How To Automatically Share Facebook Post To Instagram

You’ve come to the right business if you want to “share Facebook post to Instagram.”Are you aware that you may post directly from Facebook to Instagram on social media channels? It is a relatively simple task that will save you time and money.

How To Share Facebook Post To Instagram?

Knowing how to “share Facebook posts to Instagram” might save you a lot of time. It’s also relatively simple to perform. I’ve given you step-by-step instructions on automatically posting from one social network to another.

It’s important to remember that you’ll need a business Instagram account and a Facebook page that you manage to “share Facebook posts to Instagram.” You can just cross-post from Instagram to Facebook, not the other way around.

Why Do Cross-Posting To Instagram Via Facebook?

For a long time, Instagram profiles have been able to cross-post to Facebook. You can start your post on Instagram and choose to publish it to your Facebook page or profile during the upload process, but up until now, this has been a one-way transaction. Now, you can share a Facebook post on Instagram easily.

  • Many marketers were ecstatic when Facebook recently announced the ability to post from a Facebook page to a connected Instagram business account. 
  • There is no requirement for a third-party tool with this new Facebook functionality, which can save money for some small firms.
  • There are times when you like to share Facebook posts to Instagram simultaneously, and being able to do so concurrently saves time and reduces workload. 
  • This tool allows you to include Instagram as a posting option when generating a Facebook post and “share Facebook post to Instagram.”
  • Users, particularly advertisers, have wished for the ability to upload to Instagram from a PC for as long as the platform has existed.
  • We frequently save files for images and visual content on our desktops, making it easier to publish content directly from the desktop rather than transferring it to a mobile device first.
  • Instagram has always limited the content that may be submitted to the Instagram app because it was designed as a mobile app.

How to Automatically Post From Facebook to Instagram?

Instagram to Facebook cross-posting has been around for a while. Now, share the Facebook post on Instagram. It is a relatively new tool that many business pages initially fell in love with.

I advise you to thoroughly consider this activity’s risks and rewards before deciding. If you’re going to use cross-posting frequently, it’s more convenient to disable two-factor authentication.

  • You must include an Instagram account for your business pages.
  • This Instagram account must be linked to a Facebook page that you maintain.
  • Disable two-factor Instagram authentication (if it’s active).
  • If you have this authentication type enabled, you won’t be able to cross-post on Instagram.

1. Enable Cross-Post Feature on Facebook Page

You should have an Instagram business profile linked to a Facebook page that you have permission to access. Facebook pages are starting to get the new cross-posting feature. When you start a new post on the Facebook page.

If you have the new feature enabled, you’ll see the Instagram post option at the bottom of the post screen. Enable the Cross post feature to share Facebook posts to Instagram.

facebook security and login
  • To proceed, you must disable two-factor authentication on your Instagram account.
two-factor authentication
  • You may wish to disable two-factor authentication. However, be wary of the security concerns that come with this option.

Non-Live Videos

  • Click Pages in the left menu of the News Feed.
  • Go to your Facebook page.
  • To the left of your Page, Select Settings.
Select Settings.
  • In the left column, select Crossposting.
facebook cross platform
  • Start typing the Page’s name or Facebook URL and choose it from the drop-down menu.
add pages to crosspost
  • Both Pages can cross-post each other’s qualifying videos for non-live videos by heading to the Page’s publishing tools, and then Videos you can cross-post. If you’re doing live videos, choose whether you’d like to:
    • Allow the other Page’s live video to be crossposted to your Page without additional authorization.
    • Require one of your admins to authorize the other Page’s crossposted live videos.
change preferences for both live and non live videos
  • Next should be selected.
  • The other Page must confirm the crossposting relationship by adding your Page to its crossposting settings.

Live Videos

  • Allow non-live videos from your Page to be shared on another Page.
  • You can allow the Page to crosspost non-live videos you add to your Page once a crossposting relationship has been established.
  • Click Pages in the left menu of the News Feed.
  • Go to your profile page.
  • Click Photo/Video at the top of your Page’s timeline, just below Create post.
  • Choose a video from your hard drive.
  • Click Next after giving your video a title and other data.
permissions for change for both live and non live videos
  • Scroll down to the appropriate section. Select which Pages you want to be allowed to utilize your Page’s video in their posts and make it available to other Pages. 
check cross platform publish options
  • Pages with whom you’ve already created a crossposting relationship and any Pages in which you have an admin are included in the list of Pages.

2. Linking Your Facebook and Instagram

  • Select the “Settings” item in the left-hand menu on the Facebook page you control.
  • Select “Instagram” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Connect to Instagram” from the drop-down menu.
Linking Your Facebook and Instagram
  • You’ll be prompted to sign in to Instagram in a new window. Your accounts will be linked as a result of this.

3. Create Your Post

Create Your Post

Create the content for your article, and then submit your image. You’ll need to upload a photo to use the Instagram share feature. You can make an Instagram shareable post if you only have one photo.

  • If your post involves numerous photographs or videos, you won’t be able to “share Facebook post to Instagram.”
  • Because of the API limits Instagram imposes on the upload process, many dashboard solutions are also subject to these constraints.
  • The photo size you can upload to Instagram via Facebook is not limited.
  • Photos of any orientation can be submitted to Instagram because it accepts square, vertical, and horizontal images.
  • On both Instagram and Facebook, the post caption will be the same, so pay attention to how you write your caption on Facebook.
add your post to both platforms
  • You have three choices if you wish to include hashtags in your Instagram post:
    • When writing the Facebook post, include the hashtags.
    • After the Instagram post has been shared, edit it to add the hashtags to the caption.
    • After posting your Instagram post, add the hashtags to a comment.
  • If you’re using this feature and uploading to Facebook, it’s probably quicker and more effective to update the post caption after it’s published.

4. Publish Your Post

  • Go to the posting options and pick the Instagram option to enable Instagram sharing. You’ll need to enter your login and password to access your Instagram account.
  • On your device, you need to log in once. You won’t have to log in again to share a post to Instagram from the same Facebook page once you’ve logged into Instagram on that computer.
log in instagram
  • You’ll have to log in with the username and password again if you use a different Facebook page and Instagram account or share from Facebook to Instagram on a different computer.
  • You’ll notice the Instagram button checked for the post share choices once you’ve correctly connected your Instagram account.
  • You must publish both the Facebook and Instagram posts “now” to use the cross-posting feature on Instagram.
  • The option to share Facebook posts to Instagram isn’t any longer available if you try to plan the Facebook post for a later time.
  • To allow the Instagram post to be published, you must first post to Facebook; you cannot pick the Instagram option solely.
Publish Your Post
  • Check your Instagram account once you’ve published the Facebook post to see if the post you shared is now live on your profile. It’ll start showing up in the feeds of folks who follow you now.


For marketers, the addition of cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram on the desktop is a welcome tool. The potential to save time and effort by concurrently posting to Facebook and Instagram is appealing.

There are limitations to using the Facebook page to produce an Instagram post, just like posting to Instagram from any other source. You should avoid uploading the same information to Facebook and Instagram regularly.