Send A Group Text On Android: 2 Easy Methods

Send a Group Text on Android

A lot of folks prefer to communicate via text messaging. SMS texting is still a popular medium of expression because it is fast, dependable, and straightforward.

However, there are situations when you wish to inform multiple people of the same situation simultaneously.

It is not the most time-effective course of action to repeatedly send the same message to friends, family, and coworkers. Fortunately, group messages exist in texting.

Today we shall learn how to send a text message to a group of people on an Android phone.

Why Group Conversation?

Let us clarify the situation: Sending a single message to a group of recipients using a Short Messaging Service (SMS) or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is known as group messaging or group texting. 

Even before Android was created, there were texting services of this type. Surprised?

You might be perplexed as to why you would choose to send a group text on android rather than utilizing one of the many available online chat applications, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc. 

So, this question also has an answer. Do you ever send individual texts via text messaging? Yes, it is conceivable that there are times when you use the SMS format.

Why? A straightforward SMS text will save you a lot of data and time when sending the message if you use mobile data and are in an area without WiFi access.

Therefore, there may be times when you may wish to send group text messages, and being able to do so will greatly aid in your ability to plan.

Note: Group text is not the same as group chat, contrary to common perception. Group chat is more characterized by an internet connection, whereas group messaging is more defined by cellular services.

Necessary Prerequisites to Group Texting

The MMS protocol is necessary for Android group texting to function fully.

The MMS protocol is necessary for Android group texting
  1. Go to Advanced -> Group Messaging in your default messaging app’s settings, then choose Group Messaging. 
  2. Make sure the “group MMS” option is selected.
Make sure the "group MMS" option is selected.

It is also necessary to complete other configuration criteria, such as turning “Auto-download MMS” ON.

Turning this ON may stop receiving the grating notice each time a group member answers.

Once everything is ready, you may use Android group messaging to communicate with others. Additionally, you may do it right now using your default SMS app.

How do I Group Text People on my Android Phone?

There are two organic ways of sending a message or text to a group of people at the same time;

  1. Group Texting
  2. Group Messaging

1. Send a Group Text on Android

All you have to do to send a group SMS on an Android phone is adhere to these steps:

Send a Group Text on Android
  1. Open the “Messaging” app already loaded on your smartphone locally. This program is not the Facebook Messenger app, WhatsApp, or any other messaging service that sends messages over an internet connection.
  2. A new message may be created by pressing the Plus icon or the Start conversation button.
  3. Tap the “Contact Icon” under the contacts selection. This may vary depending on the smartphone; it is best to investigate.
  4. Choose the contacts to whom you want to send a message.
  5. Choose certain contacts to add to the group and give them a name.
  6. Start entering your message after that and email it to them.

Is that not simple? The mechanism of group texting and other relevant items must now be explored.

This technique simply sends an SMS to a group of individuals as it does not include group messaging.

Any responses to your message will not be forwarded to the group you or your friend formed; instead, they will only be delivered to you.

2. Group Messaging; Slightly Expensive

Let us first make a few things clear before moving on. Mass texting or group texting is sending a text message to several recipients.

However, since group or bulk messaging uses the SMS protocol, not everyone will receive any responses.

“Group Messaging” is the second option. Sending a message to a selection of contacts in a group is referred to as group messaging.

Each group member has the right to view every response made by other members.

start chat
Mass texting or group texting is sending a text message to several recipients
Click next
Enter group name
The SMS, or the Multimedia messages, appearing in the group chat
  1. Navigate to Settings to convert group text settings to MMS.
  2. Then choose Group Messaging from the Advanced menu and activate the group MMS option.
  3. Now, activate the Auto-download MMS option (also known as Auto-retrieve).

The SMS, or the Multimedia messages, appearing in the group chat will be visible to everyone in it.

Naturally, as already indicated, this is a more expensive choice because MMS communications are substantially more expensive than SMS.

What is the point of all this? You might think we already have WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption and Facebook Messenger.

Group texting is great in places with poor data connections, though. Therefore, interacting with individuals in locations with little to no data service is surely an excellent option.

Leaving a Text Group Chat

You are undoubtedly accustomed to having the option to end a discussion on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Skype, and others. 

Because you can not fully remove yourself from a group text conversation, you can not genuinely leave one.

You can stop the group above from sending alerts to your phone. Toggle the notification settings off in the chat’s Settings to do this. If you choose, you may also remove the conversation thread.

Using Third-party Apps to Send Group Texts

You may start group chatting to your liking after your MMS settings are properly toggled. Even third-party applications are available for group chatting.

These are the top applications for messaging large groups of people simultaneously.

  • Google Messages
  • GroupMe
  • TextraSMS

Google’s Official Messaging And Chat Application; Messages (SMS, MMS, And RCS)

Google Messages

You can not go more basic than “Messages” if you want Google’s standard SMS messaging software. Google recommends using this app for SMS texting on Android. 

Do not be duped by the simple design. “Messages” is a simple program that includes all the group and other SMS messaging functions you may require.

GroupMe; Microsoft’s Trusted Messaging App


One of the most widely used group chats apps is called GroupMe. The software will still support group chatting using SMS, MMS, or the internet.

Microsoft-owned GroupMe may appear to most people as a chat app, but it is a fantastic multi-purpose messaging tool. It takes pleasure in being more organized than other applications.

Textra; The Premium Messaging App


One of the top group messaging applications available on the Play Store is Textra SMS. Its adaptability and functional properties are the reasons for its appeal. 

One of the top-rated SMS applications on Google Play is Textra. Many users are happy with what the app offers, and group texting is undoubtedly one of its highlights.

It is not surprising that the premium edition of the software costs US$2.99, given that it works with Android Wear, Pushbullet, MightyText, and other apps. 

Most functions are free, and the chat app is already dependable.

Issues with MMS group messaging

There are several drawbacks to setting up group texting on your phone. The inability to include new contacts in an existing group is the most obvious impact on the user experience.

You may accomplish this with a chat program like Facebook Messenger; however, you cannot do it with a specific Android group messaging app (which is annoying).

To add the additional members you want, you must start and personally add each member of the prior group.


As you can see, setting up a group chat using the native messaging app for Android is quite doable.

Although Apple iPhone users have it better in many regards, you can still use group text conversations on your Android handset by simply turning on the group MMS option.

We can all agree that there are more advantageous ways to message a group. Good examples of this are WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

A group MMS would be ideal for locations with low data connections.