10 Fixes For Skype Won’t Open or Respond Error in Windows

There are several possible reasons why Skype on desktop might not be starting. Skype, an application that started out as a simple IM and VoIP client has now turned into something much more, a staple for almost every person’s phone.

Do you use Skype to contact your friends or families? What can you do if Skype won’t open? In this post, you can get some solutions to this problem.

If you Can’t Open Skype on Windows? Skype won’t connect or has no sound? Skype won’t close? well, guess what, you’re not the only one. These issues in skype are not new. It’s annoying when you get ready for an interview or a long-distance video call and your skype won’t stay open, and now you are stuck with no solution. Do not fret, we’ve obtained the best services for you.

Why isn’t Skype starting on my desktop?

The most obvious reason why skype for business won’t open on your computer is that your system does not meet the minimum requirement. Followed by the out-of-date version of skype and other software and hardware reasons.

Why does this problem happen?

Here’s a list of reasons you can think of when you question why skype won’t open on my computer.

Starting with External/hardware reasons

  • Minimum requirement not met
  • Audio Hardware and camera issues
  • Network problems and network configuration

Internal/Software reasons for Skype not opening in windows

  • Out-of-date Version of Skype
  • Camera option and permissions
  • Audio and Video settings
  • Windows defender firewall hindering skype

How do I fix skype not opening on windows 10?

Depending on the type of issue you are facing. you can either get a quick fix by doing some system configurations, or you may have to make big changes. In both the above cases you can rest assured that we’ll get you a solution in this article.

Here is a list of solutions and troubleshooting steps you can take:

  1. Allow Skype to Access Webcam & Microphone
  2. Review Skype Audio Settings
  3. Running Skype in compatibility mode
  4. Try Reinstall Skype
  5. Repair and Reset Skype
  6. Run SFC Scan using command prompt
  7. Reset Network Configuration
  8. Check Firewall Blocking
  9. Try Changing Skype Folder’s name
  10. Disable UPnP

Quick checks and fixes for skype not opening

Before you go ahead with trying the below-given steps, here are some things you should check beforehand, and make sure:

  • you have a stable internet connection with good bandwidth
  • your window is up-to-date
  • your skype app is up-to-date

1. Allow Skype to Access Webcam & Microphone

Skype, like any other communication app, uses the inbuilt or attached webcam and microphone of the computer or laptop. Unlike Google meet or zoom, skype will not open, run properly if skype is not given access to these hardware options. The same goes for mac, if hardware access permission is not granted to it, skype won’t open on mac or android.

Here are the steps to ensure access of Camera and webcam to skype:

  • Go to the windows setting and then to privacy.
  • In privacy select camera and turn on the button below “Allow apps to access your camera”
  • After that scroll down, look for skype in the list and turn on the button in front of it.
  • In the same window, below the camera click on the microphone.
  • Turn on the “allow apps to access your microphone” option.
  • Again scroll down and turn on the button in front of skype.
  • Restart your laptop device.
  • Open skype and make a test call to confirm the changes.

2. Configure Skype Audio Settings

While using skype it is evident that you need to have built-in microphone access or an external microphone. In some cases even after granting access through the window, it still may happen that skype for business app won’t open. To solve this issue you can follow these steps and review skype audio settings:

  • Open skype, and in the main window, click on the down arrow next to the settings symbol.
  • From there click on the tool and select audio device settings.
  • After that select the device you wish to use as a microphone.
  • Below your device listed you can see speaker, ringer, check call quality options
  • Click the green button next to these options and accordingly follows prompts to test your audio settings.
  • At the end click on “Allow stereo audio playback when available” to improve overall audio quality.
  • Click ok, and restart skype.
Audio Device Settings tab in the Tools menu

3. Running Skype in compatibility mode

Whenever a new release of Skype for Windows is launched, it is intended to run in the latest version of windows. But it may happen that this very reason can be the cause for why skype won’t open after the update. To solve this problem you can run skype in compatibility mode by following these steps:

  • Download Skype and go to the downloads folder.
  • In the download folder, go to the downloaded file and right-click.
  • From the list click on properties.
  • In properties go to the “compatibility” section.
  • Check the box against “run this program in compatibility mode for”
  • From the drop-down list select windows 8.
  • After installing, try running skype, it’ll open without a hitch.
Skype properties window with the Compatability tab

4. Try Reinstalling Skype

More often than not, reinstalling an app often fixes all the issues as it gets backs all the default files. The same goes with skype. If compatibility mode doesn’t help, and skype for business won’t open windows 10, you can reinstall skype by following these steps:

  • Go to program and features in the control panel and uninstall skype
  • In Windows 10 you can do this by going to Start and right-click, uninstall.
  • After uninstalling go to the official site of skype and download the latest version of skype.
  • Go to downloads, and install skype by simply double-clicking on the file.
  • You can also install in compatibility mode by following the steps in the above section.
  • After install, you can open Skype and you’re good to go.

5. Repair and Reset Skype

Sometimes updating skype or malware can corrupt its important files, leading to skype crashing and malfunctioning. It may also be the reason why skype won’t open from the taskbar. Getting files corrupted, and can even be the reason why skype won’t open the android version if you are using one. You can repair and fix skype in the following ways.

  • Go to settings and then to apps.
  • Go to Apps & features and then from the list select skype.
  • Click on skype and go to advanced options.
  • Then Scroll down, and click on the repair button that appears on the bottom right.
  • After the repair is done, restart your computer device and run skype.

6. Run SFC Scan using command prompt

Running an SFC scan is the safest and best option to not just skype but nay corrupt files in windows. If Skype won’t open links or skype for business 2015 won’t open, an older version which still runs. It is probably due to corrupt files. Run SFC scan using command prompt in Windows 10 with the following steps:

  • Go to the start icon on the left bottom of the screen and right-click.
  • Or search “cmd” in the start menu, right-click on it and choose ‘run as administrator.
  • A command prompt window will open, write sfc/scannow in that window.
  • Press enter, the scan will start for repairing corrupt files.
  • After the process is finished, let the window restart.
  • Open skype and get on with your work.
Scannow command in the Command Prompt tool

7. Reset Network Configuration

Often the reason why skype for business won’t open on iPhone, windows even with a stable internet connection is because of network configuration within Skype. To avoid errors due to network configuration, follow these steps:

  • Open skype and go-to options section in tools.
  • Click on advance form in the left pane, select connection.
  • Click on “Automatic proxy detection”
  • Enter host and port details of the proxy server and other information mention in the window.
  • Save and close skype
  • Open skype, sign in, and see if it works.
Connection settings in the Skype window

8. Check Firewall Blocking

Since skype uses the internet to operate. It also leaves your device or the software itself vulnerable to malware attacks this malware can be the reason why skype won’t open on iPhone as well as your windows.

In order to protect your device from such viruses, the windows defender firewall may block internet access to Skype causing the issue of skype not opening in windows 10. To check if this error is present in your window, follow these steps:

  • Open ‘RUN’ by pressing the window key and R simultaneously.
  • In the run window type ‘Control’ to open the control panel.
  • You can also open the control panel through the start menu.
  • Go to system and security in the Control panel.
  • Then click on windows defender firewall
  • Navigate to “Allow an app or feature through windows defender firewall”.
  • A list of apps that are protected by a firewall will appear.
  • In the list find skype, and check the box in front of it.
  • Restart your PC and skype, and check if skype opens.

Warning: Letting an app through a firewall puts your device at potential risk of cyber threats, proceed at your own discretion, caution.

9. Try Changing Skpye Folder’s name

Changing the folder name of the app’s default folder has worked in cases where the antivirus marks the software as a threat. It has been found as an effective way of solving the error even when skype won’t open on android, or skype won’t open on mac. To try this fix, d the following things:

  • Open windows in safe mode either from the boot menu through “msconfig”
  • Open skype n safe mode and try running, if it fails.
  • Press window key + R, and in run window type %appdata%
  • In the new window, search the folder named skype and rename it to skype_fixed.
  • Close the window after renaming and try Opening skype again.

10. Disable UPnP

UPnP stands for Universal Plug and play. It is a feature which when enabled would automatically connect to your router and select the ports without you having to choose and do it manually. Disabling UPnP can fix the problem if your skype won’t open after download. Follow these steps to disable UPnP

  • Enter safe mode in your Windows 10, either from the boot menu or through “msconfig
  • In safe Mode Run Skype
  • Go to setting in skype and from the left pane select Advance
  • In advance, skype setting options, uncheck the box in from of “Enable UPnP
  • After disabling UPnP, exit skype and restart your windows.
  • After reboot, open skype and carry on with your meetings.

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Make a Skype Test Call

Test call in skype is used to confirm that skype has access to the webcam and microphone, and it’s working properly. To make a test call follow these steps:

  • Open skype and go to contacts
  • In contacts search “echo/sound test service”
  • Click on “echo/ sound and test service” under people from the search results.
  • Click on the audio button in the chatbox for a test call.
  • It will connect you to an echo assistant that’ll guide you through the testing of your skype.
  • Follow-through as instructed by the echo call assistant
Echo/Sound test service window for Skype

Why won’t Skype open on my Mac?

Skype has a large number of users on mac and it has different os versions.

Skype for business won’t open on mac, Skype won’t open on mac high sierra, skype won’t open on mac Catalina, skype won’t open mac Mojave. If your problem is one of the listed above, this article can help you solve it.

For mac, you can start by testing the hardware operability of the camera and microphone. You can also do the network configuration, and


Use these quick fixes and check to instantly get back your skype working and never aging get interrupted your meeting or call with loved ones.

Try out the configurations and settings to avoid running in errors where skype won’t open in windows 10, mac, mac high sierra, mac Catalina, android, or on any platform. You can also stay updated about new skype features on Skype Reddit threads.