18 Fixes For Skype Camera Not Working (Windows & Mac)

Video calling through Skype is fun and easy. But this ease can transform into stress if you make or join a video call but can’t because the camera is not working. What are the reasons for the camera problems, low or stuttering video quality, and black camera screen on Skype? Use this guide to find that out. This guide will also help you with almost all the possible solutions you can apply to fix webcam problems on Skype.

Skype camera not working in Skype settings

Causes of Video Call Not Working on Skype

  • Skype service issues
  • The camera is not connected
  • Poor internet speed
  • Covered webcam
  • Another app is using the camera
  • Incorrect video call settings on Skype
  • Old webcam drivers
  • Camera access is blocked for Skype
  • The issue with Skype app
  • Your operating system needs update

Solutions to Skype Camera Not Working on Windows 10 and Mac

You want to video chat but instead, you are wondering why my video calling is not working. Try these solutions to fix the problem as quickly as possible. All the solutions work for Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and 11. And most of these solutions also apply to Mac computers.

  1. Clean or Uncover Your Webcam
  2. Restart Your Computer
  3. Check the Skype Service Status Page
  4. Check if the Video Camera is Plugged In and Turned On
  5. Connect the External Camera to Another Port
  6. Use the Skype Test Video or Cross-Check Your Camera
  7. Check Privacy Settings and Allow Skype to Access Your Camera and Microphone
  8. Close Other Programs That Might Be Using the Webcam
  9. Open Skype Settings to Check Video Settings
  10. Update Camera Drivers on Microsoft Windows
  11. Disable and Enable Camera Drivers
  12. Check Your Internet Connection
  13. Use Generic Drivers for Your Webcam
  14. Update Skype App
  15. Reinstall Skype
  16. Update Windows or Mac
  17. Use the Web Version on Google Chrome or Safari
  18. Replace the Webcam

Solution 1: Clean or Uncover Your Webcam

Seeing a black camera screen during your video call is frustrating, but it may be that something is covering the camera. Check your web cam and clean it with a microfiber cloth. This step is essential if you’re using someone else’s laptop because some people prefer to cover their built-in webcam when not in use.

Solution 2: Restart Your Computer

A restart can help you fix many complicated problems. If Skype can’t detect your camera or the webcam is not working, save your work, and restart your device.

Solution 3: Check the Skype Service Status Page

Skype outages are not out of question. If you’re experiencing audio problems or video calling issues, head to the Skype Service Status page and confirm the real-time status of the Skype feature you’re using like Skype-to-Skype calling.

Solution 4: Check if the Video Camera is Plugged In and Turned On

Ever been in a situation where you wonder why your phone is not charging only to find out later that it wasn’t plugged in. So, if Skype can’t detect your camera, check your external webcam and make sure that it’s plugged into your laptop’s USB port.

Solution 5: Connect the External Camera to Another Port

So, your webcam is connected but the camera is still invisible for Skype? Take out the USB cable and plug it into another USB port on your computer. Keep doing this until you’ve checked the webcam with all the USB ports on your device.

Solution 6: Use the Skype Test Video or Cross-Check Your Camera

To check is it really a camera issue or a Skype problem, first, use the Skype Test Video.

  1. On your Skype window, click ‘Contacts’.
  2. Find ‘Echo / Sound Test Service’ and click it.
Skype contacts
  1. Click the call button.
  2. In the call window, press the video button and check if you can connect your camera.
Skype call window with black camera screen

After this, cross-check your camera with another app. You can open FaceTime on your Mac and the Camera app on Windows 8.1, 10, and 11. For Windows 7, use a third-party camera checking program or any other video calling application like Messenger.

Solution 7: Check Privacy Settings and Allow Skype to Access Your Camera and Microphone

Your operating system may be blocking camera and microphone permission to Skype. Due to this, Skype can’t detect your camera. So, go to the privacy settings and check if Skype is allowed to use the webcam.

  1. Click Start and choose Settings.
  2. Select ‘Privacy’.
  3. From the side panel, choose ‘Camera’.
Windows Privacy options
  1. You’ll find a list of apps. If you’re using the Skype app from Microsoft Store, you’ll see Skype in the list. Toggle on the switch if it’s off.
Camera access options on Windows 10
  1. For the Skype desktop client downloaded from the Skype website, scroll below the apps and find ‘Allow desktop apps to access my camera’. If the Skype client is under this section, it already has camera access.
Camera access permissions on Microsoft Windows 10

Allow Skype Camera Access Permission on Mac

  1. Go to ‘System Preferences’ from the Apple menu.
  2. Click ‘Security & Privacy’.
  3. Select the ‘Privacy’ tab.
  4. Click ‘Camera’.
  5. Checkmark the Skype app.

Solution 8: Close Other Programs That Might Be Using the Webcam

Many of us use multiple instant messaging and video calling apps. Did you join the Skype call after a Zoom meeting? Check which apps are using your camera and close them to fix the video not working issue on Skype.

Check and Disable Camera Access on Windows

  1. Click Start and go to Windows Settings.
  2. Choose ‘Privacy’.
  3. Select ‘Camera’.
  4. Apps that are using the camera will have ‘Currently using’ written under them. Toggle them off.

Disable Camera Access on Mac

  1. Open the Apple menu and go to ‘System Preferences’.
  2. Choose ‘Security & Privacy’.
  3. Go to the ‘Privacy’ tab.
  4. Click ‘Camera’ from the side panel.
  5. Uncheck all the apps except Skype for the time being.

Solution 9: Open Skype Settings to Check Video Settings

For devices with multiple cameras, Skype chooses one automatically. It might have selected the wrong webcam. Go to Skype settings to see which camera it’s using.

  1. Click your profile picture on Skype and choose ‘Settings’.
Skype profile options menu on Skype app
  1. Go to ‘Audio & Video’.
Skype desktop client Settings
  1. Click the small arrow above the camera screen and select the right webcam.
Skype desktop client camera settings
  1. After this, click ‘Webcam settings’.
Camera settings on Skype app
  1. Select ‘Default’ and click OK.
Camera properties on Skype client

Solution 10: Update Camera Drivers on Microsoft Windows

Mostly, camera drivers are neglected and never updated. On the other hand, instant messaging and file sharing applications automatically update themselves. So, the newer version of the app might not support the old webcam drivers and show errors or a black camera screen.

  1. On Windows, click Start and type ‘Device Manager’ and open it.
  2. Find ‘Cameras’, click the small arrow to show cameras.
  3. Right-click your webcam and click ‘Update Drivers’.
Device Manager on Windows
  1. Choose ‘Search automatically for drivers’.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Solution 11: Disable and Enable Camera Drivers

Camera issues are weird and, in some cases, a camera starts working once we disable and enable its drivers. So, try this troubleshooting method:

  1. Go to Device Manager then to your camera using the steps in Solution 10.
  2. Right-click your webcam and select ‘Disable device’.
Windows 10 Device Manager. Right-click menu for integrated webcam
  1. After this, right-click the camera again and select ‘Enable device’.
Device Manager on Windows with right-click on webcam

Solution 12: Check Your Internet Connection

We already know that most of the time, jittery video on Skype is due to slow internet speed. But what about the black screen? Yes, it can also be caused by a poor internet connection. Do these things:

  • Check your Wi-Fi and disconnect unnecessary devices. 
  • Close opened programs and web browsers.
  • Stop downloading or uploading.
  • Restart your router.

Solution 13: Use Generic Drivers for Your Webcam

Your computer or Skype might be having difficulty with the current webcam drivers and showing the Skype camera error or black screen. This usually happens if your drivers are old and you can’t update the drivers or there is no update available for your webcam drivers. In this case, you should use generic drivers for your camera and try again.

  1. Go to Device Manager and find your camera.
  2. Right-click your camera and click ‘Update drivers’.
  3. Choose ‘Browser my computer for drivers’.
  4. Click ‘Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer’.
Integrated webcam drivers update wizard on Windows
  1. Select ‘USB Video Device’ and click ‘Next’ to install the driver.
USB Video Device drivers for integrated webcam on Windows

Solution 14: Update Skype App

Video chat apps developers provide new versions very often. The new version may have fixed app bugs including the camera errors. Update your Skype app to check if this method saves the day.

  1. On Skype, click your display picture and select ‘Settings’.
  2. Choose ‘Help & Feedback’ and it will search for updates.
Skype desktop client Settings. Skype is checking for updates

Solution 15: Reinstall Skype

If the typical method of the update was to no avail, try to update Skype in an unconventional way. Uninstall it and then download the latest version to install.

  1. On Windows, click Start and go to Settings.
  2. Click ‘Apps’.
  3. Select Skype and click ‘Uninstall’.
  4. Go to the Skype website to download and install Skype.

Solution 16: Update Windows or Mac

It’s rare but any old or corrupted operating system settings or files could be causing the camera problems on Skype. Update your operating system to checkmark this solution.

On Windows, Settings > Update & Security > Check for updates.

On Mac, Apple menu > System Preferences > Software Update > Update Now or Upgrade Now.

Solution 17: Use the Web Version on Google Chrome or Safari

Skype offers a web version for quick video calls without installing any app on your computer. It’s possible that the Skype app may be buggy and the recent updates didn’t fix the issue. You can use the Skype web version using your web browser to see if your camera works on it.

Solution 18: Replace the Webcam

If you’re reading this solution, it means the above solutions failed for you. The issue may be with anything, but you should consider replacing the webcam especially if you’re seeing camera errors on every app.


Camera problems on Skype can stop you from enjoying video calls. But problems have solutions and this error also has its solutions mentioned above. Make sure to correctly follow the instructions to fix the issue.