Shunra WatchDog Service cannot start

Why does my Shunra WatchDog Service cannot start?

Solution #1:

The Shunra WatchDog Service on the NV for Mobile or NV for Load Generator requires the installation of the WAN Emulation driver, and a valid IP Address.

1. Make sure that the driver is installed correctly, or has to be installed manually

2. Make sure that the host has an Ethernet connection, and a valid IP Address

Solution #2:

The Shunra WatchDog Service requires permission to start the C:\Windows\SYSWOW64\ShunraServicesJ.exe. There are some cases where the policy does not allow this. Open Windows Event Viewer -> Application Logs and check the failure of the WatchDog Service. If it has some indication of JAVA issue, try the following:

1. Open a CMD window with Administrator Rights

2. cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Shunra\bin

3. startup.bat

4. Open the Task Manager

5. Verify that ShunraServicesJ.exe is running

6. If it’s not, then there may be a JAVA issue (see below), or a permission issue. If it’s a permission issue, contact customer IT group to allow permission

7. If it’s running, then start Shunra WatchDog Service again

8. If it can start, then the cause is a permission issue with Local System User trying to start the WatchDog Service. Contact customer IT group to allow permission

Solution #3:

The Shunra WatchDog Service uses the 32-bit Java. The 32-bit Java is automatically installed with the installation of NV for Mobile, Analytics, and NV for HP. On a 64-bit OS machine, if a Java Upgrade is performed, it will automatically upgrade to 64-bit, which makes it incompatible with the Shunra WatchDog Service.

If there is a problem with Shunra WatchDog Service starting, follow these steps:

1. Open the Add / Remove Programs. If it has Java 64-bit, then continue the steps below.

2. Stop the Shunra WatchDog Service (You may have to Disable it in Right Click -> Properties)

3. Remove Java 64-bit.

4. Download and install the latest Java 32-bit:

(Make sure you download the 32-bit Offline version)

5. For NV for Mobile or NV for HP Load Generator Component, check to Network Connections Properties to see if Shunra WAN Emulation driver is installed.

6. Enable and start the Shunra WatchDog Service

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