Top 30 Best Solarmovie Alternatives To Watch Free Movies Online

Who doesn’t want to watch movies without paying cable TV or Netflix or other paid streaming platform bills?

Maybe a few, right?

Yes. So, we have generated you a list of 30 solarmovie alternatives websites to watch free movies.

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Where to watch movies in HD/FHD/UHD for free?

Numerous sites like solarmovie will allow you to watch movies in 720p, 1080p, or even in 4K quality for free.

However, instead of asking where to watch free movies, you should ask what useful websites to watch free movies are.

This is because not all TV series and movies websites offer what they claim and sometimes are a simple method to perform cyber attacks on or using its visitors.

Websites like 123Movies, Fmovies are a few of the best and renowned solarmovie alternatives to see movies online for free.

What is the amount of data consumption to streaming movies online?

The data consumption for online streaming of tv series and movies is directly dependent on the quality of streaming and the choice of streaming service you make.

Generally, online streaming of a movie for 1 hour in SD quality will cause 1GB data consumption, while streaming for 1 hour in HD will take up to 1.5 to 3 GB data.

Thus, if your ISP plan provides unlimited data, you needn’t worry about streaming quality, but you might need to rethink your choice of viewing for limited data.

Are these solarmovie alternatives sites safe?

Remember, on the internet; nothing is safe.

Most of the time, the ads or redirects in the free movie sites like solarmovie can take you to malicious sites or download malicious software or malware on your system. 

To be safe, you must always use ad blockers, antivirus, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) while accessing the sites.

Is it legal to stream movies on these sites?

Depending on the country you live in, the copyright laws might vary. 

However, free movie streaming without downloading or uploading any copyrighted content will not land you in trouble in most countries.

This is where VPN can help you see movies online for free on sites like solarmovie without facing legal consequences.

1. 123movies

Among thousands of free movie streaming sites like solarmovie out there, not all are secure for online streaming and may inject your system with viruses, malware, or adware.

Bmovies is a site that is free to use and offers HD online streaming quality without any registration.

It has an ever-growing database containing the latest and popular content that allows users to see movies online for free.

The grey and black theme with HD quality streaming and classic titles is a paradise for free movie watchers like us.


  • The site offers a vast content library.
  • The interface of the platform gives a sleek and eye-catching look to it.
  • Ratings on the site are with IMDB integration.
  • The sorting is hassle-free.
  • There are no intrusive pop-ups, no banner ads, and no pre-roll ads.


  • The homepage of the website lacks a homepage banner.


If we describe in one line, it is an elementary online streaming site with a simplistic and modern look.

It is loaded with cost free new movies and some unheard-of movies as well.

Be it the IMDB filter or the most viewed movies filter; both generate different results on each page refresh, which is annoying.


  • The User Interface looks familiar.
  • The mobile experience of the site is better.


  • The filters are randomized.
  • The content library is the worst.

3. DosMovies

People nowadays have a lot on their plate, and thus, making a movie outing plan seems like too much of a stretch.

We know some movies give a better cinematic experience, but some films we feel like watching in the comfort of our home.

DosMovies is a free movie streaming platform that provides users with an extensive content library and can be considered a solarmovie alternative.

You are required to free sign up on this cost free online streaming site to access its content and the massive 350,000+ community and an active forum.


  • The content library is comprehensive with movies from a broad genre of film.
  • With the active forum, users can chat with fellow members.
  • After a bit of buffering, the site offers smooth streaming.


  • The site interface should be updated.
  • The site can be given a more premium look.

4. M4ufree

This is a cost free online streaming site to stream movies online that allows its users to watch movies online from a wide range of genres containing everything from the latest to the classic titles. Thus, it can be considered a solarmovie alternative.

The online movies are available to stream in SD or HD quality and with or without subtitles.

Although this cost free website might not have every movie you wish to watch, it has something from every user genre.


  • Apart from movies and TV series, the site also contains anime.
  • The ads are less and are user-friendly.
  • The design of the website is quite refreshing.


  • The website’s landing page as well graphics need to be improved.
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5. Tubi

Tubi is one of the most critically acclaimed free online movie websites and is one of the best solarmovie alternatives.

With board members including Sandy Grushow (former Fox TV chairman), investors like Mark Amin (Lionsgate’s former vice-chairman), and Ad Rise at its core, Tubi has seen tremendous growth to 20 Million active users by June ’19 since its launch in 2014.

However, this cost free website, which was once famous in Europe, is now unavailable due to the General Data Protection Regulation breaking. It is highly involved in data mining.


  • Tubi is cost free website that is comparatively easy to use for anyone and has a good interface with good functioning.
  • It contains thousands of free full movies from every genre.
  • It offers top-notch performance both on mobile, app, and desktop.


  • Tubi is high in data mining.
  • The premium option is not available.
  • Streaming above 720p seems like a dream for Tubi users.

6. MovieWatcher

While streaming online, the most important is to protect your privacy and your system from malicious attacks.

For this purpose, antivirus, ad blocker, and VPN are a necessity.

However, not all sites support adblocker, so be cautious while streaming on them.

MovieWatcher, like all other free sites, is a mobile site for watching movies, continually running from authorities for legal reasons, but they aren’t exactly breaking any laws.

Because they don’t host the content, they just link to the platform where the titles are hosted.


  • MovieWatcher is a free website for watching movies in HD.
  • It has a vast and comprehensive set of titles.
  • The site is perfectly optimized for mobiles.


  • The site takes to third party pages asking for registration.
  • There is no app for the platform.

7. StreamLive

IPTV offers major channels and top features at minimal prices.

StreamLive offers IPTV service to its users on its website to watch movies and tv series for free or at a premium, in which free service doesn’t provide a better experience.

Cartoons, Movies, Sports, Entertainment, News, Animations, and many more related live TV channels are provided and can be watched in a hassle-free manner without registration.

The packages start at $9.99/month to more depending on your preference.


  • The video quality of streaming for premium services is good.
  • The guide contains alphabetically arranged channels for better searching.
  • The design of the home page is pretty good.
  • It can be streamed on many devices.


  • You have to pay for premium quality streaming.
  • The homepage banner lacks a cutting-edge design.


Firstly, let us clear one thing, 123Movies, and Movies123 are two utterly different movie sites and should not be confused.

Not everyone can afford paid streaming and numerous other bills, so is a website to watch movies online for free. It is the best solarmovie alternatives.

The platform even offers a genre tab, which is usually present in premium platforms that allows you to search movies according to genre country etc.


  • It is legal as it doesn’t host any content and is merely a search engine.
  • It has a comprehensive library of free new movies and allows users to watch based on their taste and download movies.
  • Hit TV and blockbuster movies present on this site are one click away using the play button.


  • The homepage button itself is a redirect to another advertisement.
  • Numerous ads before, during, after streaming content.

9. 1Movies

1Movies is short for the site’s full name Number 1 Movies looks like a trustworthy site that won’t disappear after a few years and is a great online free website to watch your favorite movies.

It is the best alternative to solarmovie. You can easily browse the vast content library by TV series, Movies, Genres, Top Watched, TV shows, episodes, IMDB rating, and Latest.

It offers premium plans starting from $5, $13, $25, and $45 for a month, three months, six months, and a year respectively.


  • It looks trustworthy.
  • The user experience of this online free site is excellent.
  • Due to constant updates, the latest movies and TV show episodes are updated regularly.


  • The site has too many ads.
  • The mobile experience is the worst.

10. PelisPlus

This Spanish native site is the best thing on the internet with an excellent library and an organized layout. 

It contains content ranging from the 1930s to the 2020s. This well-organized site also provides the latest titles from almost every language, including categories like action, comedy drama, etc.

You can easily find anything from originals to classics and short movie in one place for high-quality streaming with or without subtitles.

We must say that the site gives off a premium vibe with its purple and white color combination with header tabs such as – Series, 2020Movies, Start, Drama, In Premier, and AnimeFLV.


  • The site genre option is placed vertically with titles such as – Biographical, Catastrophe, Martial Arts, Black Cinema, etc.
  • The ads are well-placed to give its users hassle-free streaming.
  • It has a diverse and wide variety of content for you to choose according to your desired movie.
  • The content is divided based on the year.


  • The streaming quality is not available in 4K.

11. SockShare

This popular website gained its popularity after banning Megaupload by the government and can be considered one of the best alternative to solarmovie.

Due to such high popularity, the site was taken down, but it re-emerged after a few months.

The content is segregated based on Recently Added, TV Series, Cinema Movies, Years, New Released, Countries, and Anime Series.


  • The site’s simple User Interface makes it seem like a cakewalk for beginners to watch various category movies online without spending a single penny.
  • With the internet above 16MBPS, streaming is smooth in HD format.
  • The site hosts content from almost every genre.
  • The site offers a great streaming experience on MobileMobile and desktop alike with minimum load time.


  • The 200 links for most titles makes it a bit difficult to stream.
  • There are a lot of ads popups that make it necessary to have an adblocker extension.

12. VexMovies

Vexmovies is one of the best free online movie websites with a minimalistic web design with a search bar, logo, sidebar menu, and a few search and genre tags. It is a good solarmovie alternative.

Unlike other sites, you don’t have to leave the site to watch your favorite movie. Instead of giving you a list of host sites, VexMovies provides one media player and plays the title from the best option.


  • The site boasts identical performance on MobileMobile and desktop.
  • The site looks and feels great.
  • It is less ad-dependent, i.e. almost zero ads.
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  • You can stream movies only and TV shows.
  • The content is limited.


This infamous site started in the UK, took massive advantage of the Megaupload ban, and rose to popularity. It is another alternative to solar movies and comes in the list of top free movies online free website.

After getting listed in “top 4 rogue cyberlocker services,” the Put Locker had to eventually move to Iceland to save itself from copyright infringement laws and continue free movie streaming.

The site contains an enormous library of movies and TV shows and also allows users to upload content. It offers features like rating genre sort movies, etc.


  • The site has an iconic green and gray color scheme with an intuitive design and easy-to-use layout.
  • Users can upload content into their already enormous library.
  • Mobile and desktop experience and more likely the same.


  • Unlike other top sites, there is no PutLocker app available on google play or apple store.
  • The number of ads is too much that affects the seamless streaming experience.


Although many sites offer high-quality streaming on-demand without any limitations, Put Locker is the best and most popular site that comes with an organized interface and a good collection of relevant movies from the desired genre.

But like any other free site and even some paid ones, you need to be careful while using them and employ a VPN to protect yourself from data mining.

Put Locker has more than 1.6 Million visitors that access the site for free movie streaming. You can enjoy movies from various movies category based on genres years and sort them through several filters.


  • It has the same iconic design that it had since it started.
  • It is a 100% free, easy and well-designed platform.


  • Due to such a huge fan base, the site is always on the run from authorities and is hard to track down.


For free movie streaming on, all you need is a decent internet connection and a VPN for added security.

The site is free of cost and does not have a long list of pop-ups sign up every time you visit. 

You can find recent movies and other desired movies from almost all significant streaming platforms like Sky, WB, Fox, Disney, and other streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime without a need to undergo their free trial.


  • Since the site does not host content, it is not illegal in most of the countries.
  • There is no need to sort the content as it is done in the categories.
  • Like other premium sites, the movies can be sorted by genre.


  • Native blog advertisement disrupts the design of the site.
  • The home page icon is a third-party link.
  • There is a lot of mal-advertising.

16. is famous for its seamless streaming and downloading prowess. It is one of the best alternatives to solarmovie website, which is also free. 

Even though many people can afford paid streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, many still prefer free online movie streaming websites.

This streaming provider offers over a million titles, including English movies to choose from and stream.


  • Content is pre-sorted.
  • Genre tab gives a site a premium look.
  • You can easily watch most of the blockbuster movie titles on the site.


  • The home page icon and mal-advertising make the site unsafe to use.

17. Vumoo

Not many of us are comfortable paying $7 to $40 a month to paid streaming sites, and even then, not being able to watch the movies of our choice.

Vumoo is a completely free solarmovie like movie streaming platform containing a large number of movies and TV series that can easily be streamed.

Vumoo can be accessed easily by simply searching “Vumoo” or clicking on the link provided above.


  • The UI/UX of the site is clean with perfectly arranged content, layout, and thumbnails.
  • There is no unnecessary registration.
  • The banners and footer section are eye catching and well-designed.


  • Third-party redirects should be removed as they are unsafe.
  • The header section has only two options – Movies and TV Series.


Started in 2016, the site offers a simple web design with only the necessary details.

It looks like the site developers have paid attention to detail and have given it an intuitive and thoughtful user experience with its natural design and quick technology that allows fast streaming. It is the perfect alternative to solarmovie.


  • Titles can be searched based on country, new release, genre, and so on.
  • The quality of every video is displayed on its image itself.
  • Many exciting features are also available on the website.
  • The filter is excellent and allows you to choose genre director etc.


  • The website may show a 503 error when you try to access the ‘A-Z List.’


It’s Friday night, and you are looking for a site where to watch free movies, then this is the best choice. is a well-designed decent service platform to stream, not just the latest Hollywood blockbusters but classic titles from your choice genre and requires absolutely no money.

The site is designed in a way that gives you a premium look and feels.


  • The content is well-segregated across various menus providing useful information.
  • The aesthetics of the site are brilliant.
  • Four sorting options – Top IMDB, Featured, Most Rating, and Most Favorite are provided.
  • It has an SSL certificate, which makes it a safe site to browse.


  • Content library and pop-up notifications might be a reason for concern.

20. Sony Crackle

solarmovie alternatives

Sony bought Crackle for $65 Million. This is one of the best alternative sites to solarmovie.

Sony Crackle is a multiplatform video streaming network with an original production studio.

It is 100% free of cost to use, useful, sleek, and professional-looking to stream movies online.

The site also offers a “watch later” list feature accessible only after signing in.


  • It is a multiplatform network and thus can be accessed through various streaming devices such as mobile, tables, Xbox, Desktop, Laptop, and so on.
  • Even though Sony owns it, the platform is 100% free.


  • Due to being free, many ads interrupt the stream.

21. Afdah

For movie lovers, this site is nothing short of a paradise.

It requires no sign-up, fee, or any other subscription while offering you unlimited access to its expansive library.

This is an IPTV website that allows you to watch free online movies and TV shows and downloads them; although, it is illegal to download copyrighted content.

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  • Any movie in the last 100 years of cinema history can be found on Afdah.
  • HD resolution is available for all the latest release movies.
  • Movies from over 25 genres including action adventure animation are present on the site.


  • User reviews are not available for the titles.


A simple design that gives off google vibes when you browse movie online on the platform.

However, the site has a thousand negative points, such as a lack of better filters, a lousy collection of movies, etc.

Surprisingly though, the site provides an excellent mobile experience with good sorting options.


  • It has a user friendly interface and a mobile experience.


  • The library lacks compelling movies.
  • Filters are randomized that add to the misery of the user.

23. HDRezka

Covid has couped us all in your homes, and following our hobbies can only take us so far.

We all need entertainment but spending extra money when people are already losing their jobs seems too extravagant.

This is where free movie streaming sites like HDRezka come in. It offers amazing movies video quality where you can watch a specific movie from different countries.

HDRezka is a Russian site offering movies and TV shows in global languages, and that allows its page to be easily translated to English for better user experience.


  • Titles from all over the world are available here.


  • The design is cluttered and contains a lot of ads.
  • The mobile experience of the site is not great.

24. TinyZone

This cool website is a fantastic platform for free movie streaming. The platform also offers an APK.

Although the content library of TinyZone isn’t too great, you can find most of the popular movies to watch on the site.


  • There are no ads on the platform.
  • The site offers APK to stream on the go on your mobile phone.
  • While showing the searched titles, related information is also shown on the website.


  • The content library is not abundant.


Since 2016, FMovies has been in high demand, and thus it has been taken down many times.

The site offers regular uploads, and any new movie can be easily found on the platform; however, the quality might be lowest.


  • The filters provided by the site are fantastic and multiple.
  • There is a description box above each title showing related information, which is very helpful.


  • The quality of the latest releases is low.

26. YMovies

This free movie streaming website offers a clean and chic interface but lacks the modern-day spark in design.

The site boasts many appreciable features and functionalities that allow a lag-free streaming experience to its users.


  • There are no annoying pop-ups and ads to disrupt the streaming.
  • The content arrangement is excellent and helps in keeping the website together.


  • The design for the site needs to be modernized.


By far, Put Locker is the most notorious site having over 1.6 Million visitors that has been tried to be taken down by UK, US, Australia, and Vietnam, among which none have been successful so far.

Although the design, desktop, and mobile experience are great, there is no app for the Put Locker platform.


  • The content library is full of free full movies for free movie streaming online, anywhere, anytime.
  • The design of the site is unique and has remained constant over the years.
  • It is 100% free to use.


  • There are too many ads with no app availability.

28. AZ Movies

Among many free movie streaming sites out there, this one stands out with its design, interactive menus, and highly organized library.

The movies are played on a single media play with a drop-down menu to choose the host with which you want to stream your film.


  • With such a huge collection, AZ Movies offers a good alternative to solarmovie to stream HD video quality wherever possible for a better cinematic experience.
  • Laptop and mobile experience, both are great.


  • The site has too many ads, and no premium plans to deal with those.

29. belongs to the list of free online movie websites that offer remarkable design, great organizational structure, and a diverse collection of free movies from every genre.

The site, however, isn’t available in the US but can be accessed using a VPN.

The site does not redirect to new web pages each time you click on a link but simply shows the related information as a pop-up on the same page.


  • The site hosts no sketchy or potentially dangerous links to other sites.
  • The platform has a reasonably good performance on MobileMobile.


  • Unavailability in the US without a VPN.
  • The content library can be improved.


The site has a minimalistic and modern look but does not stand tall on its promises.

It is a mediocre site with a limited collection of movies and user experience.


  • Being free of cost is its best advantage.
  • The design of the site looks good.


  • There are too many ads with too little content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch HD movies for free?

Websites like 123Movies, Fmovies are a few of the best and renowned ones to watch thousands of movies online for free. These sites are a strong competitor that is replacing solarmovies.

What movies can I watch for free?

Using top websites like 123Movies, Fmovies, you can easily watch any movie for free from any genre including thriller horror adventure.

Q3. Where can I find new movies online?

Sites such as FMovies, Xmovies8, PutLocker, and many more offer a vast collection of free new movies like Avengers, Star Wars, etc., to watch online.

Q4. How can I watch old movies for free?

Free online movie websites such as PelisPlus, BMovies, M4ufree, and many more platforms offer a wide range of collections from the latest to old classics along with good quality videos.

Q5. How do you watch free movies on the internet?

With thousands of websites to stream video, it is relatively easy to do this. All you need to do is search or open any of the links given on this page and then search and stream your favorite movie.

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