How To Fix Steam Error Code 118

Encountering the steam error code 118 while playing steam games is a common problem that many steam users face. Steam is a famous gaming platform, where the users can easily get and install the digital versions of PC games, rather than going to a store and purchasing the video games.

This platform is pretty convenient for gamers all around the world, and it is widely used. However, there are complaints by the steam users that they experience the steam error code 118 during the game or when they try to open the store or library. Therefore, to tackle this situation, we have come up with some solutions that can help you in fixing this issue.

What is Steam Error Code 118 on the Steam Platform?

The error code 118 could be a connection error between the users and the steam server. You may get error messages like “Unable to connect to server. The server may be offline, or you may not be connected to the internet. This leads to this problem, which prevents you from loading the steam store or library on the steam platform. Let us now see the reasons behind this error message.

Reasons Behind Steam Error Code 118

Since this error is a communication error between the steam client and the server, here are some possible reasons for this issue.

  • Windows firewall: The reason behind the error code 118 is probably because of the Windows firewall, which may be blocking your software to connect with the steam server.
  • Low internet connection– If you encounter the error code 118, then the reason is sometimes because of your slow network connection.
  • Third-party background applications- Most of the time, your third-party applications on your computer may cause interference with the functioning of the steam server, which thereby leads to steam error code 118.
  • Computer virus– Another reason for the steam error is because of the virus on your computer, which may obstruct the functioning of the steam client.

Ways to Fix the Steam Error Code 118

It can be frustrating to experience the steam error code 118 when you are in a mood for playing some games on steam. However, there are some ways that you can use to fix the steam error code 118 on your computer. Check out the solutions to fix this problem.

Try to check if steam is blocked by the windows firewall

There are chances that your computer firewall is blocking steam. Here is how you can fix steam error code.

Step1- The first step is to open the windows defender firewall by opening your control panel. For this, you can easily type ‘windows defender firewall’ in the search box.

Steam Error Code 118

Step2- After opening the windows firewall, click on the option of ‘Allow an app or feature through windows defender firewall.’ You can find this in the top left panel.

Steam Error Code 118

Step3- You have to click on change settings for adjusting the app permissions.

Step4-Now, you have to make sure that you tick the public and private checkboxes for the steam client.

Steam Error Code 118

Step5- Finally, you can click on Ok to apply changes and run steam to check if this method was able to fix steam error code.

Try to disable the third-party applications

There are chances that the issue of error code 118 is because of third-party applications installed on your computer. To fix the issue, you can try to disable the applications by following these steps.

Step1- Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows key + R key, and type ‘msconfig.’ Press enter to open a new window.

Steam Error Code 118

Step2- Now, in the window that pops up, you have to go to the ‘services’ tab and untick the Microsoft services option called ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ at the left bottom of the window.

Step3- Select the disable all button after unchecking the option of ‘Hide all Microsoft services.’

Steam Error Code 118

Step4- Go to the ‘startup’ tab and click on ‘Open task manager.

Steam Error Code 118

Step5- Now, search for all the listed applications. You can right-click on the applications to disable them.

Step6- After disabling all the applications from the list, you can restart your computer and run steam.

Finally, check if this method was able to solve the 118 steam problem. However, if you are still unable to open the store page or library, then you can try out the next method.

Try to run an anti-virus scan on your computer

The issue of 118 error code could be because of viruses or malware in your PC. Therefore, you can scan your computer for viruses. You can follow these steps to scan your PC for viruses.

Step1- In the search bar, type windows security and click on it from the search results.

Steam Error Code 118

Step2- Go to the Virus and threat protection tab and click on the ‘scan options’ to get an expanded list.

Steam Error Code 118

Step3- Now, click on a full scan option and select scan now, where windows will automatically scan and detect your PC for Viruses.

Step4- Finally, take the necessary actions to remove the virus from your PC and check if this was able to fix the 118 steam issue.

Check your router and internet connectivity

Sometimes, you can also encounter the error code 118 on steam when you have an network issue or have low internet speed. Low or poor internet connectivity can interfere between the steam client and its database. You can try out these methods to fix your network connectivity.

  • You can restart your router by plugging out the power cord and then re-plugging it.
  • Try to disable your router features like status checking, QoS, dynamic packet filtering, or UPnP.
  • Keep your router at a high place to get the best range.

Now, you can run steam to check if this was able to solve the 118 steam error.


We hope the above solutions were able to help you solve the problem of this steam error code 118. If you know any other ways or solutions for tackling this situation, then let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the steam error code 105?

The steam error code 105 is a server issue encountered by steam gamers. A message is prompted on the screen, stating ‘Unable to connect to the server. The server may be offline, or you may not be connected to the internet’. The gamers get this message even after having an active internet connection. The common reason for this problem is because of faulty or slow internet connection, an activated adblocker on your PC or your DNS settings are blocking steam from connecting with the server.

How do I fix steam error 107 on steam?

For fixing this complication, you can follow the solutions that we have mentioned in our guide. The above solution may help you in resolving this matter.

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