10 Ways to Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM2 Error

A mobile phone without a provisioned SIM card can be of no use to anyone unless there is a wireless network or a secondary SIM. Multiple aspects of connectivity can be cut when your SIM card is not provisioned.

You will also see a message in your settings that the SIM cannot be used until it is provisioned. The SIM not provisioned MM2 AT&T is a very common issue and has been around for a while.

This article will help you get cellular service on your phone without having to seek the help of an executive working with the service provider.

What Does It Mean When It Says SIM Not Provisioned?

When a phone is booted up after a shutdown, the first event to take place is the mobile’s scan for the SIM card and the SD card. If these cards are detected, there will not be many issues, regarding them.

But when the SIM is not detected by the mobile device, it means that the SIM card has not been provisioned.

If you see the ‘SIM card not provisioned’ error message anywhere on your mobile, it means that a SIM card is inserted into your phone but cannot be used. You will not be able to make or receive calls. No network connection to the internet can be set through cellular data.

Why Is My SIM Card Not Provisioned On My Mobile?

Reason 1: New SIM Card

If the SIM card is new, it has to be activated before you can use it to connect to the internet or make calls. The activation process usually takes place an hour or two after purchasing and inserting the SIM card into the slot.

Reason 2: Phone Is In Out of Network Coverage Area

If you are in a remote location, like a hill station or a forested area, there are minimal chances for you to receive a cell signal. The lower the signal the weaker your calls and cellular internet will be.

You can do nothing about this except move to a different region and hope for a network connection. Check with the demographics in your region, while purchasing a new SIM.

Reason 3: Unavailable Service Provider

If you move to a different country or a region, where your current service provider is not available. You might face this issue. If you are traveling to a different location, we recommend getting a new SIM card with an adequate data and voice call plan.

You should be able to get them near the airport or port immigration areas. This will give you an identity in the country and a number to contact you through.

Reason 4: Loose SIM Card

Sometimes the slot for the SIM card may be bigger than your SIM. If this is the case, there will not be a perfect fit for the SIM card. Thereby, it can avoid detection.

Make sure that you insert the right side of the SIM card, facing the correct side, into the slot. If the slot is bigger, you will have to get another SIM with the same number. If you have a bigger SIM, you can pop the smaller SIM out and place it in.

Solutions To The ATT SIM Card Not Provisioned Mobile Issue

These are the solutions to implement when the SIM card has not been provisioned on your mobile.

  1. Set The Phone Aside
  2. Reboot The Device
  3. Remove And Reinsert Your SIM Card
  4. Look For Damages To The SIM Card
  5. See If You Inserted The SIM Card The Correct Way
  6. Activate The SIM Card
  7. Talk To The Customer Support
  8. Try The SIM Card With Other Devices
  9. Switch Over To A New Service Provider
  10. Talk To The Network Provider Or Support

Fixing the SIM Card Not Provisioned Issue On Your Mobile

The first few solutions are simple workarounds that do not require much work.

Solution 1: Set The Phone Aside

If your SIM card is brand new, it has to be activated before you can use its services. There is nothing you can do for it except wait till it is activated. It could take anywhere between one to six hours to get activated.

You should receive an SMS or a notification from the service provider, announcing the activation of your SIM. You may get a confirmation call or an OTP for verification.

Once the SIM is activated and provisioned, try making a call or sending an SMS to a contact. In the time, the service provider takes to activate your SIM card. You are free to connect to a wireless network and do other things.

Solution 2: Reboot The Device

Restarting the mobile device can force it to check if the SIM card slot has a SIM in it. The SIM card will be refreshed and could be detected by the phone. This process will also help with troubleshooting the network and connectivity settings on your mobile phone.

For Android devices, you need to press and hold the Power button. Then, from the page that appears, tap the Restart option. If you have a phone with an older version of Android, you will not have the Restart option and only, the Power Off/Shut Down.

If you have an iPhone, press the Power button, hold it until you see the slider, and slide it to turn your phone off. Once the phone is shut down, press and hold the power button again to reboot it.

Check if you can see the network tower on the notification shade. If you can, you’re all set and if not, the next step is yours.

Solution 3: Remove And Reinsert Your SIM Card

Another simple workaround for getting the SIM card provisioned on your mobile is removing it and inserting it again. This is a very intricate process as there is a high chance of damage to the phone and the SIM card.

SIM Not Provisioned MM2 Error

The SIM is positioned on a tray, that goes into the side of the mobile phone. Your mobile phone has to be switched off before you get into this solution. This tray has to be popped out before you can place the SIM on it.

You have to use an ejector pin to poke the hole on the side of the phone. If you do not have the ejector pin, you can use a safety pin or a thumbtack pin to pop the tray out. Make sure the SIM is positioned right and push the tray back in until you feel a gentle click.

If your phone does not have the latest specifications, you may have to remove the back panel of your mobile and also the battery to remove the SIM card.

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Note: The ejector pin comes on a card in the phone case. This pin is a fine metal rod, that can be easily misplaced. Only use other types of pins to bring the tray out. Do not try using toothpicks as a broken splinter can get lodged in the port, making the tray impossible to be accessed.

Solution 4: Look For Damages To The SIM Card

The SIM card is made of a plastic compound, meaning it can get broken or bent very easily. There are also chances for the gold part of the SIM to get scratched or broken.

When you remove the SIM card for the previous step, make sure that you look for white damage markings on the SIM card and also scratches.

If you have a damaged SIM, your only option is to get a new SIM. You can get it from any mobile dealer near you.

Solution 5: See If You Inserted The SIM Card The Correct Way

There is a certain way the mobile manufacturers want you to place the SIM on the tray. Most phones have a mold in the shape of a SIM card, where it will comfortably sit.

There are two ways the SIM can be inserted on your mobile because of the shape of the SIM card. The gold plate has to face the bottom of the tray for the phone to detect it.

You will have to remove the SIM tray to do this. Sometimes the SIM can move when you push the tray in. So, you will have to push it in gently.

Solution 6: Activate The SIM Card

Activate The SIM Card

Your SIMs are activated by the store you buy them from, generally. But you can also do it on your own. This is a very simple process as you do not have to do anything technical.

You just have to –

  1. Insert the SIM into a mobile, that is powered down.
  2. Boot the phone up.
  3. Open a browser on your mobile or computer and go to the service provider’s website.
  4. Check if there is a SIM activation service on the website and proceed with it, if available.

If there isn’t an option for you to activate the SIM, you will have to wait it out.

Solution 7: Talk To The Customer Support

When we suggest talking to Customer Support, we don’t want you seeking help from them: At least not now. We suggest that you report the phone as lost/stolen. This is an actual valid solution as your cell service gets suspended and re-activated again.

  1. The steps to report your phone as lost or stolen can differ from each brand. When you do this, the phone company instantly disables all the services that can be misused through the phone. This includes payment, cellular, and internet connectivity services.
  2. After reporting, report that the phone has been found, for the services to be unbanned on your phone.
  3. Rebooting the mobile after these steps is a must. This will make the phone detect your SIM cards.

This is an absolutely legit and free process. We only employ this solution because there is no other way for the cellular services to be disabled and re-enabled within a short period of time.

Solution 8: Try The SIM Card With Other Devices

SIM cards can be used on any compatible device. If it does not work on your phone, try inserting it into your friend’s phone. If it works on a different device, it means that the SIM hosting hardware on your phone is dysfunctional. You will have to take the phone to a service center for repairs/replacement.

Note: The SIM tray is very slim and can get damaged easily. Handle it with extreme care, whenever you remove it from the slot. The impact of dropping the mobile on a hard surface can also damage and/or loosen the SIM tray.

Solution 9: Switch Over To A New Service Provider

There is a possibility that the service provider is not available in your region. There can be nothing done about this. The only provided choice is to move over to a new service provider.

You can switch to a new service provider while keeping the same contact number. However, you will lose your active prepaid or postpaid plan and will be required to take up a new one.

Only then will the new SIM’s service will be activated. Make sure you choose one that suits the area and offers the best coverage in the region. We suggest consulting with the service providers before you activate the SIM and the plan.

Solution 10: Talk To The Network Provider Or Support

Like all other issues that we have faced before, the final resolution is to talk to a customer support executive. All services have toll-free numbers that can be used to bring grievances and queries to their knowledge.

If you give them all the details they seek, they may be able to help you provision the SIM card on your phone. You can also contact them through their support website and maybe, you’ll find that they have already addressed the issue you are experiencing.

If neither of the above solutions works for you, you have no other go but to get a new SIM. It could take some time for everyone to receive your new contact and for you to get used to your new number.

A lot of important details associated with the phone number will also have to be shifted or changed. We hope the above solutions work for you. Happy SIM provisioning!


Why does the error “sim not provisioned mm#2” pop up?

There are four explainable reasons why you see the SIM not Provisioned MM2 error message on your phone.
Your phone has a new SIM card, that has to be activated before use.
The service provider for the SIM you have does not provide coverage for the location you are in.
The phone is located in a remote area where cell service is not available, like a forest or a desert.
The SIM card or the phone hardware that hosts the SIM card could be loose or damaged.
If any of these factors can be noticed, you will not be able to use cellular services on your mobile phone.

How do I know my IMEI number is active?

An IMEI report can be generated on your phone to check if it is still active. You have to dial *#06# on your dial pad and wait for the report to be displayed. There are websites that offer this information on the internet. You just have to enter the IMEI number when prompted and maybe, clear a captcha test to get the IMEI status.

How do you fix an iPhone that says SIM not provisioned MM2 AT&T?

If you are facing the SIM not provisioned error message on your iPhone, try restarting your iPhone, checking the SIM for damage, activating the SIM manually, reporting the phone as lost or stolen, or moving to a different service provider. You will have to get a new SIM card as the last resort.

What does SIM not provisioned mean on iPhone?

Seeing the SIM not provisioned warning or error message in the phone’s settings signifies that the SIM card has not been detected by the phone and has to be supplied. During the time that this message is displayed, the phone cannot be used to make calls, send messages, or connect to cellular data services.