10 Best Small Business Phone Services for Small Business

What is Small Business Phone Services?

Major telecom companies usually deliver a small business phone service as a hosted service. A small business phone service, also referred to as Centrex, will liberalize businesses from investing in the expensive equipment of a complicated private branch exchange.

Small business phone services can operate through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or the Internet (VOIP business phone). Several phone systems are used in an interconnected manner with business phone services that allow for features such as conference calls, call handling and transfer, private and shared voice message boxes, call metering and accounting, etc.

Features of a Small Business Phone Services

  • Automated Attendant: An auto attendant guarantees that you still answer your incoming business phone lines, even if your employees are too busy to answer the phone or during off-hours. As stand-in receptionists, auto attendants serve and can come with a range of personalization tools, such as the skill to provide touch-tone choice for callers that navigate to particular individuals or extensions or various messages, like business hours and directions.
  • Call-ID: Most business individuals do not have the time to respond to any inbound business phone call or request that comes in, so call-ID is an integral function of the phone system. Many people block their phone numbers when making a sales call to override call-ID. 
  • Conference Call: Features such as phone conferencing allow several variations for a multi-person dialogue to interact. It is essential to question the maximum number of lines, specifically for the conference feature built into the business phone itself, in the conference.
  • Speed Dial and Redial: A common feature that should be used frequently is speed dialing. All workers should be trained to input often called numbers into the speed dial because it is much more useful than making several individuals lookup multiple phone numbers every day. Redial is also a helpful tool, especially if there is a disconnection for conference or client calls.
  • Call Forwarding: Call forwarding allows for the forwarding incoming business phone call to another phone, like a cell phone, home phone, telephone of a co-worker or assistant. Some forwarding features use a mechanism for the hunt team that forwards the business phone call to a series of phone numbers before answering or leaving a voicemail with a final number.
  • Hunt Groups: For large inbound calls, such as sales and customer service inquiries, a hunt group is useful. Hunt groups may be configured to unite a group of local extensions for inbound business phone lines or automatically route the incoming call to the group’s first available extension. And if the extension does not respond, the business phone call will be redirected quickly to the next free extension before the call is answered. For inbound sales inquiries, this is especially important.

Advantages of a Small Business Phone Services

  • Reliable: Call-forwarding is exceptionally versatile, like other features in VOIP phone service. The freedom to select where your calls are forwarded and how you often do not have to sacrifice productivity because of local power outages or weather-related incidents. If you can’t respond to the office phone, your mobile devices or laptop can.
  • Easy conference calls: It’s possible to take part in conference calls using a conventional phone system, but you would have to pay for an extra service. Many VOIP phone services have an inbuilt network conference. You should take the benefit of making phone calls as an added value to the service, instead of paying for anything extra.
  • Service mobility: As there are no physical restrictions, without any extra tension, you have the freedom to travel as your company requires. VOIP phone service could be generous support if your company is on-the-go, and they will accompany you everywhere you go.
  • Low per call cost: VOIP business phone system uses voice over Internet Protocol to make calls. Using the Internet to transmit call data can circumvent problems, making domestic and long-distance calls cheaper overall.
  • Effective Client Interaction: You can choose when and how your calls ring with a VOIP business phone system. For example, the first few rings to be forwarded to your office could be determined. If no one responds to a call, it will be sent to a different device, such as a cell phone or laptop.

Disadvantages of a Small Business Phone system

Though  business phone systems have multifold benefits, they also have some cons, which are as follows:

  • Virtual or programmed phone networks are not complete phone systems.
  • Many suppliers of telephone services are moving away from landline phones, making it difficult not only to buy them but also to fix them when problems occur. It’s only a matter of time before they become redundant in these systems.
  • Such systems rely on your connectivity to the Internet. This phone system won’t work for you if you are in a region with inconsistent Internet service.
  • VOIP calls will also suffer from latency problems without a high-speed connection to the Internet.
  • VOIP phone service needs a constant source of power and an Internet connection, unlike landline phones.

Applications of Small Business Phone Services

  • Multinational companies: Many MNC incorporate business phone systems to take the review and other consultancy services.
  • Service provider: whether it is an internet service provider, telecom, retailers, every service provider uses business phone systems to increase their business and services.
  • Government: Making citizens’ lives better, the government announces several social schemes that can be easily provided through intimation using business phone systems.
  • Healthcare: Incorporating business phone systems help healthcare service provider to manage and organize their services. 
  • Universities: To manage large numbers of incoming calls, most universities use small business phone systems.
  • Software and IT: All big tech-firms use business phone systems to manage their work.

Who uses Small Business Phone Services?

Every other day businesses all over the world are growing at a high rate. A firm needs to take care of its clients and customer service. Usually, small business owners skeptical about investing in effective phone systems to avoid this business phone systems are used. You may be amazed to think of the various places you might require to incorporate a small business phone service. 

  • Desk Receptionist: most of the incoming calls are received by the receptionist. To liberalize the person from overwhelming inbound calls, one should incorporate a small business phone service at the receptionist desk.
  • Public areas: If your organization is part of service providing such as your lobby, waiting room, break room, corridor, etc., you can utilize a business phone to hold the incoming calls at the center to solve problems or queries efficiently.
  • Fax computers: It is not possible to incorporate several Fax machines due to their cost and maintenance, so bypassing this, you can use a small business phone service so that business phone lines are put on hold; meanwhile, fax machines are dealing with some other input.
  • Credit card terminals: Increasing credit card use in transactions also increased queries to a credit card provider, which increased the number of calls. The incorporation of a small business phone service must solve problems efficiently.
  • Conference rooms: One of the best features of business phone calls is to have a conference room feature that connects several dialers to a single line and helps them interact simultaneously.
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How to select the right Small Business Phone Service Software?

Inbound and outbound calls, and the methods of managing these calls, are just some of the many features available to customers. Knowing what is available to you and prioritizing your must-haves is essential. Here are some features that every small business phone service must-have. 

  • Call features include:
    • Call forwarding: if one phone is busy, call forwarding is used to transfer calls.
    • Call transfer: transferring calls to another employee.
    • Hold: if all the receivers are busy, the business phone system must hold the call. 
    • Music: the business phone system must have music on hold in silence or bell type of ringing.
    • Voicemail to email: the voicemail must be transferred to emails in case of inability to attend the call.
  • Contact center capabilities are:
    • Call queues: when multiple callers try to connect, it is highly advisable to align them in the line.
    • Instant messaging: It is easy to communicate with instant messaging systems.
    • Call recording: Call recording helps in improving training skills and improvisation in clients satisfaction
    • Predictive dialing: Predictive dialers refer to an outbound calling device that automatically dials from a phone number database.
    • Supervisors surveillance: Recording and surveillance ensure service delivery is of the highest quality and helps training purposes. 
    • Notifications about the next caller: Notifications and alerts about the dialer-list will help segregate and forward calls to the required desk.
  • The method of getting started with a new business phone system depends on whether you have a cloud-based service or an on-site one. The size of the deployment also influences it.

Top 10 Best Small Business Phone Services Software

There are multiple small business phone service providers across the globe. Here we have provided some of the best business phone service providers which you can incorporate to make your work hassle-free.

1. Nextiva

Nextiva is one of the Small Business Phone Services

In terms of qualities and ease of use, Nextiva is the best small business phone service. With a fast setup and fair pricing, they offer a wide range of features. Nextiva has a simple web-based admin panel that makes it easy to quickly manage the integrated communications platform like a professional for small and medium business owners.

Nextiva provides the best business phone services for small businesses and medium businesses.

Key Features:

  • On all iOS and Android smartphones, the Nextiva app runs smoothly.
  • Advanced call routing, unrestricted free domestic roaming, voicemail to email, online faxing, text messaging, and more are included in Nextiva’s VOIP(phone) small business phone service for small businesses.
  • Nextiva provides free local or toll-free numbers, free porting of numbers, and all the usual functions for call management such as call-ID, call forwarding, routing, custom greetings, advanced IVR framework.
  • Nextiva also provides other advanced capabilities that fit very well with the business phone system, including CRM, Live Chat, online polling, call analytics, and other solutions.
  • Nextiva sends text messages and web conferencing, making it easier for our employees to use their preferred business contact platform to communicate with our clients.
  • Clients of Nextiva have a broad reach, including top colleges such as Stanford, UCLA, the University of Southern California, and top brands such as Taco Bell, Conan O ‘Brian, and more; Nextiva is the official phone provider.

Pricing Policy:

  • Pricing policy varies on the number of users, for a range of 20-99 users pricing policy is as follows:
    • Essential: $18.95 /user/month 
    • Professional: $22.95 /user/month
    • Enterprise: $32.95 /user/month 
    • Ultimate: $57.95 /user/month
  • The above price is as per annual billing; monthly billing may vary.
  • For more information on details and plans, contact Nextiva.

2. Grasshopper 

Grasshopper is one of the Small Business Phone Services

Grasshopper provides an accessible, professional way to manage correspondence for entrepreneurs just started or those with a company side business. This is perfect for promoting and helping services to make your enterprise look bigger. This software is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Two services are provided by Grasshopper: Grasshopper and Grasshopper Connect. The primary difference between the two is that your small business phone service is not only unified by Grasshopper Connect; it also helps you to access calls, texts, and emails from one location.

Key Features: 

  • To track your account and phone service, Grasshopper delivers accessible web and smartphone applications.
  • All typical characteristics such as call forwarding, routing, waiting, call hold music, voicemail to email transcripts, and more come with GrassHopper.
  • Users can use smartphone or desktop applications to install plugins that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • An add-on feature that enables Grasshopper clients to have a real person or an auto-attendant respond to their business calls is the “Ruby receptionist,” a virtual phone system.
  • Voicemail transcription converts voicemails to text so that a computer or smartphone can read your messages.
  • Grasshopper is a virtual phone system, so there is no equipment to purchase.

Pricing Policy:

  • Pricing plans are divided into three programs, as shown below.
    • Solo: $26 per month with one phone number and three extensions
    • Partner: $44 per month with three phone number and six extensions
    • Small businesses: $80 per month with five phone numbers and unlimited extensions.
  • All the prices are for annual billing. You can pay per month also. Click here to know different billing plans and features provided by the Grasshopper.

3. Vonage

Vonage is one of the Small Business Phone Services

Vonage Business Communications, formerly Vonage Business Cloud, is an all-in-one system fully integrated into a single interface that provides voice, text messaging, video conferencing, team collaboration, and much more. Vonage offers the best business phone services for small businesses.

Vonage Business Communications is a business phone service based on cloud Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP business phone), which means that incoming and outgoing phone calls operate via a high-speed internet connection.

Key Features: 

  • Maintain other integrated business phone service characteristics across your current PBX, centralized communications, and mobile devices and use WebRTCC for ease of use, click-to-dial, or auto-dial within your CRM.
  • Vonage has multiple flexibility characteristics like 
    • CALL-ID Ban: On your outbound calls, block the call-ID.
    • SET CALLER ID: Adjust the caller ID easily and pick what people see when you call.
    • ADMIN PORTAL: From a single portal, control your entire phone system.
    • APP CENTER: Explore software that can supercharge your experience in communications.
    • DYNAMIC CALLER ID: Use a custom caller ID on your phone by merely pressing a few digits.
    • MUSIC ON HOLD: Get the callers to have a better waiting experience.
    • SMART NUMBERS: Phone numbers that can be programmed smartly for the exact needs of your company.
  • There are also Collaboration and productivity features like:
    • CALL ANNOUNCE: Before the phone, be ready for the call.
    • CALL GROUPS: Forward connections at once to many extensions.
    • CONFERENCE BRIDGE: Use the push of a button to link up to  30 participants.
    • TEAM MESSAGING: Stay better organized via team messaging with superiors.
    • VONAGE REUNIONS: Give the organization-wide responsive video conferencing solutions.
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Pricing Policy:

  • Monthly pricing for up to 49 employees is the policy as follows.
    • Mobile: $14.99 per month per line
    • Premium: $24.99 per month per line (including mobile characteristics)
    • Advanced: $34.99 per month per line (including premium characteristics)
  • A free 14- days demo is available.
  • All above prices are inclusive of fees and additional taxes.
  • For more information on pricing plans and characteristics, contact Vonage.

4. 8×8

8x8 is one of the Small Business Phone Services

8×8 is a business phone cloud system that you can use for internet protocol VOIP phones (voice over internet protocol). 8×8 also provides software so that calls can be made and received by the team on a desktop or mobile computer. It gives the typical characteristics of a virtual phone system, including voicemail, automatic call attendant, forwarding of calls. 

For small businesses and enterprise-level organizations, 8×8 offers a cloud-based business phone system with similar characteristics. If your business holds large video conferences frequently, 8×8 might be the best option since 100 participants are incorporated in a single video conferencing call.

Key Features: 

  • With unprecedented security and compliance policies and procedures, validated by third-party security and compliance certifications, 8×8 protects your communications and your company.
  • Third-party certification confidence: No competitor has reached the standard of advanced, third-party validated protection and compliance certificates of 8×8.
  • Work with a safe and secure video conferencing, chat, and business phone solution anywhere, using any device.
  • The 8×8 framework meets rigorous criteria for protecting financial data, consumer privacy, and computer networks.
  • The platform and related intellectual property of 8×8 allow a consistent end-user experience to be provided over fragmented networks backed by an end-to-end SLA covering both uptime and call performance.
  • 8×8 offers insights into all your transactions and uses years of aggregate data. Its AI models are securely trained.

Pricing Policy:

  • The 8×8 provides three plans.
    • Small business phone system: $12 per user per month
    • All-in-one (voice, video, and chat): $24 per user per month
    • Administrators and supervisors: $44 per user per month
  • Price may vary as per the billing period. You can also pay per annum. 
  • For more information on billing and other characteristics, click here.

5. RingCentral

RingCentral is one of the Small Business Phone Services

RingCentral is a cloud-based business phone system in the United States and Canada. For businesses of all sizes, RingCentral is one of the best business phone systems. They deliver small business phone systems in the market that is most feature-rich. The business stands out for having lots of characteristics, a secure global network, and a wide variety of integrations for custom applications. Their business telephone platform provides all the modern elements you need, including unlimited calling (roaming), call routing, caller ID, waiting and transferring calls, sharing one line on different mobile devices and users, texting via SMS, etc.

Key Features: 

  • RingCentral has multiple features like:
  • Meeting characteristics like:
    • Video and web conferencing: Experience unlimited video conference calls in a meeting worldwide of up to 500 individuals.
    • Audio conferencing: In an audio conference call with local dial-in assistance, get linked immediately with up to 1,000 people.
    • Telepresence in the cloud: RingCentral Rooms helps you to interact and collaborate with any user instantly.
  • Security characteristics including:
    • Secure VOIP service: RingCentral offers a safe, efficient VOIP small business phone service that empowers calls to be made and received by your employees.
    • Single Sign-on: With their corporate credentials, users can automatically log in to RingCentral.
    • Datacenter Overview: RingCentral has 17 data centers with enterprise-grade quality of service, enforcement, protection, and reliability across four regions.
  • Calling and mobility characteristics including:
    • Call forwarding: Call forwarding is entirely transparent for the listener and enables you to be on call 24 hours a day.
    • Call Flip: You can simply switch a continuous call between your desk phone, cell phone, or softphone with Call Flip.
    • Call Hold: Parking a call allows you to hold and recover calls from every desktop phone on your device in a virtual location.
    • Unique toll-free numbers: get your business phone number to avoid wrong numbers.
    • Call recording: Call recording helps in improving training skills and improvisation in clients’ satisfaction.

Pricing Policy:

  • Plans and pricing is based on the number of users. For a range of 0-20 users pricing policy is as follows.
    • Essentials: $29.99 per month/user
    • Standard: $34.99 per month/user(includes essential features)
    • Premium: $44.99 per month/user(includes standard features)
    • Ultimate: $59.99 per month/user(includes premium features)
  • A 15-day free trial is available for new users.
  • For more information on details, discounts, and plan characteristics, visit RingCentral.

6. DialPad

DialPad is one of the Small Business Phone Services

Dialpad provides an assortment of business communications-centered cloud-based products. Dialpad Talk is the platform for cloud-based small business phone service and unified communications (UCaaS) software. It was created for enterprises with a mobile workforce. Dialpad Talk delivers smartphones, laptops, computers, and more with speech, video, texts, and meetings. DialPad provides the best business phone services for small businesses and medium businesses.

Key Features: 

  • Local Phone Number: Pick an area code based on your small business location, and create a local phone number for your local presence and legitimacy.
  • App Business Phone: Make business phones, send texts, and search voicemail call with Dialpad’s business phone app on your mobile device. Take office with you anywhere.
  • Call Routing: Dialpad provides a robust suite of calling and routing functions to boost inbound and outbound communications, including call park to call transfer to call forwarding.
  • Port Existing Numbers: When you move your business phone provider to Dialpad, keep the same number for your business without any service interruption.
  • Quick and Hassle-Free Deployment: Dialpad has your business phone system up and running within days with simple installation, setup, and user management, and sometimes on the same day, you can sign up.
  • Live Call Coaching: Dialpad’s Live Coach offers suggestions for real-time coaching and sales and allows executives to listen to calls and take over when needed.

Pricing Policy:

  • The Dialpad provides three plans.
    • Standard: USD 20 per month/user with one License Minimum
    • Pro: USD 30 per month/user with three License Minimum
    • Enterprise: Contact Dialpad (100 License Minimum)
  • Further discounts and a 14-day trial are available if billed annually.
  • For more information on Dialpad pricing policy, contact Dialpad.

7. GoTo Connect

GoToConnect is one of the Small Business Phone Services

GoToConnect is a cost-effective, all-in-one business phone system that is customizable. It integrates the Jive phone service tools with GoToMeeting’s conferencing functionality, providing organizations of all shapes and sizes with a full range of collaboration tools. Apart from GoToConnect, the company also offers other tools like GoToMeeting, GoToRoom, GoToTraining, GoToWebinar. Goto is not suitable for small businesses due to its pricing policy.

Key Features: 

  • Fast setup and configuration: Quickly configure all the routing of your call in a visual editor.
  • Collaboration: Get HD video conferencing included with every package. Also, integrate with one easy application the list of communication methods you use.
  • Calls from anywhere: wherever you go, GoToConnect works. To remain linked, switch between your desk phone, web app, or our mobile app.
  • Collaborate fast and securely: Designed for industry-based virtual phone system meetings, which are much simpler without the need for downloads.
  • Unmatched on mobile: A quick, fast, and secure virtual meeting experience in the Android and iOS platforms from the highest-rated mobile app.
  • One solution: It provides connectivity & cooperation, dedication & support, and identity & access tools, all under one roof.
  • Other features like: 
    • Voice: Cloud PBX, Custom music on hold, Dial plan editor, International calling.
    • Call Management: Call routing, Caller ID, Do Not Disturb, Find Me/Follow Me.
    • Call Center: Advanced ring strategies, Pre-call announcement, Unlimited calling queues, Wait time announcement
    • Video Conference: 250 meeting participants, Up to 25 HD video feeds, One-click screen sharing, Personal meeting rooms.
    • Customer Support: Provide customer support for any unforeseen circumstances.
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Pricing Policy:

  • Goto connects two basic plans, which are further divided based on the number of users.
  • Basic: suitable for a user range of 0-50. The plan is on a user basis.
    • Tier 1: $29.95 for 1-4 users
    • Tier 2: $25.95 for 5-9 users
    • Tier 3: $23.95 for 10-24 users
    • Tier 4: $21.95 for 25-49 users
    • Tier 5: $19.95 for 50+ users
  • Custom: usually comprises 100+ users; contact Goto Connect to know more.

8. Ooma 

Ooma is one of the Small Business Phone Services

Ooma Office is a standard business phone service with more than 35 features, with plans for companies of all sizes available. Ooma is a popular business VOIP phone service provider that provides competitive rates for business phone numbers. To any program, you can add a local or toll-free number. They can pre-select a local or toll-free number for you by default, but you also have the option of choosing a new one. 

Key Features: 

  • Enhanced Blocking of Calls: Robocalls are an unwanted burden on your business activities. Enhanced Call Blocking included in Ooma Office Pro that enables you to get back to work.
  • Desktop App: A simple desktop app is developed by Ooma Office Pro so that you can utilize your business phone system directly from your computer. Do almost everything you’d do with a desktop phone.
  • Collaborate at any time: Video conferencing, the main feature included in Ooma Office Pro. By using your browser or installing our app, simply click to enter.
  • Virtual Receptionist: A receptionist with a virtual phone system is one of the most versatile tools in the suite of Ooma Office features, providing companies the opportunity to direct incoming calls and exchange essential business details.
  • Multi-Device Ring: It’s difficult to attend meetings and visit other places with a growing number of employees. As a consequence, in modern offices, multi-ring options have become an increasingly common feature.
  • Call Recording: For corporations, the ability to playback phone calls may be significant, whether it is to train sales workers or to playback a customer’s call for consistency in note-taking.

Pricing Policy:

  • Ooma offers two plans.
    • Ooma Office: $19.95 monthly for a single user
    • Ooma Office Pro: $24.95 monthly for a single user
  • You can visit Ooma for more details on features and pricing details.

9. Phone.com

Phone.com is one of the Small Business Phone Services

Phone.com is a virtual cloud phone system, and VOIP business phone service is another right choice for small business phone services. With standard phone service features like call routing, caller ID, call forwarding, conference calling, and many more, they offer an easy web and app-based administration panel. Several European countries and Canada are included in their local call minutes, making it much cheaper to call in those countries. Phone.com is one of the best tools for small businesses.

Key Features: 

  • Toll-Free Numbers: For each customer, a free business phone number is included, or you can request one of our premiums. For your business, customize a local or toll-free number.
  • Address Book: Sync your connections with your address book on Phone.com and immediately call or send Text messages from inside your account on Phone.com.
  • Integration of CRM: Phone.com provides a CRM integration tool to boost business efficiency in all aspects of the organization. Screen pop-ups, click-to-dial, and call monitoring all are available from inside your browser.
  • Number Porting: Phone.com can transfer (port) a number from your current carrier, whether it’s a local, toll-free or international number.
  • Video Conferencing: First-class audio, web conferencing, and video can be enjoyed by all Phone.com users, allowing connectivity from any smartphone, anywhere.
  • Music on hold: Pick from a collection of professional, high-quality music tracks that play in a queue while callers are on hold or waiting.

Pricing Policy:

  • Phone.com offers three plans with varied features, which are:
    • Basic Users: $12.99 per month/user
    • Plus Users: $19.99 per month/user
    • Pro Users: $29.99 per month/user
  • All the above packages are billed monthly. Extra discounts apply on annual subscriptions.
  • For more details on pricing and features, policies visit Phone.com.

10. CallHippo

CallHippo is one of the Small Business Phone Services

Driven by robust elements, CallHippo is one of the most comprehensive solutions for an efficient business phone system for all your business communication requirements. You can purchase a business phone system with CallHippo and utilize it anywhere in the world in less than 3 minutes. 

Key Features: 

  • Global Connect: Global Connect allows you to consider the best time for your foreign customers to call.
  • Power Dialer: With CallHippo’s super-efficient Power Dialer function, deliver your daily calling commitments like a pro.
  • Smart Switch: Now, you can comfortably wave goodbye to all your problems with call connectivity.
  • Smart Call Forwarding: To stay available, each user may opt to have calls forwarded to multiple phones.
  • Call Conference: It’s a feature that will allow you to connect your two-way call to a third party and transform it into a 3-way conference.
  • Call Recording: Tracking your team’s success, the call recording feature records every call on each of your numbers.
  • Voice Mail: Receive voicemail calls to email messages. Play them out of your inbox directly.
  • Call Analytics: Monitor your success with phone support. Measure the percent of missed calls, each teammate’s call load, etc.
  • On Hold Music: CallHippo’s On Hold Music is a perfect way to keep your callers entertained and active while your custom music is on hold or uploaded.
  • Customer Support: Provide customer support for any unforeseen circumstances.

Pricing Policy:

  • The plans are multifold as per the demand of the organization; the four divisions are as follows.
    • Bronze: $20 Per user/Month
    • Silver: $30 Per user/Month
    • Platinum: $35 Per user/Month
    • Enterprise: contact for customized Solutions
  • On each plan, discounts are provided depending on billing.
  • For more information on CallHippo Pricing details


The above small business phone service providers are on the list of the top ten best business phone systems globally. Business phone systems like Nextiva, Ringcentral, and Ooma are best because they are affordable, reliable, and easy to set up. But the best business phone services for mall business is provided by Grasshopper, simple and powerful.

Don’t forget about your requirements, budget, and the parameters discussed above as you go through choosing the best business phone systems for your company.

Small Business Phone Services FAQs

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