Top 10 Best Spy Phone Apps For Android And iPhone

In today’s world with a lot of insecurities going on like cyberbullying, hacking, etc. We tend to desire technology that will help us monitor such activities so that we can implement the correct steps to deal with them. Nevertheless, much like anything else, the usage of phone spying apps can be both ethical and unethical, depending on the individual’s preferences.

This is a detailed analysis of the most popular Cell Phone Spy Apps, including features, comparisons, and cost. Choose the finest Spy Phone App from the options we have for you.

What is a spy phone app?

A smartphone monitoring software is known as Spy Phone Apps, Mobile phone spy app, or cell phone spy app. These applications allow the user to keep track of inbound and outbound phone calls, texts, and GPS.

The end-user is unaware of these apps because they are hidden and invisible. GPS locations, internet activity, and communications from apps like WhatsApp, and Snapchat are all tracked through this software.

The user can effectively unlock all of a smartphone’s capabilities if they have one in their palm. But if the user does not have access to the target device they can’t exactly spy around.

However, a free spy app without a target device for Android is available. These apps are popular in certain industries. For eg: parents who want to keep an eye on the activities of their children, while small companies can use them to track personnel.

Features of a spy phone app

The app gives customers the option of restricting specific actions or blocking the device’s use. It is critical for parents who want to keep their children safe. Spy apps give users access to a wide range of data, depending on the application they use.

Audio Surveillance

The Spy phone software listens in on all discussions in the proximity using the microphone on the targeted system without alerting the user to any odd behavior on their phone, such as a noise or a visual which might alarm the user.

This is a remote capability that allows the user to listen in on real-time conversations up to a set distance from the target phone. It has access to the phone’s microphone, and the user can utilize the dashboard to tell the app to start recording.

The procedure is straightforward, the recorded file is uploaded to the portal, and the user can listen to the entire discussion on their device remotely. The user can listen with their ears even if they are not present. The staff can no longer hide critical meeting agendas.

Phone call recording

Users can select a preferred time and date for voice recording days ahead of time. A spy phone app does not alert or notify the user of the recordings, unlike some other spy software. The device’s camera could also be used to capture images at predetermined intervals.

The user can examine call duration, call names, and overall calls. Even if the person has deleted their call log, you can still retrieve the past. Incoming calls can also be blocked for certain contacts, or all calls can also be blocked. 


The GPS/GSM localization tool of the Spy phone software allows the user to track the victim’s phone at any time and from any location. The user can retain tags on the individual they want to monitor and define time frames across localization checkpoints.

Within seconds, it will show the user’s location by tracking a phone. A map of the user’s exact location for a specific period can also be obtained. The history of the site can also be viewed by the user.

See Web Browser History

Web browser tracking allows you to see what web pages people are visiting on their phones. This capability is included in most cell phone monitoring apps. The ability to monitor staff internet browsing history is a fantastic feature.

Surveillance programs with a keylogger feature might even reveal search engine inquiries. For eg: If you’re seeking something that could function on a child’s phone and monitor their browsing history, Google Family Link is another fantastic option.

Keep an eye on social media and messaging apps

Nowadays, everyone utilizes a smartphone to access social networking applications. It provides you with some of the most access to just about any software available.

Social media spying is a new and highly effective function that allows the user to monitor their child’s, employee’s, or even partner’s continuing online presence. However, the harmful impact of social media apps is not veiled, and teenagers and young children are the ones who are most impacted.

Cybercrime is on the rise, and parents are concerned about their children’s safety. The user can keep a closer eye on such behavior by using mobile spy apps.

To track social networking apps, many spyware apps will demand you to root or jailbreak your device. However, the greatest will provide you with complete access without this time-consuming procedure.

Advantages of a spy phone app

Despite the difficulties, mobile spy apps for Android are serving humanity to the next level. After all, spy apps were created to focus on the advantages. Parents were the ones who were concerned about their children’s and teenagers’ use of social media.

Employers are also at risk these days due to cyber-ransomware assaults, frauds, and industrial espionage. Furthermore, people in relationships have become skeptical as a result of the surge in online dishonesty brought on by the availability of online dating apps.

As a result, all of society’s important actors want to spy on Android phones to prevent their anxieties and to cope with the critical crisis mobile phone tracking apps benefits to the maximum.

Let us have a look at some advantages:

Parental controls

The user can remotely access their child’s smartphone if he or she has one. You may also use the spy app’s features to install parental controls via a real-time screen recorder. 

The user can manage your child’s mobile device remotely, blocking internet access, incoming calls, and text messages, as well as viewing all loaded apps. The user may also keep an eye on the target phone’s surroundings and listen to and record its calls. 

The surveillance software also assists parents in developing more effective parenting practices by banning mature-content websites that could pollute their children’s minds at a young age.

Employee surveillance

Professional businesses nowadays use modern phone devices that run on the Android operating system.

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When staff is working from outside the office, the end-user can utilize GPS to track their whereabouts if appropriate. Customers’ phone calls with customer service personnel can also be listened to and recorded by employers. This can assist business owners in devising innovative methods to improve their operation, coordinate timely delivery of goods, and assure client happiness.

They utilize the devices to see if their employees are balancing their activities within their working hours, as well as to avoid the theft of the company’s intellectual property on android devices and goldbricking.

Track stolen phone

When you lose or have your phone stolen, your anonymity is jeopardized. Your phone may contain sensitive personal data that a stranger may easily access. Spying apps, on the other hand, can allow you to track your phone via GPS and location-based services. You can also put your phone on a lock or erase the storage to avoid others from accessing your data.

In today’s digital age, losing a mobile device isn’t just about the monetary loss; it’s also about the data loss, which is more unpleasant for everyone. If you’ve ever misplaced or lost your phone, or if you’re prone to forgetting or misplacing your phone, you should install destination software.

Email access

The user can acquire access to another person’s emails using mobile spying software. This allows the user to keep track of their bank receipts, as well as their inbound and outbound emails. The user may even look at their uber receipts to see where they’ve been going more frequently. Practically everything nowadays is connected to a Google account; getting access to a Google account allows the user access to just about everything.

Applications of a spy phone app

A phone surveillance app is used in a variety of businesses, primarily for security and tracking. Many industries require and are hesitant to utilize spy phone applications at the same time. However, if this technology is applied correctly, it can benefit people in a variety of sectors. Some of these fields are listed below:


When used correctly, spying apps can improve employee performance in the workplace. You can track how much time your employees spend on social media and browsing the internet, as well as blacklist websites that could be detrimental to the firm.


Spying applications aren’t just for tracking and spying. You can also utilize them to keep an eye on your elderly parent’s safety and security. If your parents live alone or in a nursing facility, you can keep track of their locations and request emergency assistance if you suspect something is awry.


Thieves will be deterred by anything installed or disguised, and the less they know about your surveillance system, the better. Thieves are always attempting to come up with new ways to avoid getting caught on video, so it’s crucial to keep them guessing as much as possible by varying your security measures across your property.

In this manner, if someone steals something before a proper surveillance setup is in place, there will be enough proof obtained somewhere else like in a phone spy app without the need for an exorbitant spy camera to be installed first.


In the vast majority of legal monitoring instances, authorities tap mobile devices as part of their inspections. A law enforcement organization, on the other hand, cannot start recording a person’s mobile phone activity without first building a good case.

Officers must demonstrate evidence of the act’s purpose to get a court ruling allowing mobile phone spying. The judge will look into it and determine whether the invasion of privacy is necessary.

Lawyers might employ a variety of strategies to keep evidence obtained by smartphone monitoring from reaching the courtroom. As a result, every time the police use this type of tracking, they are taking a risk.

However, this department makes use of phone spying applications to gain evidence.

Personal purposes

Ordinary citizens can also monitor their devices if they follow the state’s privacy regulations. It’s a fantastic resource for worried parents.

How does a spy phone app work?

Various applications have different capabilities and are constructed in various ways. However, the main purpose of such programs is to discreetly track conversations.

The user can use the app to track your partner’s phone or provide perspective into your child’s activities. Employers utilize these software programs to monitor their staff’s whereabouts as well.

The software is very easy to use and provides benefits without disclosing them to another person. Nobody will be aware that you will be spying because it runs in the background with no alert.

The procedure begins with the download and installation of software, followed by the entry of a device passcode or key to connect the device, and finally, the monitoring of activity.

First and foremost, download the software to your device and create an account. Then, in settings, input information for your partner’s phone, including the passcode or IMEI number if necessary. It will let you read messages, check call history, view messenger, and monitor the position of the device.

How to select the right spy phone app?

Because there are so many mobile spy apps available these days, you’ll have a lot of software companies to select from. You must conduct your research before purchasing any of the best-hidden spy apps to ensure you have made the appropriate decision. Let us look at a list of points that you need to take into consideration before selecting the spy phone app according to your preference:

Customer Service

The item itself could be excellent, however, if the customer support is inadequate, you will never be able to fully utilize the device. Check out the website’s live chat feature if it’s available. Pose a question about the phone spy app and see how well they are answered. Similarly, if a piece of contact information is offered on the website, double-check that it works.


Many people overlook this, but you really should always examine the location of the firm from which you are purchasing the mobile spy app. Pick a good corporation that is based in your nation so that you are not restricted by time zones. The firm’s geography also reveals its dependability and service excellence.


If you buy an electronic item online but it doesn’t arrive with a solid return policy, you run the jeopardy of losing your funds. Because you’ll never really know how a product will turn out unless you’ve tried it.

The problem with internet cell phone surveillance software is that few of them provide a free trial Because many people find that the free trial version is sufficient. To account for this possibility, several of the best spy applications provide a completely operational online demo as part of the free trial. 


The site not only gives you a better idea of the goods but also of the business. A good business always has a well-designed webpage. Together with information on the product, its characteristics, demonstrations, FAQs, manuals, etc, there is also knowledge about the firm, its geography, and assistance provided.

Check for sections such as Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Disclosure on the website. These sections will clarify your mind and assist you in deciding to choose whether or not to make purchases.

Is the spy phone app safe?

Depending on how it’s used, a spy phone app can be both safe and dangerous.

Collection of data is only permitted if the intended parties are aware that they are being tracked or that their discussions are being monitored. In all other circumstances. For eg: Utilising Flexispy could get you in trouble, with possible jail time as a result.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to avoid becoming a victim of illegal espionage:

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Install an antivirus

Although most spy phone programs are not legally classified as viruses, installing an antivirus is mandatory as some mobile antivirus software treats them as such. For example, F-Secure is an antivirus tool for Nokia Symbian phones and Windows Phones that scans your phone’s contents and deletes any files related to Flexispy and a few others.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your phone.

Most of us treat our phones as if they were diaries. They save a variety of confidential data, including commercial secrets and details about our connections. Keep your phone close at all times and treat it as if it were a diary.

Back up

It may be required to upgrade to a different phone or delete the storage of your present phone if someone installs a surveillance app on it to prevent them from tracking you down. Back up your SMS messages, contacts, and images to your computer so that they may be readily moved to a new phone in the event of an emergency.

Top 10 Best Phone Spy Apps For Android And iPhone

  1. Hoverwatch
  2. mSpy
  3. XNSPY
  4. uMobix
  5. ClevGuard
  6. TheOneSpy
  7. FlexiSPY
  8. Mobile Hidden Camera
  9. The Truth Spy
  10. eyeZy

According to the spy phone app review, we have aligned a list of the best applications available for both Android and iPhone.


The Hoverwatch concealed surveillance program, which was founded in 2002, successfully watches someone else’s PC or phone. It is a stealth phone spy app. that has a variety of low-cost options to select from, as well as great features like SMS tracking, GPS tracking, and even Facebook, and WhatsApp tracking.

Hoverwatch does an excellent job of providing a comprehensive view of the target user’s activities.

It is a spy phone online app that captures screenshots of user behavior and transmits them to the center console, where you can observe everything that’s been transpired.

Although this software is wonderful for keeping track of your teen, it’s also great for keeping track of your spouse or partner. However, Several tabs for specific elements are not supported.

Hoverwatch concealed surveillance program


  • On the target device, Hoverwatch can record incoming and outgoing calls.
  • It keeps track of Facebook messages, SMS, and other types of messages, as well as allows you to check the phone’s browsing history.
  • It includes features such as WhatsApp Spy, Snapchat Spy, and Viber Spy, among others.
  • It also offers several other features, such as tracking phone location, capturing screenshots, recognizing SIM card changes, tracking to-do lists, tracking calls, and so on.



mSpy is a spy phone tracker app, which was founded in 2010 and is particularly popular among parents who decide to maintain an eye on their children. This is made possible by the spy app’s features, which include, GPS tracking, online activity tracking, etc.

Furthermore, the software is extremely user-friendly and simple to use.

mSpy keeps track of all of your online activities.

This covers each web application the user has visited. It is ideal for parents who aren’t especially tech-savvy, thanks to its extensive list of customer assistance alternatives.

Furthermore, the program functions on jailbroken Android and iPhones, removing any further setup burden.

The most significant disadvantage is that kids may be able to deactivate the app if they discover it installed on their phones.

mSpy spy phone tracker app


  • The phone tracker stays undetectable.
  • This hidden program can be downloaded from your online account.
  • It allows you to see all of the data that the device user has acquired and delivered.
  • The Hoverwatch program records all of the websites that an Android device’s user visits.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms are all monitored.
  • Recovering deleted messages, restricting websites from afar, and so forth.
  • It’s equipped with a screen recorder.



XNSPY is the simplest and safest cell phone and tablet monitoring app available. It is a spy app for a cell phone that was founded in 2013 that tracks what your kids and staff are saying and who they are communicating with. In a comprehensive reporter technique, XNSPY is also a spy phone number app that allows you to instantly examine all call records and friends directory.

The user can read SMS, iMessage, and IM chats like WhatsApp, Viber, etc to see what they’re up to from afar. Five additional social networking platforms can also be used to keep track of the shared content. On the map, you can see where your children and staff are at any moment.

With XNSPY’s sophisticated and precise mobile monitoring app, you may check their location history remotely from their phones or tablets.

XNSPY download page


  • Texts, IM chats, and multimedia from WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Signal, Telegram, Tinder, and other apps can be monitored remotely.
  • View their daily online browsing habits or favorite callers, complete with a call time activity punch card for easy interpretation.
  • Get quick notifications when particular words appear in SMS, emails, phonebooks, or locations.
  • Track all of their emails, including the identities and email addresses of the senders.
  • Examine all of their images and movies on their phones. In addition, keep track of all of their future appointments.



uMobix is an undetectable phone spy app -no root- that creates apps for smartphones and mobile devices that allow parents to keep track of their children under the age of 18.

It also has a specific app for catching an unfaithful partner in the act, which includes useful features like a GPS finder, message monitoring, and more.

uMobix gives parents far more control over their children’s phones than other phone surveillance apps. It keeps track of your web activity, phone calls, text messages, and more!

The app, also known as affair detection software, is simple to use and has useful features such as a GPS location, the ability to retrieve all material from the target’s device, and the capacity to monitor sent and received responses.

In terms of drawbacks, while installing it on an iPhone, you’ll need the iCloud credential required for iOS.

uMobix undetectable phone spy app


  • Every discarded call, or message, as well as modified contacts, will remain visible to the user.
  • The user has access to the microphone and camera on the device.
  • Gain access to the user’s child’s device’s important settings. Restrict access to various phone functionalities to protect yourself from internet threats.
  • The best way to track movements is to use the powerful GPS tracker in conjunction with the complete interactive map.
  • Unless there is a function that allows the user to read text messages, mobile phone monitoring will not provide the user with the complete picture.
  • Track all facts about inbound, outbound, ignored, and even canceled phone calls.



ClevGuard is a free remote phone spy app that works in stealth mode and is not apparent to the user. It accomplishes this by posing as an Android system upgrade app that appears to be nearly indistinguishable from legitimate system functions.

It’s also difficult for a victim to recognize their smartphone has been hacked since there’s no application icon. It is a phone surveillance tool that allows you to keep track of your children’s activities from afar. This program allows the user to instantly retrieve phone data from any location.

This program also allows the user to instantly retrieve phone data from any location. It allows users to set Geo-Fencing and receive notifications when their kid enters or leaves it. 

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It is a free spy app for android phones as well as IOS.

ClevGuard free remote phone spy app


  • Allows the user to track a target device’s whereabouts using GPS and Wi-Fi.
  • The user can take screenshots from a distance.
  • Provides real-time synchronization through a 3G/4G network or over Wi-Fi.
  • The user has the power to monitor phone calls.
  • Multiple language support is available.
  • Email and chat support are available 24 hours a day.



ONESPY is the most widely used and trusted smartphone monitoring app. It is also a spy phone app for pc. The software has more than 30 features and is designed for child and staff tracking.

It allows users to install spy software on target devices invisibly and remotely control data traffic. Whether you’re a stressed-out parent concerned about your child’s smartphone ownership and screen time, or a business person concerned about employees procrastinating at work on their phones.

Once downloaded on the target cellular phone, TheOneSpy uses a web control panel to gather data remotely. The disadvantage is that the end-user must have a subscription, which can be obtained through the device’s browser window.

ONESPY free remote cell phone spy app


  • Text message logs, chats, and voice messages on social networks and messaging applications can all be monitored and read.
  • Monitor and observe the gallery on your target device, as well as access multimedia such as images, videos, and audio files.
  • Using live screen recording on your target device, record and see in 360 degrees, as well as hear voices and voice chats.
  • With a GPS tracker, you can track the target phone/exact computer’s location, route maps, and location history.
  • On the target device, monitor every keystroke for messages, chats, social networks, passwords, and email.



FlexiSPY is a hidden cell phone spy app that was founded in 2004. It can assist you in keeping track of all digital and audio interactions between Android and iPhone devices.

With this program, you can keep track of anything that happens on your PC or Mac. It is a spy phone app without root. It has features like tracking electronic information, observing social platforms and text messengers, etc.

It is simple to use after it’s been installed, and it’s also very effective. The user will discover everything they want from a phone spying app with about 150 spying functions.

With so many capabilities, such as the capability to see content, monitor target device position, and digital chats, this software makes it simple to keep records of your teen, spouse, etc

The main drawback is that it requires a jailbreak to be used for spying on an iPhone. For those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy, this stage can be challenging.

FlexiSPY hidden cell phone spy app


  • Parental Control Software is available, allowing you to monitor your employee’s internet activities. No-hassle remote installation is also available.
  • Keep track of how often users log on and off.
  • Uninstall or deactivate the software from afar.
  • Run in stealth mode.
  • Ensure that the program isn’t uninstalled.
  • A secure key combination is required to gain access.
  • Provide warnings on the dashboard.
  • Automatic Remote Updates Send Remote Commands via the Web.


Mobile Hidden Camera

The Mobile Hidden Camera is a spy camera phone app that allows the user to record invisibly, even in the presence of others. Because of its extensive capabilities, MHC will keep you hidden.

It has professional spy shooting and stealth recording, providing you with unfettered access to the world’s finest spy shooting package; an unobtrusive application icon, no-preview, and silent shooting. The size of your phone’s storage is now the only constraint.

Sophisticated stealth shooting options such as auto-continuous shooting and timer-mode video shooting are also available. Turn off any of the app’s UI elements, as well as the button and keyboard backlights, to make the entire shooting process invisible. The Android Photo Gallery can also be used to hide images and videos taken.

 Mobile Hidden Camera


  • The only Professional-Grade spy shooting system with a 100% covert operation cycle.
  • Optimized quality settings for each camera on the device to ensure the finest possible photos and videos.
  • Super-fast image shooting in high resolution, auto-continuous & burst mode; super-high definition video recording with timer control, and so on.
  • The user can browse the web, check messages, and even watch a video while the Mobile Hidden Camera is recording in the meantime.
  • Spy Camera Program is installed as “Simple Notepad” for a full-featured notepad app; edit & save notes, but then surreptitiously start spy shooting even in front of others.


The Truth Spy

The Truth spy phone app is an Android surveillance app that allows you to see all of the activity that takes place on the target person’s phone. It’s one of the greatest spy applications for businesses that want to keep an eye on their workers.

It’s a dependable and trustworthy mobile monitoring app.

For parents and employers, it’s the ideal mobile monitoring solution.

If you are concerned about the safety of your young adolescents, this application will undoubtedly assist you.

You can also analyze your employees’ online and browser habits to ensure that they are not wasting too much time at work chatting and shopping.

The Truth Spy phone tracking app


  • This is the app’s main function, which allows you to track your phone’s GPS location for free.
  • The user will be able to read all messages in the inbox and outbox of the target device.
  • It will allow the user to monitor all call records and control phone calls.
  • This functionality is available to you. It will allow you to monitor your surfing history, including URL and website information.
  • It gives the user the ability to record phone calls. They can use this capability to listen in on a phone chat.
  • It allows the user to monitor and capture phone keystrokes.



eyeZy is a simple phone surveillance tool that allows you to maintain parental supervision on any phone, regardless of the device you’re using. In reality, when the targeted device is in use, the app will notify the user.

eyeZy surveillance tool


  • Track every keystroke made on a certain device.
  • Keep an eye on what’s going on in your inbox and on social media. You can even recover deleted messages.
  • Geo-Location Tracker and Wi-Fi Network Analysis



There are so many spying apps on the internet that it’s easy to become overwhelmed while determining which one is ideal for the job.

To summarize, whether you require mobile spy apps for Android smartphones or other devices to keep an eye on your children or monitor employees, our list above includes some of the top cell phone spy applications you can trust.

Frequently asked Questions

What are the best free spy apps?

Mobile spy, spapp monitoring, ikeyMonitor, and Qustodio are some spy phone apps that offer a free trial for both Android and iPhone devices.

What is the number 1 spy app?

Tele Nitrox is the best company that offers a full range of ethical hacking services. It is best known for being a phone monitoring and spying program that allows you to connect directly to a target phone without having direct access to it.