10 Best Soundboard For Discord

Soundboard apps are extremely popular in the streaming community. They just have to press a single trigger key to play sounds that are funny and catchy. You can do it too, with a good soundboard application.

We curated a number of the best soundboard applications and some soundboard bots, that you can use to make your Discord voice calls, interesting and funny. These are the best soundboard for Discord apps that will make you the funniest guy on your servers. 

Best Soundboard For Discord - Professional Sound board

What Does A Soundboard Application Do?

An actual Soundboard is a surface that is used to produce sound by striking or banging on, on a musical instrument. But in Discord, there is a different meaning for this term.

A digital soundboard is a virtual audio device that can play custom sound files when an audio input is programmed to play and project them over a voice chat or stream.

Soundboard software act as a sound recorder, apply special effects to the audio file and then, play it with the press of a single button. You will have to bind a hotkey to all the sounds that you want to play. 

You’ll find this very useful if you are a streamer who has to interact with your audience and are in the middle of an intense game. You will just have to press the key and the funny sound will be played immediately as a response to your stream chat.

What Is A Soundboard Bot?

Soundboard bots, unlike a soundboard for Discord, can be attached to a server and do not require to be downloaded onto the computer, in order to be used. This can be used by all members of the server and not just the user who adds it, with simple text commands.  

These bots are very useful if you are okay with using preset audio files and do not want to use much storage on your computer. Most bots are free and bots with more features and audio files could come with a one-time or subscription price.

Things To Look Out For While Getting A Soundboard Application

These are the factors you need to look out for while choosing from the best soundboards for Discord.

  1. Connectivity

A good soundboard for Discord should be able to connect with all the members in the call and should latch on to the voice channels pretty easily, without any complications. If the soundboard you chose, requires a few steps for installation, make sure there are a lot of features that make up for the complicated installation

  1. Price

Like we mentioned previously, a soundboard can be pricey. Check the price and compare it with that of other soundboards to see which one is priced right, according to you. 

  1. Features

If you are downloading a soundboard for Discord, check the developer’s website and see if all the features that you seek in a soundboard. You might want to consider it if the soundboard software, you’re looking at, has the feature(s) that you need and is compatible with your speakers and microphone. 

  1. Output quality

When you amplify your voice over to everyone in the same voice call as you are in, there are chances of uneven volumes when you change your voice. It is common when soundboard users to experience this. You need to have the same volume for your sounds. Just make sure your choice produces good output. 

Setting Up A Soundboard On Your Discord

A soundboard for Discord sure does sound fun. But it can be quite complicated and the correct steps have to be followed so that your voice input or output doesn’t get affected. 

This is the correct method to start using a soundboard on your Discord profile.

  1. You will need a virtual audio device to use the soundboard. We recommend using VB-CABLE for this. Download it from the internet by going to the website and clicking on the Download button with the Windows icon. Extract the compressed file and run the Setup in it, as the system administrator. 
VB-CABLE driver setup window

The VB-CABLE tool is a virtual audio cable that can be downloaded from the developer’s website. Some soundboards have a built-in virtual audio cable when the soundboard is being installed on your PC.

  1. Now, launch the Discord application and open the User settings option, by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom-left part of the screen.
  2. Now, go into the Voice & Video option in the APP SETTINGS section. 
The Voice & Video settings in the App Settings section
  1. Bring down the INPUT DEVICE drop-down menu and choose the CABLE output option as the output device. 
CABLE output option in the INPUT DEVICE menu
  1. Then, open the Windows Settings app (Windows + I) and click on the System tile. 
System tile in the Windows settings
  1. Go into the Sound settings tab and unfold the Input device drop-down menu.
Sound settings page in the System tile

The Microphone option should be selected. 

  1. Click Device Properties underneath the Input section. 
  2. Click on the Additional device properties link at the bottom of the window and the Microphone Properties window will open. 
Additional device properties link in the Device Properties page
  1. Go into the Listen tab and click on the Listen to this device checkbox.
Listen to this device checkbox and the Default playback device dropdown menu
  1. Now, expand the Playback through this device drop menu and select CABLE input

Now, you will be able to use the soundboard on your computer and play audio whenever and on whichever server you are permitted to talk on. 

Soundboard Applications And Bots For Discord

These are the Soundboard applications that we recommend for using on your computer. 

  1. AV Voice Changer
  2. Podcast Soundboard
  3. Clownfish Voice Changer
  4. Jingle Palette
  5. JN Soundboard
  6. Resanance
  7. Voicemod
  8. Soundpad
  9. Voxal Voice Changer
  10. EXP Soundboard
  11. Morphvox Pro
  12. Mixere

If you are someone who prefers Discord bots over additional applications, you can use these sound effects bots – 

  1. Discord Soundboard
  2. RickBot
  3. Blerp

The Best Soundboard Applications For Discord 

Some of these soundboards are free and while the rest require to be purchased in order to be used. Only choose the paid ones, if you are willing to spend on a soundboard application. These apps can modify your audio input that is taken through all the audio capture devices that are connected to your computer. 

AV Voice Changer – $99.95, with a Free trial

This is an expensive option for a good soundboard app. The AV Voice Changer has a lot of features like voice morphing, recording, and editing. You can even change all the elements in audio with this tool. If you are really willing to spend nearly a hundred dollars on a soundboard app that has the same features as the following applications, this is a good option. If you need a good soundboard for Discord, check the following tools before purchasing this. 

This tool supports almost all major audio formats and is designed to work only on Windows computers. 

Clownfish Voice Changer – Free

Clownfish Sound Player window

The Clownfish Voice Changer is an awesome tool with a bunch of cool sound effects, like the Darth Vader voice, high-pitched, flat voice, and also has an integrated media playing software that can be used to play and manage audio controls on the channel. The Text-to-speech (TTS) function in this is an added advantage as well. 

The Clownfish voice changer can support custom sound effects of all formats and is Windows-exclusive. 

Jingle Palette – Free

Jingle Palette website's home page

Jingle Palette was used in radios to broadcast jingle sounds and now, it’s available for Discord. You can make a palette that can hold up to 30 sound effects at the same time for playing. It also has a sound editor for mixing and cutting audio. 

It supports .mp3,  .mp3, .wav, .wma, .m4a, and .ac3 formats and is only for Windows PCs. 

JN Soundboard – Free

JN Soundboard audio and hotkey list

JN Soundboard has a lot of excellent features if you are looking for an all-rounding soundboard that allows you to play, edit, align and block keys. It has a push-to-talk feature that lets you stop unwanted voice clutter from your microphone. 

You can use custom soundboards with the .mp3, .wav, .wma, .m4a, and .ac3 formats on your Windows PC.

Resanance – Free

Main window of the Resanance app

Resanance is a very popular, free soundboard software that gives you a button deck if you are not comfortable with the hotkey sound triggers. This tool allows audio output to be sent to multiple devices, simultaneously and all these devices’ volumes can be adjusted. 

Audio formats like .mp3, .ogg, .flac, and .wav are supported by this software. It is a Windows-exclusive application. 

Voicemod – Free, with in-app purchases

Free and Paid voices in the Voicemod window

Voicemod has a huge collection of audio files and voice changers that are updated regularly. You can not only use their sound-deck but also use their voice modifier to change how you sound to other people in the voice call. 

This permits only .mp3 and .wav format files and is available for Windows and macOS. You can buy extra voice mods to autotune your voice. 

Soundpad – $4.99

Soundpad is a paid Discord soundboard known for its unique replacement to the sound deck or hotkeys. You can get a free demo of this application if you download the trial version from the website. 

This tool supports many formats like the .aac, .flac, .m4a, .mp3, .ogg, .opus, .wma, and .wav files and is available only for Windows. 

Mixere – Free

Mixere editing and sound list in the main window

Mixere is a good soundboard application but it is pretty outdated. You will need a virtual audio device as there is no way of directing output to your Discord client. It is pretty complicated but once you get the hang of this, you’ll have an amazing time. 

It supports almost every sound format

The Best Soundboard Bots For Discord

Discord Soundboard

The Discord Soundboard allows you to play new sounds and stream YouTube videos on your discord channel. You can also add your favorite sounds to your discord server, with the Discord Soundboard bot. 


The Rickbot is named after the popular rickroll meme and allows users to share short media files like video clips, interesting sounds, and GIF files to Discord servers. You can also add your own sound clips for a customized experience. The best part of this is that the Rickbot supports custom soundboards and you can play Spotify playlists on your desired voice channel.


The Blerp online sound-sharing platform cum bot is a Discord server add-on that offers more than a million audio clips that you can use to liven your voice chat. You can also add audio files of your own choice. 

The above are the best soundboards you can use in your Discord voice channel. While we tried them out, we noticed that you need a good microphone and an excellent sound card for these apps. Happy Gaming!