10 Fixes For Steam Download Slow

Is your Steam download slow? Downloading a new game sounds like an impossible task now? At the same time, do other apps work just fine? Downloading games on Steam will become easy if you follow through with this guide.

This is a thorough guide to help you boost download speeds on Steam. It will also help you solve any errors related to the Steam client and download speeds. This is your one-stop solution, so let’s begin: 

steam client steam app windows 10

Solutions For Steam Download Slow 

  1. Clear Download Cache
  2. Try Different Download Server Location
  3. Temporarily Disable Firewall (Or Anti-Virus Software)
  4. End Additional Programs And File Downloads
  5. Check Network Connection Status
  6. Update The Network Driver
  7. Reinstall Steam
  8. Change The Bandwidth Limit
  9. Lower The Disk Usage
  10. Check For VPN Or Proxy

Fix Steam Download Slow 

1. Clear Steam Download Cache

Clearing download cache is the first step you should try. If you have low Steam download speed, this can solve the issue:

  • Launch the Steam app.
fix steam slow download speed issue
  • In the top-left corner, click on the ‘Steam’ option.
  • Then go to Settings.
steam left-panel settings option
  • Find Downloads in the option.
downloads settings in steam
  • There you will find the ‘Clear Download Cache’ option.
choose downloads clear cache option working properly
  • Click on it and click Ok to confirm.

Relaunch Steam Client and see if the download speed increases.

2. Try Different Download Server Location

This is the same solution as changing the Download region. You might be connected to the wrong Steam download server. It might be reducing the Steam download speed. Change the server location and see if this works out:

  • Once again, go to the ‘Steam’ option in the top-left corner—access Settings.
  • Go to Downloads and go to ‘Download Region.’
  • Click on the drop-down button and click on ‘Different download server location.’
select different download location or region on Steam
  • Once the process completes, click on OK.

Now, relaunch Steam and try downloading. See if this solves the problem. You could try different servers if the slow download issue didn’t fix.

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3. Temporarily Disable Firewall (Or Anti-Virus Software)

Often, the reason for slow internet or slow Steam downloads is due to the security software. Make sure to check for any anti-virus software that you have.

Go to its settings and exempt Steam from scanning for viruses, malware, and so on. This should be a temporary measure as Steam is connected to the internet all the time.

Next, you can also disable the firewall settings. If this option does work and you end up with a boost in Steam download speed, contact your vendor.

You can also try to reinstall Steam to see if Firewall causes any problem. To access Firewall Settings:

  • Go to the Search Bar and type Firewalls.
search bar windows firewall
  • You can also access it through Windows Settings or Control Panel.
  • Find the ‘Allow An App Through Firewall’ option.
allow an app through firewall for steam
  • Find Steam from the options and make sure to allow it on the networks.
steam and steam web helper enabled firewall
  • Rerun Steam and see if it fixes the problem.

4. End Additional Programs And File Downloads

There are two sides to this solution. The first solution is related to your drive. If there are programs that are working in the background, they can cause slow download speeds. It happens because these applications might be consuming internet speed.

So, the first step is to check for many other file downloads on your browser or another part of the PC. Next, right-click other apps, or extra Steam downloads should be paused. See if this solves the download speed issue.

If not, then go to Task Manager solution, follow these steps:

  • Right-click on your Taskbar and find ‘Task Manager.’
right click taskbar for task manager
  • Click on it to access it.
  • There, you will see all the tasks in the process. It will also show you the CPU/Bandwidth usage of the task.
task manager CPU memory disk network status
  • You can right-click on the non-essential tasks. Then click on ‘End Task’ to end them.
  • Repeat this process.

Remember that you might need some knowledge of the tasks before ending them. Ending a wrong task can lead to other issues.

5. Check Network Connection Status

Another cause for slow download speed may be the internet connection. The network connection issues are common.

Try these steps:

  • First, check that you’re connected to the internet properly. If it is a wired connection, check the network cable. If it is a wireless connection, check the Wi-fi signal and Wifi settings.
  • You might have to restart your entire system. First, disconnect the network connection. Then shut down the PC. Make sure to reset your router.
  • To reset the router, there is a button given behind the router. Long-press it for 10 seconds to reset the router.
  • You will have to reset the password and everything. But, a reset connection is better.
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If this doesn’t work, contact the internet service provider. The problem might be from their end.

6. Update The Network Driver

Did your Windows Update recently? With time, the hardware can grow outdated. You might have to replace it with a new router. But, that’s rarely the case if you have a high-speed router.

Another problem can be with network adapters. In other words, your network driver may be outdated. This might be causing unstable communication between the network devices. As a result, you might be losing internet connection speed.

  • In the search bar, type device manager.
launch device manager in search bar
  • Launch it and find ‘Network Adapters.’
find network adapters in device manager windows
  • Expand on it and right-click on the Network Adapter in use.
  • Go to properties and then the ‘Driver’ tab.+
access driver tap to update driver and other options
  • There, you will find various options related to the driver.
  • Select ‘Update Driver.’
update network drivers for download speed
  • Let the process go through, just follow the steps.

Restart the computer and see if it improves the internet connection speed. If it doesn’t you can roll back the driver by accessing the same options.

7. Reinstall Steam

uninstall steam opton

If none of the solutions has worked so far, you can try to reinstall the Steam client. The reason for slow Steam download speed could be some corrupted files:

  • Run the Steam Program (Client). Click Steam in the top left corner.
  • Go to settings and find ‘Backup And Restore Games.’
  • Make sure to backup all the files and programs that you want to.
  • You might have to select the location, backup file name, and size settings.
  • Once you finish the backup, exit Steam.
  • Press Windows + R to launch the Run Utility.
  • Type ‘appwiz.cpl’ and press enter.
  • Find Steam on the list, right-click on it, click Uninstall.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall Steam.
  • Then go back to the official website and install Steam again.
install steam internet download client
  • Once you log in, go. Just to Steam > Settings > Backup And Restore Games.
  • Find the restore point for your Steam. Go through with the options.
  • Once down, restart Steam.

It might take time for your Steam client to redownload and reinstall the Steam games. Once done, you can check if the download speed is working fine. 

8. Change The Bandwidth Limit

download restrictions bandwidth limit steam settings

Sometimes the slow download speed has to do with the download restrictions. Some connections and Steam clients automatically set these boundaries. To boost download speed in Steam download, follow these steps: 

  • Launch the Steam App. Once again, click Steam and go to Settings.
  • Go to Downloads and find the ‘Download Restrictions’ option.
  • See if there is a ‘Limit Bandwidth To’ option. It is a drop-down menu.
  • If there is any limit set, click on ‘No Limit.
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9. Lower The Disk Usage

Sometimes, the download process and speed have nothing to do with the program, app, or connection. It could be disk usage. The disk usage is known for hindering Steam downloading. So, you can try and fix the issue by following this command: 

  • Press Windows Key + R for Run Utility.
  • Type cmd and hit Enter.
  • Type ‘WPR – cancel’ in the command. Hit enter.

10. Check For VPN Or Proxy

Make sure that while you go through the solutions, you aren’t using a VPN. A VPN or proxy server will significantly decrease your internet speed. It will impact everything from the internet connection to the download speeds. The effect is not limited to Steam.

So, disable any VPN or proxy service. If you’re accessing regional content banned in your area, you’d have to use VPN. At which point, you can’t do much about slow internet speed. It is the price you’d have to pay to access worldwide content.

Often, using premium VPN tools like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and such is a better option. They provide world-class services and don’t impact the speed and performance too much.


How Do I Make Steam Download Faster?

To increase Steam download speed, you can change the download region. If that doesn’t work, check for the throttle downloads option. Next, change the download location and see if that fixes the problem. You can also change Steam Account to see if there were slow downloads due to the account. 

Is Steam Throttling My Download?

To check for throttle download, all you need to do is access the Steam client. Many users have complained that there are some problems with this option. Go to preferences in settings and find ‘Throttle Downloads While Steaming’ and disable it. 

Why is Steam download so unstable?

It’s possible that the lack of a cap on bandwidth could be a factor in Steam’s inconsistent download speeds. If you additionally have an unreliable internet connection, you’ll experience severely slow Steam download speeds.