7 Fixes For Steam Pending Transaction Error

It is very exciting when you purchase games for the first time. It can turn out to be the exact opposite when you cannot get the game and the Steam window throws an error message at you, saying that you do not get to download the game and have fun since “Your transaction cannot be completed because you have another pending transaction on your account”.

If you entered your payment credentials right and you are still not able to complete the pending transaction, we’ve got you. No, we are not getting you the game and instead, we’ll help you fix the Steam pending transaction error.

Factors That Cause The Steam Pending Transaction Error On Your System

There are four presumable factors that could have possibly caused the Pending Transaction Steam error on the Steam client. This issue occurs mostly on the Steam client for Windows and sometimes on the website. 

Network Issues

A network connection is needed to connect your bank server to the merchant site to make the payment on Steam or any other online payment system. Without a network, you will not be able to access the payments page on Steam or any other site. Make sure you have internet access before you initialize your payment method. Check certain ports and reset the network to fix it

Presence Of A VPN service Or Any Other Proxy

If you have an active VPN tool or a proxy server address, you will be located in a different location. This will change the steam server, download region, and currency to be paid with. When you try to make payments through a server, which you are not in, you will have problems.

Bank Server Issues

The problem can arise from your bank’s side or mostly because of a payment wallet error, under extremely rare circumstances. The only way is to wait for this issue out until the bank or payment application server is up and running again.

Existing Pending Transaction

If there are pending transactions that haven’t been completed or canceled, you will have to finish it so that you can proceed with the new pending purchase. You can sort this out in the checkout window. 

Solutions For Steam Pending Transaction Error Message

We offer you seven working solutions, that have worked on several occasions, as reported by users from Reddit. A couple of them have worked for us too. These are the seven different methods that can be used to fix the Steam pending transaction error on your PC. 

  1. Use A Different Payment Method
  2. Take A Look At Your Download Regions
  3. Check The Payment Currency
  4. See If The Steam Server Has An Outage
  5. Remove The Other Pending Transactions In Steam
  6. Get The Application Through The Steam Website
  7. Turn Off Your Proxy Settings

Fixing The Pending Transaction Steam Error Message

Your first workaround for the Steam transaction pending issue is to restart Steam and try to make the purchase. Then, reboot your PC and then, initiate the purchase. If these steps did not work, you will have to try the procedures mentioned above and explained below.

Use the below procedures to solve the pending transaction Steam error on the Steam client on your computer. 

Use A Different Payment Method

Your first method to try and fix the Steam pending transaction error is to try making the payment through another payment method. Steam services offer their customers several modes to make payments through a number of transaction portals like the Steam wallet,  VISA and MasterCard debit & credit cards, online banking, and digital wallets.

Different payment methods for transactions in the Steam client

Each of these portals has a unique way to confirm the payment in a secure manner. If the payment has been accepted, you will be able to see the game in your Steam library. This is the most straightforward method to fix the Steam pending transaction error. 

Take A Look At Your Download Regions

Steam has a lot of download regions that act as the Steam server for the user to connect with the web store and download Steam games or other applications. You can try changing it and then, making the pending transaction to check if it goes through. 

Follow these steps to switch to a different download region. 

  1. Launch the Steam application and click on the Steam menu, which is placed on the top-left corner of the screen.
  2. Select the Settings option and this will bring up the Settings window. 
  3. Go into the Downloads tab on the left panel menu.
  4. Find the Download Region section.
Download Region option in the Downloads Steam settings

Expand the drop-down menu. 

  1. Check if the existing region is your location. If not, choose yours or the one that is the closest to where you live. 
  2. Once this is done, click on the Ok button and try to process the transaction. 

If the payment goes through, it will be acknowledged and you will have the game. 

Check The Payment Currency

If you have moved from one server location to another, you might face this issue. There are chances that the payment method’s currency is different from the one you have now. To change this, you will have to make a payment in the newer currency. This will let you proceed with the pending purchase but you will have to pay for the game in the currency that you use at the place you are located in. 

For more information about this, go to the Account menu > Account details option > Store & Purchase history section > Update store country link

The Update Store Currency page in the Steam Windows Client

Changing the currency will not affect your account, games, or game achievements in any form. 

See If The Steam Server Has An Outage

You will not be able to make payments if the Steam server is not working or is under maintenance. To check if there are Steam server outages currently, you will have to visit a website that tracks server outages and crashes. We recommend using the Down Detector website. 

Down Detector page for Steam

You will just have to go to the site and choose your country. If your country does not have a server, select the one that is closest to yours or the one that is selected as your Download region.

Remove The Other Pending Transactions In Steam

As the error message states, one of the key reasons behind this issue is the existence of previously incomplete transactions on your Steam account. This is because the Steam client is programmed to show the Steam pending transaction issue when a user tries to make Steam transactions when there is an incomplete Steam purchase. You can try to cancel the pending purchases on your Steam account. 

These are the steps to cancel the pending transaction on your Steam account.

  1. Launch Steam and click on the account name drop-down menu on the top-right corner of the window.
  2. Select the Account details option and you will be taken to a page with information about your Steam account. 
Account details option in the Account menu
  1. Click on the View Purchase history option at the top of the Store & Purchase history section. 
View purchase history link in the Store and Purchase history section
  1. You’ll see a list of all the Steam purchases you have made. Check under the Type column for any pending transactions. 
  2. If there are any, click on it and then, click on the Cancel this transaction option. 
  3. Then, click Cancel my purchase to remove the purchase, in the confirmation window. 

You might have to repeat this process if you have more than one pending transaction, to cancel pending transactions in Steam. After your Steam purchase history is clear of all pending transactions, restart the Steam app and pay for the game again. 

Get The Application Through The Steam Website

The Steam client for your computer can be buggy and therefore, the payment vendor may not be able to carry out these transactions on this application. An alternative to this issue is to log into your Steam account on the Steam website and complete the payment for the pending transaction. 

Steam website main page

You will just have to search steam in a search engine or address bar and open the first search result, that isn’t an advertisement link. The login button on the top-right corner of the screen will help you connect with your account and make the necessary changes. 

Turn Off Your Proxy Settings

If you have an active VPN service or any other form of network proxy that hides your actual IP address, you will have a lot of network and connectivity-related issues on the internet. Disable them and try processing the transaction. It should be cleared instantly and you will be able to play the game in no time.

If these above steps do not work for you, contact Steam support and check if they are able to provide a solution to your issue. 

We hope you are playing your favorite games right now, after fixing the Steam pending transaction error on your computer. If you have more Steam-related issues, we have solutions to most of them. Happy Gaming!