12 Fixes: Snapchat Failed To Send Error


12 Ways to Fix Snapchat Failed to Send Error

Today Snapchat has become one of the favorite applications of billions of users and can be found on almost every other mobile phone. 

It comes loaded with a lot of fun in one place, from different lenses to the camera filters for epic and perfectly clicked pictures without any extra editing work. And with this, it also comes with a disappearing messenger-based application, making it more convenient for users to maintain their daily snapshots.

But recently, many users complained of being unable to send messages and getting errors while sending the messages. And getting the Snapchat failed to send error in your cherished application could be annoying to you. So, in this article, we will discuss how you can fix this issue on your device.

Why Won’t My Snaps Send it?

Snapchat comes with a feature where you not only take pictures but can also send those snapshots to your snap friends. But in a recent report. Around 15,000 users reported an issue to Snapchat for the inability to send/receive messages. But for a few, they were able to receive the snaps. But could not send it.

Unsent snap on Snapchat

There is not one but could be many reasons behind it. The primary reason for such issues is that this particular application is down. Or else it has been sent under maintenance.

The other reasons that could be troubling you can be: 

  • An internet connectivity issue
  • Technical glitches while running the application
  • Restricted permissions, activated VPN 
  • The bulk of cache files affect the application performance
  • Falsely installed application using a forbidden account 

Or else it can also happen if you stick to the older version of Snapchat and do not update the application as required. 

Note if you are a friend to whom you are trying to send messages because you cannot send snaps to a person who is not your snap friend. Below we have covered all the hindrances that could stop you from sending messages on your Snapchat application. So now, one by one, go through all the fixes and see if that fixes the issue for you.

Snapchat Failed to send messages – How to Fix?

If you have failed to send messages on Snapchat and wonder why and how to fix them. Then follow the below fixes. To rectify and solve the Snapchat Failed to send messages on your device and enjoy using Snapchat as you used to do. Underneath, we have mentioned all the possible solutions to your query. Please follow the below fixes. 

  1.  Check If You Are Friends With the User.
  2.  Check your internet connection
  3.  Log out and Log back into your account
  4.  Force close Snapchat & open it again
  5.  Storage location
  6.  Reinstall Snapchat
  7.  Restart the device
  8.  Clear the cache of the App
  9.  Turn Off VPN
  10.  Check for Updates
  11.  Check Permissions
  12.  Report the Problem to Snapchat

Check If You Are Friends With the User

Regular users of Snapchat must be aware that by default, it only allows you to send or receive text messages or other forms of media if users have added each other to their friend lists.

Also, if you cannot message a user, then preferably try to ascertain if they have accepted your friend request. Similarly, if there is a gray arrow that states, ‘Pending…’ beneath the message you sent, probably, you are not friends with the user precisely now.

Are you wondering how to make friends? See below:

Add using your contact list:

  •  Open the application. On the interface, you will see some options aligned at the bottom of the screen.
 an illustration of two people - friends icon
  •  Click on the second last icon containing an illustration of two people.
Add friend icon
  •  On the top right corner, you will see a plus icon and a person with it click on it. That is the option through which we will go to the contact list.
  •  Find All Contacts below the search bar on the right side. Tap on it.
Add friends page with find friends option
  •  On doing this first time, you may need to accept the privacy policy, tap on Continue and move forward.
Permission window
  •  After allowing access to your contact list, you will see all your contacts on Snapchat.
Contacts in Snapchat

Add friends searching by their name:

  •  Open the application. On the interface, you will see some options aligned at the bottom of the screen.
  •  Click on the second last icon containing an illustration of two people.
  •  On the top right corner, you will see a plus icon and a person with it click on it.
  •  The search bar would be right in front of you, feed the name, and search for your friends.
Searching for friends in Snapchat

Add using Quick Add:

Quick Add feature recommends some people with whom you might want to become friends. Find quick add option:

  • On the interface of Snapchat, you will see options aligned at the bottom of the screen.
  • Go to the second last icon containing an illustration of two people.
Quick Add section
  • You will see the Quick Add feature on the Stories page right in front of you.

Add by Mention:

You can add a person if someone has mentioned them. Here are the steps:

  • View the story of the person, who has added that specific person. 
  • You can swipe up on the featuring Snap.
  • Tap on the +Add option.
+ Follow option

Add by Snapcode

  • You might have seen a yellow-colored image with a unique code that contains the Snapcode.
  • Tell your friend to open Snapchat and then tap on their Avatar.
Snapcode icon and profile name blurred
  • Open Snapchat on your device and bring the Snapcode image to your camera. 
  • Press & hold on to the Snapcode to scan and tap Add Friend.

Check your internet connection

Sometimes, the problem is not anywhere in the application or software. It could be possible that your internet connection is causing you trouble. A slow internet connection could be why you cannot send texts on Snapchat.

Since it is an online forum, a steady network is required to operate naturally. To confirm this, attempt to run a speed test of your network to measure the current upload & download speed.

If the outcome indicates that your network is running slow, attempt to restart your router to re-establish the connection with your ISP servers. On your router, first, locate its power cable. And then unclog it from the wall outlet. Behind that, wait for 5 to 10 seconds before you stuff it back in,

Once accomplished, endeavor to run another speed test to check the status of your network. Sadly, if you persist to encounter network connection problems, contact your service provider instantly, and have them settle the issue.

Log out and Log Back in your account

Numerous users have tried logging out and logging in again & guess what? Issues related to not being able to send messages has resolved. 

To log your account, you need to do the following steps:

  •  Open Snapchat on your device.
  •  Tap on your Avatar, which is in the top left corner.
  •  Go to the settings on the top right corner of your screen.
  •  Scroll down till the end of the options. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the Log Out option.
Log Out option for Snapchat
  •  A dialog box will appear asking for Log Out. Tap on it to move further.
  •  After a couple of minutes, try logging in to your account again.
  •  If you have saved your login info, it will ask you to log in by that account. If you have not, feed your E-Mail/Username & your password.

Check whether your issue has been settled. If not, try other tips from here.

Force close Snapchat & open it again.

This trick is helpful when you want to stop the application from working by force & then can open the application again. There are different ways to force close the applications on differing devices.

Force close running snapchat process

Just swipe up to forcefully close Snapchat. Open Snapchat again and confirm if it still has no progress & Snapchat declines to send messages.

Storage location

Many people who use Snapchat decline to use it once the storage is modified. Altering the default storage could also be the scheme. Many users have tried this trick & Snapchat has started working again after they have changed the default storage location. If you use a third-party memory, replace the storage location of the data with your device’s internal memory.

Reinstall Snapchat

If removing the app cache of Snapchat could not resolve the problem, attempt to reinstall the application. Maybe, some of its installation files got corrupted and are no longer repairable. 

In this issue, the foremost pathway to stop the error is to install a mint replica of Snapchat. 

On Android, check out the manual below on how to reinstall Snapchat. 

  • Foremost, open your device and go to the home screen.
  • Behind that, find Snapchat from the list of applications. 
  • Tap and hold the application until the preference screen appear. 
  • Eventually, tap on Uninstall to remove Snapchat from your gadget.
Uninstall Snapchat confirmation

If you are operating an iOS device, you can reinstall Snapchat by accomplishing the following: 

  •  On your home screen, find Snapchat from the list. 
  •  Behind that, tap and hold the application until the pop-up menu occurs on your screen. 
  •  Lastly, tap on Remove App, and pursue the on-screen prompts to resume the procedure.

Restart device

A few times, due to a stuck process. And for the same, Your system might be unable to complete the task you want it to perform for that particular application. 

So, in that case, you can try restarting your device. What this will do is, kill all the running processes. And then run again to send the messages. And if this fixes the issue excellently, Great. But if not, move to the next fix.

Clear the cache of the App

Almost every application stores temporary data on your device called app cache. So does Snapchat. Ever thought about why do applications store cache data? This data helps the applications to work smoothly, makes it faster, and increases the overall experience of the application. Nonetheless, app caches can earn overtime and will also be harder to load.

As an outcome, Snapchat conducts more slowly than typical, and some operations might not work easily. Thankfully, Snapchat retained an option on their application to remove these caches in the circumstance of errors. 

  •  Willingly, tap on the Profile icon on Snapchat.
  •  Behind that, tap on the Gear icon to open the settings. 
  •  Directly, scroll down, and tap on Clear Cache.
Clear Cache
  •  Eventually, tap on Continue (for Android) or Clear All (for iOS) to remove the app cache.
Clearing the cache files from SnapChat

Turn Off VPN

If you are operating VPN services to supply security on your network, try incapacitating it. Indeed, VPNs are excellent for security justifications, but they can also intrude on the gush of your network.

VPNs unsystematically change your IP address, making it difficult for your gadget to designate a steady connection with the website and application servers. Turns off your VPN and attempt using Snapchat beside.

Check for Updates

Using an outdated version of applications on your device could set your account in trouble. Apps that are not updated do not have the latest security patches, which can disclose you to hackers, and other dangers. 

Similarly, it is also likely that the version you are running has an existent bug associated with sending messages. Try to update Snapchat to resolve this. 

On Android, check out the manual below on how to update Snapchat. 

  •  Foremost, open Google Play Store on your Android gadget. 
  •  Behind that, tap on the Menu button found inside the search bar.
  •  Subsequent, tap on My Apps & Games from the side menu.
  •  Ultimately, if the Play Store witnessed an update, struck the Update button beside Snapchat to install it. 
Updating the SnapChat

For iOS devices, you can update Snapchat by accomplishing the following steps:

  •  At your home screen. Find the App Store and tap it to open the application. 
  •  In the App Store. Look at the base navigation bar and tap on Updates. 
  •  Eventually, click on the Update button beside Snapchat if there is an available update. 

Once accomplished, go heretofore to Snapchat, and attempt to send a few messages similarly.

Check Permissions

If you have encountered a failed to send error on Snapchat, it could mean that the application cannot access your network. To remedy this, try to examine your permission settings on the application.

On Android, you can do this by following the steps below. 

  •  Open Snapchat. 
  •  Behind that, tap on the Profile icon & tap the Gear icon to open Snapchat settings. 
  •  Scroll down until you notice the Privacy tab.
image 156
  •  Beneath the Privacy tab, tap on Permissions. 
Permissions window

Finally, make confident that Snapchat is authorized to access your network. 

For iOS devices, follow the steps down on how to examine your permissions:

  •  Open Snapchat.
  •  Directly tap on the Profile icon from the main screen. 
  •  Behind that, hit the Gear icon to open the settings. 
  •  Beneath the Additional Services, tap on Manage. 
  •  Now, tap on Permissions.
  •  Finally, confirm if Snapchat has permission to access your network.

Now, go back to the main screen, and test sending a message to your friends. 

Report the Problem to Snapchat

Unfortunately, if you have yet to notice the Failed To Send error on Snapchat, we advise you to allow the professionals to handle the problem. Report the issue to the Snapchat team and hope they can fix it on their platform faster.

To report the problem, follow these steps:

  •  Go to the Profile option.
  •  Then, head towards Settings.
  •  Finally, go to the I Spotted a Bug.
Reporting the Bugs to the SnapChat developers
  •  Report the actual problem you are encountering on their platform.
  •  You can also visit their support page and report the problem if you cannot access the application on your appliance.
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