Shunra NV for HP test error: “Token buffer is corrupted”

When running HP 11.52 test with Shunra NV for HP 8.61, the error "Token buffer is corrupted" appears.

Error message:

"Cannot start Network Virtualization: Shunra NV returned the following error: error code: 1007, error message: Token buffer is corrupted"


The most likely cause is that JAVA was not installed correctly, or the PATH is not pointing to the correct executable. Test by:

1. Open CMD Window

2. execute "java -version"

3. If you not getting the correct JAVA response, check the JAVA installation and the PATH and JAVA_HOME to make sure it’s correct

After fixing the JAVA, try these steps to repair the Shunra LG installation:

1. RDP into the LG host

2. Open a CMD window

3. On 32-bit OS:

cd C:\Program Files\Shunra\bin

createhandlesdb.bat /f "c:\Program Files\Shunra\conf\handles"

4. On 64-bit OS:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Shunra\bin

createhandlesdb.bat /f "c:\Program Files (x86)\Shunra\conf\handles"

5. Open the Services Window (services.msc)

6. Restart the Shunra WatchDog Service

7. Run the HP test again

This article applies to: Shunra NV for HP 8.61

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