a standard amount of CPU resources. But when the app runs a heavy task such as Screen Share on Discord. It starts to use other CPU resources(use hardware acceleration) to increase the output quality.

Now, if you have assembled your PC with high configuration hardware, then it will increase the performance. However, it is considered a burden for weak PC configuration, and problems will surely arise.

  • Launch the Discord App.
  • Open the Settings tab. Click on the gear icon beside your username at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the Advanced option under the App Settings section.
  • Check whether the tick box beside Hardware Acceleration is marked. Toggle off the tick mark if it is.
Go to Advanced tab under the App Settings section. Disable the Hardware Acceleration option.
  • Confirm your change in settings by selecting Okay.
  • Restart the Discord.

2. Clear Discord Cache

Discord cache folder stores account settings data and preferences. Over time it may become corrupt and cause a Black screen during a live discord session. To check if the Discord cache file is the main cause behind the black screen issue, try clearing out the Discord Cache folder.

  • Open the Windows Run dialog box.
Open the Run dialog box. Enter "%AppData%", then hit the Enter button.
  • Enter the keyword “%appData%” and hit the Enter button.
  • Find the Discord folder, right-click on this folder, and select Delete.
Permanently delete the Discord cache folder.
  • Restart your Discord application.

3. Run Discord In Compatibility Mode

In most cases, Discord runs perfectly without any administrator privileges. But if you ever come face to face with such a situation, then you have to grant administrator access. And run the Discord app in compatibility mode.

  • Right-click on the Discord application icon and select properties.
  • Go to the Compatibility tab.
  • Tick the checkbox option corresponding to Run this program in compatibility mode.
  • Select the version of Windows OS from the drop-down box.
  • Click on Apply, then click on Ok.


Discord is a popular VoIP(voice over IP) app. And it is used mostly by gamers. Players gather from all over the world to create groups with similar interests and communicate with each other. Also, some users want to stream movies or particular scenes on Discord. Especially, Netflix streaming is increasing in popularity. 

Hope that you have gained knowledge about live streaming on Discord. And some common problems you may face when you try to go live on Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How To Screen Share Netflix on Discord?

You need to play a Netflix show on your default web browser tab. While simultaneously, screen share this browser screen on Discord. To do this, click on the gear icon beside your Discord username. Make sure you have joined a Discord server or, created your private server. Navigate to Activity Status. Click on the option Add it.
Select the Web Browser from the drop-down box, then click on Add Game option. Exit the settings tab. Then choose the Screen icon beside the Web browser name. Select the Netflix tab when the Screen Share window pops up. Then click on the button Go Live.

How Do You Watch a Stream on Discord?

It takes just one click to join a Live stream. A live icon will be displayed when someone starts streaming. Click on the “Join Stream” option, and you will be able to watch the live stream and engage in discussion. 

What Is Discord Go Live?

The “Go Live” feature allows gamers to share their game session with their friends. It is allowed to share the screen with a maximum of 10 players, simultaneously over a voice channel. This feature was introduced to allow players to feel as if they are playing in a room full of friends. And they can showcase their game strategies and other skills.
“Go Live” works best with the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Although it also works with web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Why Do I Get A Black Screen When I Stream Netflix on Discord?

Streaming Black screen is a common issue faced by Discord players. Players face this error because of outdated/corrupt graphics river, issues with recent updates, or unfavorable Discord settings. You can follow the following tips to fix this Black Screen issue. Keep your graphics card driver up-to-date. Also, you can try updating the Discord application.
Clear out the Discord cache folder.
Grant Administrator access to Discord app. Disable the hardware acceleration if your PC configuration doesn’t support it. And lastly, you can run Discord in compatibility mode.

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