10 Easy Steps To Stop My Phone From Turning Off

Find out about the various reasons why a phone screen turns off or dims, and the steps to stop my phone from turning off.

stop my phone from turning off

Why and how to stop my phone from turning off?

The most common reason for a phone turning off on its own is because the battery isn’t properly placed. The size or space of the battery may fluctuate over time due to wear and tear. The battery loosens up and disengages from the phone connectors when you shake or shock your phone.

Why, on the other hand, does my phone continually freeze and restart?

Crashing, freezing, and restarting are all signs that a software or app is malfunctioning. This means your equipment isn’t broken, but it may need a good cleaning.

What’s more, why does my phone suddenly shut down without warning?

The most common reason for a phone turning off on its own is because the battery isn’t properly placed. The size or space of the battery may fluctuate over time due to wear and tear. Make sure the battery side of the battery touches your hand to apply pressure. The loose battery must be changed if the phone shuts off.

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however, How do I get my phone to stop turning off every 30 seconds? When you wish to change the screen timeout duration, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the notification panel and “Quick Settings.”

Tap the Coffee Mug icon under “Quick Settings.” By default, the screen timeout is set to “Infinite,” and the home screen does not turn off.

For the purpose of How can I prevent my iPhone from turning on by itself?

To get started, hit the “gear” icon on your keyboard to open the “Settings” app. In the “Settings” menu, choose “Display & Brightness.” In the “Display & Brightness” choices, scroll down to “Auto-Lock.” (If Low Power mode is enabled, Auto-Lock will be set to “30 Seconds,” and you won’t be able to change it.)

What’s the deal with my phone freezing all the time? For a number of reasons, an iPhone, Android, or other smartphones may freeze. A slow CPU, insufficient memory, or a lack of storage space might all be to fault. It’s possible that the software or a single app has a problem or issue.

1. What can I do to make my Samsung screen stay on for a longer time?

How to utilize the Samsung Galaxy’s ‘Always On Display feature to keep the screen on all the time.

  • Start by going to the Settings app.

  • The option “lock screen” should be chosen.
  • Go to screen timeout and choose the option “Always On Display”.
Always On Display
  • If it isn’t already on, swipe the button to the right to enable the “Always On Display” feature.
  • From the drop-down option, choose “Display Mode.”
  • Choose the desired option.

2. Verify that your phone is in Sleep mode

To begin, hit the POWER button to see whether the phone is indeed turned off. The phone did not power down if the screen quickly returns to the same screen as before. It is usual for the screen to turn off after a specific amount of time. Go to Settings and perform one of the following to change how long the screen remains on:

  • Select Display & Gestures from the drop-down menu.
  • Display, gestures, and buttons can all be tapped.
  • Press the Display button.
  • Click Advanced > Screen timeout settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Set the time before the screen shuts off if you don’t touch it for a certain amount of time.

3. Why does my screen turn off in the middle of a call?

Because the proximity sensor detects an impediment, your phone screen shuts off during conversations. When you hold the phone near your ear, this behavior is meant to protect you from mistakenly pushing any buttons.

4. Why does my screen shut down so quickly?

To preserve battery life on Android smartphones, the screen goes off after a certain amount of time. If your Android device’s screen shuts off too quickly, you may extend the time it takes for it to timeout while it is idle.

5. How can I keep my phone from turning off by itself?

If you want to disable Auto-Lock on your iOS device, follow these steps:

  • From the Home screen, open the Settings app.
  •  Select Display & Brightness from the Preferences menu.
  •  Select the Auto-Lock cell and tap it.
  •  From the drop-down menu, choose the Never option.

6. Why is my screen timeout always reset to 30 seconds?

Check to check if you have a power-saving mode turned on that is overriding your preferences. Under Device Care, look at your battery settings. If you have Optimize settings enabled, the screen timeout will be reset to 30 seconds every night at midnight.

7. What can I do to prevent my iPhone from restarting?

Let’s get started so you can quit screaming at the cat, “My iPhone keeps rebooting!”

  • Make a backup of your iPhone…
  • Update the software on your iPhone (iOS)…
  • To see whether an app is causing your iPhone to restart, go to Settings > General > Restart. …
  • All settings should be reset.
  • Remove the SIM card from your phone.
  • Hard Reset is a method of resetting a computer to its default settings.
  • Using iTunes, restore your iPhone.
  • Look for a hardware issue.

8. What can I do to keep my phone from turning black?

How to Fix Your Android Phone When It Goes Dark During Calls

  • Check the proximity sensor and the screen protector. …
  • Make use of AndroSensor.
  • You need to update your device. …
  • Back up your information and factory reset your phone. …
  • To address the problem once and for all, disable the proximity sensor.

9. What should you do if your phone becomes unresponsive and you are unable to switch it off?

What should I do if my Android phone becomes unresponsive?

The phone should be restarted. As a first step, turn your phone off and on again using the power button.

Force a restart of the computer. If the regular restart doesn’t work, press and hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time for at least seven seconds. …

Restart your phone.

When my phone’s screen is stuck, how can I restart it?

Restart your mobile device.

If your phone’s screen is frozen while it’s turned on, press and hold the power button for around 30 seconds to restart it.

What’s the deal with my phone being stuck on the starting screen?

It’s possible that an android phone stuck on the boot screen is simply due to a low battery. If a phone’s battery is low enough, it will not boot and will remain on the boot screen. Before you start the phone, plug it in and let it charge for a few minutes.

10. What are the other options to keep the screen on?

 Using the Developer Options

  •  Go to Settings > About Phone > seven times and touch on Build Number.
Developer Options
  •  Return to the Settings > System > Developer Options page.
Stay Awake
  •  Select the Stay Awake option and turn it on.
  • The screen will not turn off unless you remove the charger from your phone while it is charging. In such a scenario, the default option, which you chose in the display setting, will be enabled.

Through Apps from Third-Party Developers

You may also use a third-party app to prevent your phone’s screen from shutting off altogether. On the Play Store, there are a plethora of similar applications; we’re using “Caffeine.” Here’s how to put it to use:

  • Go to the Play Store and download Caffeine – Keep Screen On.
  •  Because the app is controlled by a toggle, you’ll need to add it to the Quick Settings panel.
  • To modify it, pull down the Quick Settings window and press the Pencil symbol.
  •  Now, among all the fast settings, seek the Coffee Mug symbol.
  • Holding and dragging the “Caffeine” toggle to the Quick Settings panel.
  • You may utilize the toggle at any moment while it is on the main Quick Settings panel.

Swipe down to activate the Quick Settings and press the Coffee Mug symbol whenever you wish to adjust the screen timeout time. It provides a lot of customization options, including the ability to set the screen timeout to Infinite by default.


This is how to prevent your smartphone’s screen from turning off while you’re reading something crucial. Which of the above-mentioned methods will you use to extend screen timeout on your phone? Let us know in the comments.


Where Is The Proximity Sensor?

The proximity sensor is positioned on the top front section of the phone (above the display) (above the display). The time required for the sensor to turn on or off the display before or after a call is fixed. The display may take several seconds to switch on or off.

How Can I Deactivate The Proximity Sensor?

1. Tap the “Phone” icon on your phone to access the Phone app. Then hit the “menu” button and pick “Settings” or “Call Settings.”
2. Disable the proximity sensor option in this menu. …
3. Retest your phone during a call.

How Can I Test My Phone Sensor?

Open the Phone app and choose Keypad from the drop-down menu, then enter *#0*#. A diagnostic page opens up with buttons for a number of checks.

What Is The Procedure For Enabling Sensor Mode?

Scroll down to “Quick settings developer tiles” under Developer choices. Toggle the “Sensors Off” switch on now. That is all there is to it.