5 Best Ways To Send Anonymous Emails

Have you ever heard the term anonymous emails? Or have you ever been through the process of how to send emails anonymously?

There could be many reasons why one needs to send anonymous email. If you want to send an anonymous and untraceable email and are unsure about the process, it is the right place to learn.

We will be explaining the procedure of sending anonymous emails. We will also provide intelligent tips where the receiver cannot trace you back.

When you are sending an anonymous email, ensure your privacy settings. This article will help you with each anonymous email.

You send and keep your name and personal information away from the receiver. Let’s have a detailed look at sending anonymous emails.

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What Is an Anonymous Email Account?

How is it hidden on the internet? It is not so easy to keep yourself hidden from the internet or even by email.

Sending an anonymous email requires proper privacy so that you can not be identifiable from your account.

How to set up a secret, nameless account with no authentic connection To you? Without disturbing servers.

Secure email services will hide who sent the message. You can follow the steps to create a nameless, unidentifiable email account.

  • Browse anonymously

You are being traced through your browser, such as cookies do not know your name, but they know where you have been and what you are doing.

It is mainly done to show you targeted ads, but that has nothing to do with personal stuff.

You need a VPN, Tor browser, security-laden, and Mozilla-based browser from the Tor project if you want to browse the web anonymously.

It’s all done to keep you anonymous by all the stuff you send to many servers. Those who would track you cannot find where you are.

The free browser is available in many languages, and you can use a USB flash drive if you do not want to install them directly.

But those services are not perfect for keeping you 100% anonymous if you want to send an anonymous email. Most criminals thought it and then got caught.

No doubt it is safer than openly surfing.

an anonymous person operating a computer
  • Anonymous email

You can create an anonymous Gmail account to send emails anonymously. You don’t need to give your name, location, birthday, or anything the search giant asks for when you sign up.

But still, you will have to provide Google with other ways of contact, such as a third-party email address or a phone number.

But you should know that even the most secure burner will have a limit when it is about keeping you 100% anonymous when you want to send anonymous emails.

There are many other email services than Gmail, and you can also use them. You should use an email service that supports secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, used on a web connection for protection.

Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook support HTTPS, but the google chrome browser is not safe. That’s all good for surfing, but HTTPS and VPN can not keep you hidden when emailing. Pseudonym in email is not enough to keep you confidential.

Once you log in without the Tor browser, your IP address is recorded, and you will be found.

What Is the Best Anonymous Email Provider?

Best anonymous email providers provide free encrypted accounts. The accounts keep you fully anonymous for your security concerns. Here is a list of the best anonymous email providers:

  • ProtonMail
  • Guerilla mail
  • Secure email

How to send an anonymous email without being tracked

Many secure services are available to send anonymous emails without being tracked.

1. Use an encrypted and anonymous email service.

To send an anonymous email, you must know the email service you are using is encrypted and unknown, which can hold your privacy and which you can trust.

If you don’t want to be traced while sending an anonymous email, use a VPN address, an encrypted connection between users.

The sender name and IP address, location, and metadata are also hidden to send an anonymous email, and the contents should be encrypted.

Email icon notifying two unread emails

2. Use “burner emails.”

Burner email is very useful to send an anonymous email with all security and keeping your identity hidden.

Burner emails destroy and expire after some time. It benefits from sending anonymous emails without creating an account that can try to link you.

For sending a message only, you should use AnonymousMail. As all these services are free, you can use VPN to hide your identity, location, etc.

If you require a “receive only” inbox to prevent yourself from bogging with spam, mailinator or trashmail should be a choice.

They are anonymous email services. You can provide the mailinator’s public addresses or trashmail account, which will delete itself after some time.

3. Hide your IP

Hiding your IP address to send anonymous emails is an excellent choice to protect your anonymity if someone tries to trace you.

Five foolproof hacks should be discovered to mask your IP using a browser or an email client.

No doubt, using a VPN is the safest way of all. Learn each and everything about IP addresses if you are concerned about privacy.

Use a reliable VPN to hide your IP address when sending an anonymous email because VPN assures to encrypt your data and keep it private.

You can also hide your IP by using the Tor browser. The difference between the two (VPN and Tor) is that VPN connects to a single server while Tor connects to multiple servers.

You can use Tor anonymous browser by downloading the Tor browser.

Another way to hide an IP address is to use a proxy. Many people get confused about VPN and proxy. No doubt VPN is safer than a proxy for encryption.

But if you do not have a VPN solution, it is better to use a proxy to hide your IP address to send anonymous emails.

Plus, you can use proxy settings in any web browser to reroute browser traffic. But you may face performance issues such as slowdowns.

Men in black hiding his identity

Psiphon is an extraordinary tool for hiding your IP address while sending an anonymous email.

It is the same as a VPN and can be downloaded on windows, android, or iOS, connected to a server, and composed and send by email.

You can also hide your IP address by changing wifi network. Such as you are planning to go out, wait to connect to an open hotspot before sending an email. Or, switch to a mobile data plan as it will assign different IP addresses on the device.

But do not connect to public unencrypted wifi. Cyber-criminals can trace it because a VPN service provides no security feature.

By connecting to VPN, you already have a different IP address, which means there is no need to switch networks.

4. Remove metadata from the files

Removing metadata from files or scrubbers is a privacy software built to prevent users’ privacy.

It does so by removing privacy-compromising metadata before sharing it with others. Computer files may save information about authors, dates, and other details through metadata.

Removing metadata is a good option if you are unwilling to share this information with others who may access your files.

Programs like Word and Adobe Acrobat will help you remove these unwanted document files at a time.

Through file explorer, you can remove multiple files at a time without even opening them. Let’s explain how to do it:

  • Go to file explorer
  • Select files (one or more) in windows
  • Right-click > select properties from contextual menu
  • Select the details tab, then select “remove properties and personal information.” Then open to remove properties dialogue.

You will be given a dialog box with two options:

  • Create a copy with all possible properties removed; it creates a clean copy of files, leaving the original one.
  • Please remove the following properties from this file; it overwrites the existing file, removes metadata, and makes no copy.
  • This action cannot be undone, so use it carefully. Or select all to remove all metadata fields with information in it.

5. Create a new email account

Most people use anonymous email accounts for security purposes. But it can be used for other reasons.

If you leave any negative comment or email to a business, you can easily send an anonymous email without retaliation fear.

You can use an anonymous email account to protect your main account from spam.

You can create a new account using false details with a standard webmail provider. It needs all details such as name, location, date of birth, etc.

Register with some false details that do not belong to you. Do not use your middle name or any detail in your password or security questions so that someone can link to you.

Ensure that you are using VPN and using incognito mode in your browser while signing up for a new account and after logging in, check your email.

Someone can easily trace your IP address and unveil your real identity if you are not doing it.

You can create a new email account on anonymous email service to send anonymous emails.

It is the best way to keep your identity hidden because the messages you send are encrypted, and no one can read them except the sender and receiver.

Laptop screen displaying Gmail loading

The most anonymous email service providers

There are many anonymous email service providers through which you can send anonymous emails easily.

1. ProtonMail – the best secure email service

It is one of the best anonymous email providers. It uses PGP email to encrypt your mail when they are sent.

ProtonMail has a zero-knowledge policy. No one, not even ProtonMail employees, can see your messages when you send an anonymous email.

You don’t need to give any personal and identifiable information when you sign in. But you have a recovery email option if you forget your password.

The home screen of ProtonMail

2. StartMail – the best easy-to-use email sender

As people are curious to know what is going on in other lives. Which is unethical. Privacy is a human right that cannot be compromised at any cost.

No one is allowed to be curious about one’s life. Most private search engine, “Startpage,” was built to protect your privacy.

Today, millions of people use it for their search work where they don’t fear losing their private content.

After that, email privacy was a challenge. Today, emails are used for most of our work purposes.

But there are many situations where you need to hide and send an anonymous email. Today, start mail is an utterly secure site you can trust.

There, your privacy is valued as a top moat priority, where you can send an anonymous email with encryption.

Home screen of StartMail

3. Tutanota – one of the most anonymous email servers

It is another good choice between security and privacy experts. They have their standard encryption for messages, email, and contact lists.

It provides end-to-end encryption for users. But you can also send an encrypted message to a non-user.

All they need is a pre-shared password to decrypt them. It has “zero-knowledge, which means no one can access encrypted data.

The home screen of Tutanota


We have many reasons to send anonymous emails. Also, it is safer if you are working on something that can be threatening to your life.

For instance, if a journalist is working on any sensitive or political issue, their life may be in danger.

Using anonymous email can help him continue his work by hiding their identity from his rivals. Different email services provide different levels of security and privacy.

Sending anonymous emails protects your real account from spam.

It also protects you from getting traced with your identity, location, or contacts. It also prevents different companies from selling your details.

Many possible solutions are available to send an anonymous email by keeping your identity hidden. Such as using encrypted and anonymous email services.

You can also use burner email to hide your IP, remove metadata, or create a new account. Proton, private, guerilla, and secure mail can be the best anonymous email provider.

You can use them for your email purpose and send anonymous emails. This article has all the ways how to send anonymous emails.


Where Can I Send An Anonymous Email?

The easy way to send anonymous emails is to create an email account using popular email services like Gmail or Yahoo.
While creating an account, do not use any information that can trace you. It is better to use a false name, date of birth, and other details.

How Do You Find Out Who Sent An Anonymous Email?

Follow the steps to find out who sent you an anonymous email:
– Open the email, and see the content, information, and numbers.
– Scan through the list of names and numbers till you find the “reply to” address.
– Find the IP address.
– Plug the IP address into a plug look-up site.
– Check the information that comes back.

Can You Send An Email Without Showing Your Email Address?

Follow the steps below to send an email without showing your email address.
– Open the Mail app on your phone.
– Open a new email icon, or reply to an existing thread.
– Tap on Cc/Bcc to expand the option
– Now select From and go to hide my email.
– Compose your message, and send it.