Top 10 Best Server Monitoring Tools

In today’s world, where everything is digital, businesses have adopted cloud-based technologies, which can help in setting up of several web servers and applications that have strong infrastructure, and well-established networking connections to handle the numerous transactions or user clients for the business.

Now, no business can even imagine their server to crash down, as server health is essential for any business to thrive in the market. If these cloud servers are crashing, there are chances of negative impacts on the business. However, this is where the server monitoring software and tools come in place.

These server monitoring tools help in constant monitoring and scanning the server and network for any failures. Therefore, to help you in monitoring and management of your servers, we have come up with a list of the 10 best server monitoring tools that you can choose from. 

Reasons to Select the Best Server Monitoring Tool

Here are a few reasons for you to select the best network monitoring tool for your servers. 

  • Server monitoring can be called performance monitoring for web services, IT infrastructure, and server and application. A good server monitoring tool helps in detecting failures before it leads to major issues in your windows server. 
  • Evaluation of your server performance is important, and that is why it is essential to select the right open-source software for your servers.

These were some reasons as to why you should go for the best server monitoring tool for your business servers. 

Best 10 Server Monitoring Tools 

Here is a list of some of the best network monitoring software and tools that you can easily choose from. 

1. Nagios XI

server monitoring tools

Nagios XI is the best monitoring tool that deserves to be at the top of our list. If you are looking for a reliable tool for monitoring server health, then Nagios XI is the right option for you. This is a Linux based monitoring system that provides real-time monitoring of operating systems, application performance monitoring, and infrastructure performance monitoring.

You can monitor all types of applications by using several third-party plugins with this monitoring software. Moreover, you get a robust monitoring engine equipped with this server monitoring solution. Furthermore, for facilitating amazing monitoring capabilities, you get an updated web interface equipped with this server monitor tool. We highly recommend this tool as it has advanced monitoring, configuration options, and reporting. 

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2. Zabbix 

server monitoring tools

Zabbix is another best monitoring tool, which is free to use. This is a Linux based monitoring tool. It is a server monitoring solution for various enterprises as it involves application performance monitoring, monitoring of servers, networks, and cloud-based services. The key feature of this monitoring system is its ability to configure from the web interface directly.

Metrics provided by Zabbix includes CPU usage, fan state, free disk space, temperature, and network status. You also get ready-made templates for different servers like Dell, Lenovo, IBM, HP, and operating systems like Linux, Ubuntu, and Solaris. Moreover, to facilitate the monitoring capabilities of Zabbix, you can set complex triggers for data collection and alerting. 

3. Datadog

server monitoring tools

Datadog is a famous open-source network monitoring platform for servers, stacks, and applications. Datadog is a leading platform for server and application monitoring. You get a centralized dashboard from where you can access numerous metrics together.

The key features of this monitoring software include monitoring of servers, performance monitoring of applications, and bug tracking. The metrics facilitated by Datadog is the source and containers in cloud-native environments.

The users of this monitoring tool have got the idea of how data flow and applications work in large environments because of mapping dependencies and application architecture. You can get a free version trial for this monitoring system before selecting it as your primary tool. 

4. SolarWinds server and Application monitor 

server monitoring tools

If you are looking for a good server monitoring solution, we are listing SolarWinds server and application monitor that is a pretty good software for monitoring your server infrastructure, databases, security, and monitoring application performance.

The systems management software of this monitoring platform provides features like monitoring for all your servers, virtualization, server configuration, disk space, and backups. Solarwinds server offers you more than 1200 pre-defined templates that you can choose from and get started with your server performance monitoring and management.

Moreover, the SolarWinds service providers allow users to customize the pre-defined templates according to their kind of setup. Furthermore, the servers and applications monitoring of this software provides a complete system for virtual servers available on hybrid, on-premise, and cloud-based environments for overcoming VM sprawl and to prevent from turning to different tools. 

5. Retrace

server monitoring tools

Retrace is one of the best server performance monitoring tools that you can choose if you do not have enough experience when it comes to monitoring software as a service. The features include robust monitoring capabilities, which is highly scalable. Retrace is a good program that can give you a headstart when it comes to server and application monitoring.

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Moreover, the other features of this server monitoring software include monitoring of application performance, log management, application metrics, and error tracking. The custom dashboard feature allows this server monitoring software to provide holistic and granular data about the server’s health.

The data that these dashboard widgets collect goes to CPU usage, disk space, network utilization, and uptime. This software is supported both by Windows servers and Linux. You get a 30-day free trial, which makes this software easy to use. 

6. OpenNMS

server monitoring tools

As the name suggests, OpenNMS is one of the open-source monitoring tools that is published under the AGPLv3 license. This software is able to monitor millions of devices from a single instance. This open-source tool is developed for scalability, and it supports performance data collection frameworks and extending service polling.

This software works by bringing the monitoring of various server and network environments together and thereby normalizing the specific messages and spreading them with the help of a strong REST API. OpenNMS notifies the users through email, slack, jabber, tweets, and java.

Moreover, if you want to build monitoring application stacks, then you need strong integration capabilities. And this is where OpenNMS comes in place, which offers the users the possibilities of forwarding the monitoring information for integrating performance management.

You have the option of building your own ticketing integration or using the pre-built integrations of this server and network monitoring solution. 

7. Icinga 

server monitoring tools

If you want real-time monitoring with unlimited scaling, then Icinga is the right server monitoring software for you. Icinga is pretty efficient as it provides the users the access to relevant data, and it raises alerts for keeping the users informed about irregularities through constant server and network monitoring.

Moreover, this monitoring solution is able to monitor large network and server environments. The wide range and the fast web interface of this network monitor tool gives the users access to all important data. You, as a user, will have the option to group and filter the individual elements and combine them to build custom views in custom dashboards.

This feature allows users to take quick actions to resolve any irregularities. Furthermore, Icinga notifies users through email, SMS, and integrated web and mobile applications. This software displays metrics like data about databases, virtual servers, hosts, and many more on a clean dashboard as it is integrated with VMware environments. 

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8. vRealize Hyperic 

server monitoring tools

vRealize Hyperic is an open-source tool that is built by VMware for server and network monitoring. This server monitoring solution supports various operating systems, and that also includes applications and middleware in physical and virtual servers.

The infrastructure monitoring and OS application monitoring tools allow the clients to understand events, CPU utilization, availability, events, and changes that take place on your virtualization stack, from the guest OSs and vSphere.

For application performance monitoring, the middleware monitors collect the data of hundreds of essential metrics. Moreover, you also get centralized infrastructure monitoring, middleware, and applications monitoring by vRealize operations manager application. 

9. Paessler PRTG 

server monitoring tools

If you are looking for server management software, then Paessler Router Traffic Grapher is the right option for you as it uses SNMP, Packet Sniffing, and Netflow. PRTG network monitor supports both Windows and Linux server environments.

Moreover, you also get numerous server monitoring software applications for network monitoring, databases, cloud, and applications. The PRTG network monitor provides services to database servers, mail, web servers, and virtual servers.

The strongest suit of PRTG is the cloud monitoring that provides a monitoring system that is centralized for various types of IAAS, SAAS, PAAS solutions like Amazon, Docker, and Azure.

This software ensures inbound and outbound traffic by monitoring firewalls and IPs. PRTG notifies the users about regular updates through integrated web and mobile applications.

10. Sciencelogic SL1 

server monitoring tools

 Sciencelogic is one of the last server monitoring tools that we have selected for you. Sciencelogic provides you various server management tools for monitoring your server and network resources based on their specific configurations, performance, CPU usage, and capacity across various vendors and server technologies.

This monitoring solution supports platforms like AWS, Azure, Google cloud, and Openstack. Moreover, this platform also supports hypervisors such as Hyper v, Xen, VMware, and KVM. Furthermore, when it comes to operating systems, Sciencelogic supports Windows, Linux, and Unix. 

 Frequently Asked Questions


We hope you liked the above-mentioned suggestions for the server monitoring tools. So this was the top 10 list of the best server monitoring software that you can choose from. However, if you think we have missed any in our top 10 list, let us know in the comments below. 

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