Stop YouTube From Pausing Automatically (10 Best Ways)

YouTube often provides uninterrupted video viewing. Sometimes even the biggest video streaming service in the world falls short. In reality, many people complain about their devices’ YouTube pausing troubles. Keep reading more about this issue and how to Stop Youtube From Pausing.

10 Best Ways To Stop Youtube From Pausing Automatically | Turn Off Youtube Auto Pause

YouTube frequently pauses due to malfunctioning hardware, while internal issues with YouTube occasionally occur. I will discuss some more causes for this problem that may exist in the paragraphs that follow.

Why Does Youtube Pause Automatically?

Why Does Youtube Pause Automatically?

If you’ve used YouTube for a long, there’s a good chance you’ve run into a problem with the app at some point. You will experience that your youtube video pauses between the song or a video. However, further research may be necessary if the condition persists over an extended period.

  • Your video may pause for various reasons, such as YouTube’s default settings, browser issues, out-of-date software, or a sluggish internet connection. 
  • Your YouTube video is halting primarily because the Auto-Pause option is turned on by default. 
  • This feature will pause the videos if you haven’t touched the device in a while, ensuring that you don’t miss any important details in what you were watching.

Causes Of Youtube Keeps Pausing Issue

Break reminder On Youtube

Use the new “Remind Me to Take a Break” function on YouTube. It can be one of the causes of the periodic pausing of your video. 

This new function aids in keeping you from watching too much YouTube. It serves as a reminder to get away from YouTube and appreciate life.

Headphone Jack Issue

Some headphone sets contain an auto-pause feature if the YouTube app believes you have disconnected your earbuds. Pay particular attention to the pauses in your video.

YouTube will pause if you’re moving, your wireless headphones run short on battery life, or your headphone jack is broken. This often signals the phone to pause the video, and anything else is playing.

Carrier Network Issues

Your YouTube video might pause if there is a network outage. The video may be buffering, or there is a short service fault.

Every time there is a network issue, YouTube’s built-in algorithm pauses the video. After which, it plays the video after waiting for some videos to download.

YouTube Default Settings

Due to the Auto-Pause function being the default, YouTube videos may pause. If you’ve been inactive, this feature is intended to pause the videos. This will save you from overlooking crucial information in the stuff you were watching.

The auto-pause option can disrupt your experience if you’re trying to watch a YouTube video while doing other things like cooking, working, or cleaning. Right now, we can not turn off auto-pause on YouTube.

Web Browser Issues

In addition to internet problems, several browsers can make YouTube halt videos. Cookies, cache files, or certain extensions may cause a bug that prevents the video from loading properly.

YouTube Bugs

YouTube is not complete proof of errors or defects in the software. It may be worthwhile to visit YouTube’s Help Center if you are certain that nothing is amiss on your end.

Watch for a YouTube update to determine if this is a bug that causes random YouTube video stops.

How To Stop Youtube From Pausing automatically?

Here are the dew tips and tricks that can help you to stop youtube from automatically pausing. Follow these to stop Youtube From Pausing.

  1. Turn Off Auto Pause With Browser Extension
  2. Disable the remind Me To Take A Break Feature On Youtube
  3. Close Any Background Stream/Video In the Browser
  4. Replace Faulty Audio Jack or Headphones
  5. Download The Video On Your Device
  6. Fix Network Issue
  7. Reduce Youtube Video Playback Quality
  8. Clear Your Phone Storage
  9. Too Many Advertisements By The Video Owner
  10. Check If Your Device Has Some Issues

Methods To Stop Youtube From Auto Pausing

1. Turn Off Auto Pause With Browser Extension

1. Turn Off Auto Pause With Browser Extension

Numerous browser add-ons prevent YouTube from pausing automatically in the background. Two of the most used browser add-ons are “AutoTube,” “Youtube Nonstop,” and “YouTube Auto Pause Blocker.” Both are reliable plugins that will keep YouTube streaming without interruption and are available on Firefox and Chrome.

  • These browser add-ons function in a very basic manner.
  • They give the impression that you are active on the page, which keeps YouTube from pausing your films.
  • The plugin simulates mouse activity to prevent YouTube from assuming you are inactive.
youtube non stop extension
  • Install one of these extensions and continue streaming if you’re sick of your computer’s YouTube always halting.
  • Check if these plug-ins help to stop Youtube From Pausing.

2. Disable the Remind Me To Take A Break Feature On Youtube

Check if the “Remind me to take a break” option is enabled. When you use the app, the screen will halt thanks to a unique function on YouTube that kicks in after a predetermined period. When you require a break from the screen, the feature is helpful.

Turning it off is the same for iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones.

  • Tap the profile photo in the YouTube app on your phone.
  • Click Settings, then select General.
Click Settings, then select General.

Select General in Settings
  • Switch off next to Remind me to take a break.
Switch off next to Remind me to take a break
  • Check if disabling this feature helps to stop Youtube From Pausing.

3. Close Any Background Stream/Video In the Browser

When you execute software programs, their data is stored in the device’s RAM. Your device uses more RAM the more background programs and apps you have running.

As a result, if your device’s RAM is low or running low while running numerous processes concurrently, some apps will begin to hang or stop temporarily.

  • It’s simple to pause YouTube videos when this momentary freezing occurs.
  • Close background-running apps and programs if you think your RAM is getting close to its limit.
Close Any Background Stream/Video In the Browser
  • Your YouTube software can function without issue and stop Youtube From Pausing repeatedly.

4. Replace Faulty Audio Jack or Headphones

Replace Faulty Audio Jack or Headphones

Although you would assume that the problem is with your computer or the internet, the real culprits are occasionally the headphones. The videos may pause if your headphones are damaged or aren’t securely connected to your device.

A mechanism activates if one of the AirPods comes loose in your ear because so many people use them. It may pause your music videos or video until you put it back in your ear properly.

  • Try different headphones and see if the issue still exists to determine if the headphones are to blame.
  • Check that the headphones are securely fastened.
Check that the headphones are securely fastened.
  • Plug the jack back in after unplugging the headphones to ensure it works.
  • Additionally, you might try cleaning your headphone jack.
  • If your phone’s audio jack has to be cleaned, it’s crucial if your earbuds are malfunctioning.
  • You have the choice of doing it yourself or getting assistance.
  • Although you might be able to execute this task independently, using a professional service facility’s assistance is strongly advised.
  • If you want to clean your earphone jack by yourself, blow any accumulated dust or fuzz out with air pressure.
remove dust from jack
  • You can also completely clean any dirt from your damaged earbuds plug with a wet cotton ball.
  • If headphones are faulty, then replacing them will stop Youtube From Pausing.

5. Download The Video On Your Device

Go to YouTube, copy the URL, then save the video file to your PC to get started. YouTube videos can be saved using a variety of software programs. By using third-party software, you run the risk of downloading broken or inaccessible videos.

It is therefore recommended to download YouTube videos directly without using any program. Additionally, YouTube offers a special function that enables downloading of videos.

By doing the following, you can download YouTube videos:

  • Open the YouTube app on your smartphone to start downloading.
  • Make sure your Google account is active and logged in.
  • Find the videos you need to watch or download by simply searching.
  • Just below the video, select the three-dot menu.
  • Click on Download. The process of downloading will begin.
Click on Download
  • Go to Options and Downloaded videos under the profile icon to change the downloading resolution.
change the downloading resolution
  • The drop-down menu will allow you to choose the download quality.
  • Check if this help to stop Youtube From Pausing.

How to Download Youtube Videos On a Computer

  • Open your browser and go to Youtube.
  • Make sure you are using the most recent browser version for improved performance.
  • Find the video you want to download and launch it.
  • Select the “save button” from the three-dot menu after the video.
save the youtube videos
  • The browser’s downloads section will contain the downloaded video.
  • Videos that have been downloaded play without any buffering or internet problems.

6. Fix Network Issue

Fix Network Issue if any

When you see the buffering icon, you’ll be able to tell if a faulty network causes the problem. When YouTube videos pause, it’s worth checking your network if you notice the buffering icon appears. Network issues can be a big source of stopping Youtube From Pausing.

  • Reset the router on your network.
  • If you are currently utilizing Wi-Fi, try connecting an Ethernet cable.
  • A different network source should be accessed.

7. Reduce Youtube Video Playback Quality

Reducing the quality of the YouTube video playback can assist resolve network problems. All you have to do is lower the video’s quality. Less bandwidth will be needed to load the YouTube video in this manner.

  • On the screen where YouTube videos are playing, click the Settings button.
  • Select Quality Settings for YouTube video playback quality.
Select Quality Settings for YouTube video playback quality
  • Select a lower quality option from the list than the one you are presently streaming on.

8. Clear Your Phone Storage

Clear Your Phone Storage

You may also see YouTube video pauses if your device runs out of storage. Your device keeps breaking down because it requires less storage to function.

You don’t have enough storage because you have too many unused apps installed on your phone, or your phone doesn’t have enough storage. Devices with 16 and 32 GB storage capacities are more likely to have this.

  • On your device, remove all unnecessary programs.
  • Both the settings and the apps section allow you to do that.
  • Follow these methods to remove something from the settings:
  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Visit Apps.
  • Choose the Downloaded apps menu item.
  • Just remove the useless ones.
remove useless apps
  • Switch off your phone.

9. Too Many Advertisements By The Video Owner

Too Many Advertisements By The Video Owner

It’s possible that your favorite content creator overloaded the video with advertisements. The videos’ advertisements can be grating, and I agree that many YouTubers have abused this chance to make as much money as possible.

It makes sense because adverts bring in money for these producers. A YouTube video that has too many commercials may pause and begin buffering.

  • You can view YouTube videos for hours without interruptions using an ad blocker.
  • Ad blocking plug-ins and extensions are available for Google Chrome and other browsers.
  • Find the ad blocker that works best for you, but be cautious since some of them include viruses and could harm your computer.

10. Check If Your Device Has Some Issues

Check If Your Device Has Some Issues

If you cannot identify problems with anything else, your gadget may be the underlying issue. Applications can stop functioning properly when your device has hardware or software problems.

  • Check for issues with your device.
  • Rebooting your device will fix any momentary issues.
  • To make a little room, close any open background programs.
  • Take your gadget to a device repair professional and have it completely checked if the issue is still present.
  • On your device, you can also try to resolve any software or technical problems as these might be a factor in the actual problem.


The Auto-Pause feature on YouTube detects inactivity and pauses your content if you are gone for an extended period. Browser extensions prevent this by giving the impression that you are actively using the page. To stop YouTube from pausing, follow all the instructions provided Above.

After going through all the solutions, you can stop youtube from automatically pausing. If the problem continues, then you can write to the youtube support page and narrate the issues faced by you. 


How Do I Stop Youtube From Auto Pausing?

The feature cannot even be turned off in YouTube’s settings. Installing a browser extension is required to prevent YouTube from automatically pausing your videos. Unfortunately, the patch does not work on mobile devices because a browser extension is required.

Why Does My Youtube Keep Pausing Itself?

The Auto-Pause option is activated by default, which is the main cause of your YouTube video pausing. If you haven’t touched the device for a long, this feature will pause the videos so you won’t miss any crucial information in what you were watching.

How Do I Stop Youtube From Pausing Music?

How to Stop Music on Mobile Devices From Pausing on YouTube. Relaunch the YouTube program. Restart your smartphone. Turn off and then back on your cellular data. Clear the cache on your YouTube app. Install YouTube again after uninstalling it. Update to the newest Android version.

How To Stop Youtube From Pausing Mobile?

Go to the “Settings” page on your mobile device or browser. On your mobile device, look for the “YouTube” app or go to the “Storage and Memory” section of the browser’s settings. Apply the “Clear cache” option that you find. Avoid choosing “Clear Data,” as doing so will delete all your YouTube data.