Shunra Predictor 8.6x error: “No Emulated Location”

Shunra Predictor 8.6x is returning an error with "No Emulated Location" even though my HP test has more than one virtual location.

Error Message:

"Shunra Predictor cannot apply Rules to the HP LoadRunner Results…. Exception: The Item with name "Emulated Location" was not found in this GroupBy"


The HP Test Scenario may have been created before HP 11.52 / Shunra NV for HP 8.6x was installed. Please try to re-create the scenario from scratch, re-run the emulated test, and load the new run into Shunra Predictor.

This solution applies to: Shunra NV for HP 8.6x, Shunra Predictor for HP 8.6x

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