Show Profile Picture Instead Of Video In Zoom Meeting: 3 Ways

Maybe you’re having lunch during a Zoom meeting and you don’t want the people to see you. So, by default, we turn the camera off. When the camera is switched off, the members of the meeting see your initials. This is not as cool as having an amazing picture of you looking back at them from your meeting member tile.

3 Easy Methods to Show Profile Picture Instead Of Video in Zoom Meeting

If you do not know how to make this change to your Zoom profile, we have got you covered. This blog page will help you show profile picture instead of video in Zoom meeting.

Therefore, privacy is the reason why anyone in the Zoom meeting might want to turn their cameras off and display their profile pictures in place of it. 

Why do I would I need a profile picture rather than my camera video?

There is only one reason why people would want their Zoom profile picture to be displayed rather than the video relay from their system’s webcam – Privacy. Some people like to keep their cameras on during an online discussion but there are others who value their privacy. 

Why can't I see my profile picture on Zoom when the camera is off?

This is a very important factor and something that everyone values during online presentations also. If someone chooses to keep their video disabled and not show the members of the meet, what their computer camera sees, they must have their reasons. 

If you are someone who prefers keeping their camera off, you will have the privacy you wish to have. You should be able to sneak a snack, walk your pet out of the camera frame, or simply just prevent the other participants from seeing what your camera sees. 

Showing their profile picture is a great alternative that offers privacy to the user while showing the members of the meet that they are active in this meet. You can always set an image of your choice so that you can always set what you want the host of a meeting to see. 

Changing the Profile Picture before the meeting starts

Switching to a different profile picture is easy before you join the meeting. This can give you a fresh edge over the participants of the meeting and maybe a bit more confidence knowing that you have a great picture of yourself for the others to get a good impression of. 

The steps to this trick are as follows – 

  • Launch the web version of Zoom on your browser and look for the profile picture icon on the top right corner. 
  • You will see a link that says your name and the registered email address. Click on it to open the Profile settings. 
  • You’ll see a considerably big profile picture or a silhouette to the left of your name on this page. When you move your cursor over it, you’ll see a pencil icon on it. 
considerably big profile picture
  • Click on the icon, and you’ll see a pop-up box giving you the options to change or delete the display picture. 
  • If you don’t have a picture, you’ll have to select the Choose Files option. In case you have a picture, you’ll have to click the Change option. 
Change option
  • Once the File Explorer window appears, navigate to the directory where your picture is stored in. 
  • Select the picture and click on the Open button. 
Open button
  • You can make adjustments in the image by zooming in or out on a specific part. Finally, choose Save. 
 choose Save

Seconds later, you’ll be able to see a new display picture and so will those in the meeting you join. 

Changing the Profile Picture during the meeting

This is something that a lot of people aren’t familiar with; Zoom users can change their profile pictures anytime they’re in a meeting too. If you don’t believe us, use the procedure below and you’ll find it out yourself. 

  • When you are in the meeting, users are able to interact with their video frame. Right-click on the one allocated to you and a pop-up menu appears. 
  • From the context menu, choose the Edit Profile Picture option. This will bring up the same change profile picture window as before. 
Edit Profile Picture option
  • You can delete or change the profile picture through this window by the options this window provides for you. 
  • Once you choose the picture, you will have to choose the Save option to keep it as your profile picture. 

Display the Profile Photo all the time

If you are someone who keeps their camera off all the time, this option is perfect for you. This is what you’d have to do to apply this change to your Zoom meeting profile. 

  • Open the Settings page for the Zoom platform. 
  • From the settings tab on the left panel, into the Video tab. 
  • Locate the toggle switch called “Turn Off my video when joining the meeting”. Make sure that this option has been enabled. 
Display the Profile Photo all the time

With this option active, no one will be able to see your video when you join your next Zoom meeting. 

Changing the Profile Pictures through different platforms

Zoom Mobile App (Android, iPhone, and iPad)

  • Open the Zoom mobile application and from the main page, choose the More option. This has an icon of three horizontally arranged dots. 
  • Tap on the topmost option, which is partially visible with your name and email address. 
  • Touch the arrow mark at the right of the Profile Picture section.
  • You’ll be given two options – Take a new picture or choose one from the files stored on your device. If you choose to upload an existing picture, you will have to provide Zoom permission to access your files.
  • Once the image has been chosen, you can adjust the image to be displayed the way you want. This is an optional step. 
  • Choose the OK option, and your profile picture will be changed. 

Windows or Mac PC Clients

  • Launch the Zoom desktop app on your Windows or Mac system. Both of these clients have a very similar interface. 
  • Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner of the window.
  • Select the Settings option from the drop-down menu. You can also click on the gear settings icon below the profile picture to open the same page. 
Settings option
  • Go into the Profile settings through the option on the left panel. 
  • Click on the pencil icon over the profile picture on this page. 
pencil icon over the profile picture
  • Choose the Change Picture link from this page and select the picture you wish to have as your profile picture from the directory it is stored in. 
Change Picture link
  • Press the Save button to keep the new display picture for your Zoom app. 

Zoom Web Version

The Zoom website is the simplest interface to work with if your target is to change the profile picture for your account. 

  • Sign in to your Zoom account with your login credentials. It is easier to sign into if you have connected any of your Apple, Gmail accounts or Facebook accounts with your Zoom account. 
  • Once you are logged in, click on the Profile picture and select the image. 
  • When you have picked the image, click on it and choose Open. 
  • Save these changes using the Save option in the window. 

We collected all the possible steps you can use to show profile picture instead of video in Zoom meeting. More queries can be addressed to the Zoom user support team. Happy cloud meeting!


How to show profile picture instead of video in zoom meeting?

If you wish to show the profile picture on your Zoom meeting, use these steps – 
Open Zoom
Go into the Profile settings
Click on the existing profile picture
Select Change picture
Choose a picture and save it.

How to Show Profile Picture in Zoom Meeting Instead of Video

Bring up Zoom window
Open Settings and go into Profile tab
Click on current Profile picture
Select Change picture and choose another one
Save it when you are done

Why is my profile picture not showing on Zoom meeting?

If you cannot see your profile picture on the Zoom meeting, there are two reasons. You could either not have set the profile picture for your account or the video relay from your computer camera is active. Say hi to yourself on your screen for us! 

How to use profile picture on zoom instead of video?

Launch Zoom
Open the Profile settings
Choose Change picture in the profile picture context.
Select a different picture
Save these changes