4 Easy Steps to Change Steam Profile Backgrounds

Not all of us know that your Steam profile can have a custom background. Now that you do, we know it sounds very interesting. After all, which Steam user isn’t interested in having a unique background for their profile.

This can be a huge flex in front of your Steam friends when you enable this. If you do not know how to change your Steam profile background, this article will help you. 

How Can I Change My Steam Profile Backgrounds?

Switching to custom background for your Steam profile is very simple and requires only two steps, that are long. These steps just involve tinkering around with the interface for your Steam profile on your Steam client or the Steam website. 

These are the two parts of the procedure to change your profile background on Steam – 

  1. You will first have to buy the profile backgrounds and thereby, add them to your Steam inventory so that they can be accessed in the client for inserting onto your background.
  2. Place the chosen background onto your profile to look like how you want it to be, behind the interactive parts of the Steam profile interface.

Steps To Change Steam Profile Backgrounds

Step 1: Purchasing The Profile Backgrounds And Adding Them To The Steam Inventory

  1. Launch the Steam client on your PC.
Game Library in the Steam client for Windows 4 Easy Steps to Change Steam Profile Backgrounds

The Steam website is an alternative to let you add the background to your profile and so you can open a browser to take you to this website. 

  1. If you haven’t, log into the profile that you want to add a profile background to. Only then will you be able to access your games library, item inventory, and profile settings. 
  2. Open the View menu, at the top-left corner of the window and choose the Inventory option.
Inventory option in the View  menu

You will be able to see all the items that you have traded or put up for auction on the Steam game item market. These are usually game cards, coupons, or emoticons. These items can be exclusive for certain games in your library or for Steam, in general. 

  1. Go into the Steam tab and you’ll only be shown items that are related to the Steam client itself. 
Steam inventory
  1. Check there are any wallpapers on the list, by searching for them or scrolling down the list. There are chances that you received a wallpaper as a reward.
  2. If there are none available, go back to the Store page. 
  3. Choose the Points Shop tab from the panel above the FEATURED & RECOMMENDED section. 
Points Shop tab in the Steam STORE page
  1. In the Points Shop, go into the Backgrounds tab, on the left panel, to take a look at the number of points you have available for redeeming and find a background that suits your taste. 
Profile Backgrounds page in the Points Shop
  1. Select your desired wallpaper and purchase it with the points.
Purchase profile background window in the Steam client

You receive 100 points for store redemption for every $1 you spend on Steam, to buy games or in-game elements through Steam. 

Step 2: Changing The Steam Profile Backgrounds

Once the wallpaper purchase is complete or the presence of an existing background is detected, there are two options for you to equip the wallpaper. 

  1. You can select Equip now in the window of the background purchase confirmation. This will make the recently-redeemed purchase your background on your Steam profile. 
  2. The second choice is to equip a wallpaper later and not right after the purchase. You will have to return to the Steam profile inventory and enable the wallpaper through the Steam profile settings.
    1. Click on the Profile name menu and click on the View my profile option when it opens.
    2. In the Profile window, choose the Profile background option in the left panel.
View my profile option in the Steam menu
  1. Scroll down to find the set of backgrounds you have. 
Available profile backgrounds in the Steam settings
  1. Select the background to enable it. You can also change the size is. it expanded to, with the Fullscreen or Original Size radio buttons. 
Profile Background section in the Steam Profile settings page
Steam inventory with the newly added profile background

Where Can I Get The Best Steam Profile Backgrounds?

Steam is not the only place that offers profile backgrounds for your profile. Other websites have bigger lists of backgrounds. While the Steam profile allows users to buy with steam points, these third-party websites must be paid for a purchase. 

What Are My Options To Choose From For My Steam Profile Background?

These are some of the different categories that are available for choosing from the Steam Points store –

  • Bordered Steam Profile Backgrounds
  • Pixel Profile Background
  • Fantasy Profile Background
  • Space Profile Background
  • Abstract Profile Background
  • Pixel mini Profile Background
  • Abstract mini-Profile Background
  • Space mini-Profile Background
  • Retro mini-Profile Background

Can I Make A Custom Profile Background For My Steam Profile?

As much as we’d all like to have a customized background for our Steam profiles, this is not an available feature. This could be because people have inappropriate or offensive backgrounds, which should make things difficult for the Steam team to filter out and ban, with over 100 million people. There are no options for inserting a background of your own choice.


How Do You Get A Profile Background On Steam?

To get a Steam profile background, you will need Steam profile points. Then, go into the Points shop on your Steam client or website, and choose the profile background you want. After completing the purchase, click on the Equip now option to add the new background to your steam profile. 

What Are The Best Steam Profile Backgrounds?

There are many options for a Steam profile background in the Steam points shop. There are animated or unmoving backgrounds and game backgrounds from popular games.