9 Fixes: Spotify Not Showing On Discord 

Spotify Not Showing On Discord - All The Possible Fixes

Are you unable to show the ‘ listening to Spotify ‘ message on Discord? It is an annoying problem, and plenty of people have reported it.

Discord has become a massive hub for people who seek entertainment and wish to connect. Similarly, Spotify has become a hub for music lovers worldwide. It even hosts podcasts now.

As a gamer, you know Discord shows which game you’re playing. But if you have Spotify connected, it also shows if you’re listening to Spotify.

That status gives a premium appeal to you. And your friends would know what you’re up to. But, there can be problems when it just won’t appear. So, here’s everything that you can do:

How To Fix Spotify Not Showing On Discord Issue? 

  1. First, Connect Spotify To Discord 
  2. Disable The Game Activity On Discord 
  3. Relink The Spotify Account 
  4. Empty The Spotify And Discord Cache 
  5. Try The Force Stop Option
  6. Update To The Latest Version
  7. Check The Device Broadcast Settings On Spotify Account
  8. Check The Spotify Status Settings
  9. Reinstall Discord And Spotify

1. First, Connect Spotify To Discord

First Connect Spotify To Discord

Discord is excellent at intercepting what you’re doing and showing it as a status. But it can’t do that for Spotify or other apps unless you permit it.

And to permit it, you need to connect the respective app to Discord. So,  to receive that ‘listening to Spotify’ status, you will have to connect Spotify to discord.

How to connect Discord to Spotify? Follow these steps:

  • First, launch the Discord app on your device (PC, Android, iOS) and go to the Settings Icon. It is usually at the bottom-left side of your Discord interface.
  • In the User Settings, find the Connections option. This is where you ‘integrate apps’ to Discord. You will see all the supported apps there.
First Connect Spotify To Discord
  • For Spotify integration, you will see Connect Your Account option. Tap on it.
  • Then select the Spotify app. This will open a new browser window on your device.
First Connect Spotify To Discord
  • Unfortunately, it is not an auto-login. You will have to provide your ID and password to log into the account. After that, you can connect it to Discord.
  • Once the apps are connected, you will see the listening to Spotify option.
  • Ensure to enable and configure all the options and permissions related to Spotify.

2. Disable The Game Activity

Another reason Spotify is not showing is that it clashes with another app, which is most likely a game. Discord prioritizes showing games over any other app.

So, if you’re listening to Spotify and playing games, it will show the game activity but not Spotify. These settings can also interfere with each other.

Follow these steps to fix it:

  • Once again, go to your device’s Settings of the Discord app.
  • Find the Activity Status options in the Activity Settings.
Disable The Game Activity
  • There will be a toggle for ‘Display Current Activity As A Status Message.’ Toggle it off.
  • This should help solve the issue.
Disable The Game Activity
  • In some cases, it might not work and stop displaying Spotify too.
  • In that case, move to other solutions.

3. Relink The Spotify Account

Did you change the Spotify password recently? Or did you make changes to Discord recently that could impact connectivity? You might have to disconnect and link your Spotify account again.

Some settings and updates could mess with the connectivity. This primarily happens when you change your Spotify password.

So relink by following this:

  • Follow the instructions of the first solution to go to the Connections option.
Relink The Spotify Account
  • You will already see the Spotify app in the list. So go ahead and click on the X icon or the Remove button, whichever is available.
Relink The Spotify Account
  • Go ahead and restart Discord. After that, follow the complete instructions of the first step to connect to Spotify.
  • See if this fixes the issue.

4. Empty The Spotify And Discord Cache

Your Spotify App and Discord app has a dedicated cache. While it can be essential for loading fast, it is ideal to empty it from time to time. Otherwise, it can cause issues.

So, to clear the cache, follow these steps:

For The Windows Users

  • Launch the Run utility. For that, press Windows + R key together.
  • In the command bar for run, type: %appdata% And hit enter.
  • This will launch the cache storage for various apps. Find Discord and Spotify on the list (Folders).
  • Once you’re in the folder, select all and delete.
Empty The Spotify And Discord Cache
  • Make sure to keep both Discord and Spotify closed when you do this. Then relaunch them

For Android Users

  • Locate the Spotify App and Discord App.
  • Long press on the Spotify icon. This will open an array of options. Select App Info.
Empty The Spotify And Discord Cache
  • In there, you will find the option to check Cache. Select it.
  • Then you will either have the Delete or Empty Cache option. Tap on it.
  • It could also be a Clear Cache option in the Storage information of the App info. So, try that.
Clear Cache
  • Repeat it for both apps and then relaunch them. See if this solves the issue.

Empty Browsing Data:

Using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox, use their respective guide. Find the guide to clear browsing Data for them and clear it. Make sure to select cache when you do it.

Clear data

This is only for the users that use browsers.

5. Try The Force Stop Option

Apart from clearing cache, another great option is to Force Stop the apps. It could either solve the issue or make it worse. But in most cases, it usually works wonders.


  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC key on your PC to launch the task manager. Then find the Spotify and Discord apps on the list.
Try The Force Stop Option
  • Right-click on the Spotify and Discord apps. Select End Task
End task
  • It might prompt you to choose Yes or No. Choose yes.
  • For Android Users, it is easier. Long-press, the App Icon, go to App Info, select Force Stop, and click Ok. This should do the job.

6. Update To The Latest Version

You could try updating if you’re not getting Spotify or Discord status. Often, older versions, or two unrelated versions, could lead to issues.

This happens when you have one up-to-date Discord or Spotify and one outdated. So, make sure to always check for the update:

  • On any device, most apps are automatically updated. This happens if you have an active Wi-Fi connection without any limits.
  • But, if you have limited Wi-Fi or internet accessibility, there could be restrictions.
  • You will have to visit your device’s app store in such cases.
  • For example, Windows Store for Windows PC, Apple App Store for iOS, or macOS. And Google App Store for Android users.
  • There, you will search for apps like Spotify and Discord.
Update To The Latest Version
  • And then, check the app to see if there is an Update option. If not, then you have an up-to-date app. If there is an update option, go through with it.

7. Check The Device Broadcast Settings On Spotify Account

Often, the problem could be on Spotify’s end. There is a dedicated Device Broadcast Status setting in Spotify. So, make sure it is enabled. This only works for Android or Smartphone users (iOS)

  • Find and launch the Spotify app.
  • Find the Settings (The popular gear Icon). It should be on the top-right side of the app interface.
Check The Device Broadcast Settings On Spotify Account
  • You will see the Device Broadcast Status option in the list.
  • There should be a toggle. Could you turn it on? Then it should work just fine.
Device Broadcast Status
  • Now open Discord and see if it is showing the status.

8. Check The Spotify Status Settings

Just like Spotify, Discord has its dedicated settings to show Spotify Status. This will work for your Discord profile individually. 

The setting is automatic once you connect to Spotify. But somehow, it could get disabled. So, you should check it out:

  • Go to the settings of your Discord once again.
  • In the User Settings, find the connections option.
  • Confirm that Spotify is linked with Discord.
Check The Spotify Status Settings
  • After that, you will see a couple of new commands.
  • Enable the ‘Display On Profile’ option.
  • And also, enable the ‘Display Spotify As Your Status’ option.
Display Spotify as your status
  • After that, save your settings and restart Discord.
  • Now see if Discord is displaying the Spotify Status.
  • If not, make sure that you’re playing some songs.

9. Reinstall Discord And Spotify

If none of the above-given solutions worked, the final step is for you to reinstall the apps. For this, you will first have to uninstall them:

Reinstall Discord And Spotify
  • You can also use their official websites like Spotify and Discord websites. To see if they have the latest update.

This will help solve almost any issue with your status display.

Conclusion – Discord Account Not Showing Spotify Status

Now you have all the solutions for Spotify not showing on Discord. You can also use these options for other activities like YouTube and Twitch. Remember, you can even access these Settings gear icons from your Web Browser to fix it. Even if you use it on your mobile device.

So go ahead and flaunt your activities to your friends as much as you like.